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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 28, 2013.

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    Well you stated that we need to play a good 60 minutes of football to beat the Bears. Well that's pretty obvious that if we do that we will most likely win but as I stated 'who the heck are the Bears'. They are 6-5 right now coming off a loss to the Rams so I don't feel we need to be that good to beat them. They aren't that good. You act like they are the standard we need to measure up to. You don't have to be great to beat them. You might not even have to be good for the entire game as you put it.
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    I'm done with Doug Free and i think the Cowboys should be also....everyone else on the line can block could block was blocking...I cant remember which quarter it was but did you see him get blown up and knocked on his butt (not sure if i can cuss).....i believe that is the only reason Tony could not complete a pass in the 1st half and we couldn't run the ball..The only good thing he did was do his job in the 2nd half and get swung on my Sio 55? to draw a penalty.

    Dunbar..had the game of his career in my opion great great great job...screamed so loud at the tv when he broke that big one i scared my poor dog.HE looked like he was getting mad tired and the legs were going away fast before he got hurt...i hope its not serious...he was deff the game changer. Murry played good but second to Dunbar

    Tony with the crazy *** shovel passes just tony being lucky with the throw to Austin that Mike Jenkins couldent catch..that was really the only bad throw...the pass to Whitten in the closing min of the first half was elite qb like just tossed inbetween 3 raiders..thing of beauty....good game by 9 for sure

    Dez need to grip the ball and he knows that....too good of a WR to be doing that on crossing routes.....Does anyone know his vertical??

    Whitten WHAT A MOVE on 2 defenders on 3rd down i spilled my drink on would think with all this game tape they would learn his fav move but no...burning defenders like crazy

    D Ware ....hoped he would plant Mcgloin on the ground on more than one occasion..didnt happen but he broight the pressure all day Hatcher played well

    Carr shouldent have let Homles catch that touchdown he is too talented for that crap...looks like he never got turned around fast enough...nasty INT thought

    Good win real good win.....lets get some rest and whoop the bears but before that lets hope that the honeybadger and peterson shut down the Eagles it time to lead this divison for real

    Hope Rashad jennings is alright..hate to see that at the end of that game
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    What was with Dez jersey?? You think it was on purpose
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    Great win for the cowboys but I was not overjoyed because my whole focus is getting to the playoffs. Only then, will I be able to enjoy it. I don't think Eagles or Cowboys will go 11-5.. I think the Eagles can lose to the Cards and will lose to the Lions. As for the Cowboys. I don't like the Packer game but we can beat the rest of the teams.
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    I have to say,there's something about these guys. Yes the D sucks-worst in our history actually but there's more to the team than meets the eye. The Cowboys I know lose that game.
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    Gotta give McGloin credit for making the Raiders look better than they were. Those passes were top notch. He cooled off later, which I had figured he would.
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    Also, Holmes was playing out of his head. Said he had this game circled on his calendar. So you've got a hot qb and a hot wr, they made the Raiders look like a better team. I'll take the win.
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    If you think you can go on the road in the cold in Chicago and win playing half assed football, then you don't know the league very well. The Bears are better than the Raiders and you are not going to beat them in their house playing mediocre football.

    I'm glad you don't coach this team.
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    The Packers defense is trash. I don't know if Aaron Rodgers will be all the way healthy when he plays us. I might be fostering false hope, but I think the Cowboys can polish off the Packers.
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    I'm scared to agree because the Cowboys have let us down so many times before, but I sense the same thing. This team seems to be putting it together right about now. You can see it building. I think the veterans (Romo, Witten, Hatcher) are starting to understand what's at stake and are starting to play accordingly.

    And even though the defense sucks, statistically, it is 2nd in the league in takeaways. Don't underestimate that stat in the overall scheme of things. If the defense can force turnovers, give it to our offense (which now has a healthy Austin and a running game) and our offense can score touchdowns, then that negates all the defenses gives up, IMO.
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    Smith is #11 and Free #16 out of all the tackles in the league.....all 78 ranked tackles. He has had four below average games with one of those near average. He has had no games where his game was below average in both the run and the pass game. One of his below average games was mostly presnap penalties rather than active play. His play has tailed off in the last six games though and he's fallen from the #1 tackle in the league to #16. So he's still in the top 20% of the league. BTW, he's only had one game when his run blocking didn't grade out above average. Smith has been less stellar early but consistently average but his play has picked up the last few games. Tackle isn't our problem.

    Our problem is defense esp pass defense and its killing us. It is THE problem for this team although like all teams there are multiple smaller ones like a more consistent offense. While I admire the lack of turnovers (#1 in the league) IMO Garrett needs to open up the game and turn Romo loose.
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    They could but their offense will need to be sharp the whole game. Rodgers will be back and I think on his game.. I think the Packers are a better team even if both defenses are awful.
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    There's a lot of fight in these guys. Many are playing for the careers, and the ones who aren't seem more motivated as well. We don't seem to have as many guys who have more name than game, and fit under that "entitlement" label. I also think it's a reflection of the head coach. Just my .02.
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    I'm glad that I was recording the entire game! I had bailed at halftime, fully expecting a beat down, yet again. Instead, I peak in halfway through the 4th and wow! We're .... winning...? I couldn't wait to catch up and see the rest of the game. Yay! The defense actually came alive! And the offense too! Not sure what happened at haltime but glad whatever did, did.

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