Cowboys Vs Eagles ***Game Thread***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cbz40, Dec 25, 2006.

  1. Grevus

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    OK. It is what it is.

    The Eagles have a bad run defense. Not today.
    The Eagles have bad clock management. Not today.
    The Cowboys have a top defense. Not today.
  2. slogriff

    slogriff Member

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    which is more likely a short pass to the side to get a FG or a Hail Mary? why would you not be playing the sidelines?
  3. heavyg

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    :mad: :bang2: :shoot3: :shatfan: :ralph:
  4. ManicDepressiveMan

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    Has there ever been a dumber team than this one?

    Yeah, lets put in TO to play safety and forget about the short out.

    Parcells and Zimmer both need to go
  5. Silverstar

    Silverstar Well-Known Member

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    This team better wake up!

    Do they even realize what is at stake here!!

    I'm beginning to wonder.
  6. Roughneck

    Roughneck Active Member

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    Nice ****ing prevent defense on the play before the fg. Sure, why not let them pick up 16 yards and get out of bound to widen the gap before halftime? Idiot cushion directed by idiot coach.
  7. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
  8. dbair1967

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    MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMN YOU ZIMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    geez...your covering 5 guys with 8 and still somebody is WIDE OPEN WITH NOBODY NEAR HIM

    this guy is the sorriest piece of garbage thats ever infected our does this freaking boob keep a job...HOW!!!!??????????????

  9. zack

    zack Well-Known Member

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    When are we going to be aggressive on defense?
  10. ghosttown cowboy

    ghosttown cowboy Wyoming's #1 boys fan

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    Akers has never missed in Texas Stadium.
  11. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    Absolutely pathetic.

    So our defense gives up two LONG scoring drives, but just to prove that they can give up the quick score too, they give up a half ending FG in only 36 seconds.

    Fire Zimmer? How about skinning him alive instead?
  12. HoleInTheRoof

    HoleInTheRoof Benched

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    No, I'm not psychic. I'm just too familiar with Mike Zimmer.
  13. 4miler

    4miler Member

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    Superjob! Way to hold them to 3 defense! Good-bye Zimmer!
  14. diehard2294

    diehard2294 America's Team

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    what an absolute joke,outcoached again on that 3rd and 8,13-7 and getting the ball back to start the second half. I will be sick to my stomach if we loose to the Eagles at home for the DIV.
  15. Jimz31

    Jimz31 The Sarcastic One

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    Garcia....I told you all he would be better against us this time than when he was with the Browns.

    We are again making the guy look like he did when he played in SF.
  16. tyke1doe

    tyke1doe Well-Known Member

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    The "give you 3 points before the half" defense. :(
  17. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    It's official. I'm joining the remove Zimmer bandwagon. He was so afaid he just let them march down field with 29 secs and score. Pitiful and don't say that isn't on the coaches particularly Zimmer. If we'd play close to our basic defense we'd have stopped them or at least given so resistance.
  18. dbair1967

    dbair1967 Arch Defender

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    the Eagles have what we dont, good coaches

    Parcells and Zimmer will NEVER, EVER lead us to anything but the toilet

  19. lyrclcipha12

    lyrclcipha12 New Member

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    uhh did we think there was one second left on the clock and they absolutely had to throw the hail mary??? my lord that was so stupid.
  20. TwentyOne

    TwentyOne Well-Known Member

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    As always our D look unprepared and can't apply preasure against a good QB. We have the talent IMO but Zimmer isn't the guy who can use it right. Maybe he has some good plays in his book and he understands the 3-4 but he just can't prepare a Defense, he is beeing outcoached again and he can't implement a good rush.

    Game over Zimmer! Just go away.

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