Twitter: Cowboys-Vikes Postgame Tidbits

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 3, 2013.

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    Or maybe they've already asked that question, oh, about 1000 times since Garrett took over. Still don't understand this obsession some people have with running the ball. I'm all for balance, but we just don't run it well, for some reason. Our strength is in the pass, and it's what works. We could have run it 20 more times, and picked up another 45 yards or so, but it wouldn't have helped us.
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    My question wouldnt be why you didnt run the ball more.....It would be WHY is the team so ineffective at running the ball.? And, not let some "non answer" be acceptable. Follow up if the question isnt answered. And keep digging until some reasons are given. Quit letting these guys off easy in the pressers.

    To put up a grand total of 6 points in the first half against a pitiful team that was missing 3/4's of their secondary is not acceptable. Especially when we keep reading how many great weapons on offense this team has. Either the weapons are not as great as some people think or there is a fundamental problem with coaching.
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    That's epic. Too funny!
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    Romo passed Bradshaw in the 1st grade when he learned to spell "CAT". ;)
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