*** Cowboys vs Raiders Game Thread***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. Windmill

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    OMG Moss didn't get a TD against us for the first time! It almost feels like a win. Sad.
  2. Mash

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    Bill was passive with the Giants....he didn't have complex blitz packages.....it was all LT....he was a man amoung boys.

    Bellichek is more aggressive and actually game plans against the O.....he actually tries to set the tempo.

    We don't and still wont make half time adjustments.........can u actually tell me....did anyone see anything different in this game that we havent seen in others.....except the trick plays......so we stayed over there so we can watch film quiker....yet we come out of the gates and leave Moss one on one on the second play of the game.
  3. Hollywood Henderson

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    Well, I think were about as far along as I thought we would be as a team, but I really wanted a new attitude on D, one that attacks & kills QB's...

    Just like we need to learn to do on offense...Attack & go for the throat/jugular!

    We still have a promising team, and should only get better on both sides of the ball..
  4. Thick 'N Hearty

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    Like I said, we won't get anywhere with BP. He is old school and that's great. But, the old doesn't mix with the new. I honestly hope we don't make the playoffs so hopefully the idiot will retire and someone with fresh, new ideas will come in and light it up.
  5. ChldsPlay

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    Bill sure brought in the players, now if he and the coaching staff would buy a clue and learn how to use them, we might have something. Both of losses this year were 100% due to piss poor coaching, and playcalling.
  6. Cowboy4ever

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    My biggest fear is Payton taking over for BP as HC once he leaves.
  7. Cowboy4ever

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    They were the best team without a win,, much like the Deadskins are the worst team without a loss. The raiders are a pretty decent team. I would have liked to see us more aggressive on O and I would have liked drew to hit glen in the chest on that last throw, but I wouldn't say we suck,, not yet.
  8. marchetta

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    Playing not to lose sucks! Instead of designing our O gameplan to attack the opponents Defensive weaknesses, we stick to our conservative play not to lose style. Teams don't even need to game plan against us, since they already know we are not going to take any chances to exploit any particular weakness of our opponent. They know, that no matter what deficencies they have on defense, we are not going to alter our play calling to take advantage of it. We were facing a very tough run defense and lousy pass defense team, and what do we do? We continued to try to establish the run between the tackles. DUH!!! Why didn't we just attack their weakness and throw the ball? Simple, because we don't alter our game plan according to our opponent. We used the same game plan against the Raiders that we used against the Chargers, Redskins, and 49ers. Which is, establish the run, don't take chances, keep it close, and play not to lose, and hope our D can hold down our opponents. Problem is, it NEVER works!!!
  9. Mash

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    It works if your looking for a .500 season....

    Bill will leave here as a .500 coach.......collect his millions....and save his face by blaming stupid players and then get voted in the HOF.

    I think Bill does have a eye for certain positions.....like RB's and LBs....but as a coach.....not the external stuff but as a coach preparing players to play the game....I think it has passed him by......but then again.....maybe his assistants are problem......he use to have some very good ones with the Giants...Pats and Jets......and maybe the ones he is relying on now....are just not cutting it.
  10. Waffle

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    I totally agree HH. I want to see QBs flattened and I think we'll eventually get there. This team gives me more hope than any we've fielded since the late 90s, and that includes the 2003 team who wasn't anywhere near as good as their 10-6 record might indicate.

    After reading some threads today, way too many people want to jump ship because of a couple of tough losses.

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