Cowboys vs. Redskins Rivalry Is Over

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Grizz, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Remember when the Cowboys vs. Redskins was the rivalry in the NFL? They were getting it on Hatfield and McCoy style. This was serious business, none of that fake rivalry stuff we hear about today. You know, teams play a few intense games against each other and suddenly they are mortal enemies. Please. That's kid stuff. This was The Mother Of All Battles! So why am I talking about it in the past tense? I'll tell you why. Because the Redskins stink. Plain and simple.

    I mean how much true hate can you work up against a team you've beaten the last 15 out of 16 times. The Redskins haven't won in Dallas since 1995. Think about it. Is the Road Runner vs. Wile E. Coyote a true rivalry? I guess if you consider getting anvils dropped on your head every 5 minutes a rivalry, then it qualifies.

    Technically, a rivalry is a competitive or antagonistic state or condition. The definition in football is a little different. A rivalry is two teams that really hate each other, play each other often and when they play anything can happen. That's what makes it life or death. You play the team all the time, you frickin' hate them, but there is that worry that you may lose the game. The Redskins aren't holding up their end of the bargain. I'm not saying I want them to win a few games against us, but couldn't they at least be a good enough team so when you beat them it really means something?

    Voltaire once wrote: "O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it." Well there you have it, our enemy is ridiculous. From 1993 to now, they have had 3 winning seasons and 1 playoff appearance. As bad as we think our team has been in the recent past, in that same "since 1993 to now" scenario we've had: 2 Super Bowl victories, 6 winning seasons and 7 playoff appearances. Granted, lately it has been a little lean on our side too, but at least we haven't lost 15 out of 16 to Washington.

    So when Dallas crushes Washington on Monday night, it will just be another in a long line of recent anonymous wins over a sorry franchise. Now if Washington somehow miraculously wins, they can say I deserve it for writing this post. Maybe that will make me mad enough to consider this a rivalry again.

    Take a look back at what a real rivalry was like.

    Oct. 9, 1973
    RFK Stadium
    Wash 14 - Dal 7

    In a stunning reversal of fortune, the Washington Redskins scored two touchdowns in the final four minutes, then got a phenomenal goal-line tackle by strong safety Ken Houston to save a 14-7 victory over the Dallas Cowboys at RFK Stadium. Houston's heroics allowed the Redskins to end the Cowboys' three-game winning streak and put Washington into a first-place tie with Dallas in the NFC East. (Two teams battling for first place says rivalry)

    Nov. 28, 1974
    Texas Stadium (Thanksgiving Day)
    Dal 24 - Wash 23

    The events that transpired during the final minute of this Thanksgiving Day epic will live forever for those who witnessed it. The Redskins were 35 seconds away from clinching a playoff berth when a rookie quarterback -- Clint Longley -- tossed an improbable 50-yard touchdown to Drew Pearson to give the Cowboys a shocking last-second victory. Washington forced five turnovers and knocked starting quarterback Roger Staubach out of the game, but Dallas prevailed in one of the most memorable games in NFL history. (Denying a playoff clinching win on Thanksgiving Day says rivalry)

    Jan. 22, 1983
    NFC Championship Game RFK Stadium
    Wash 31- Dal 17

    Indelible images were burned into history that frigid afternoon, from the rabid chants of "We Want Dallas" that literally shook RFK Stadium to its core to the violent collision between Dexter Manley and Cowboys' quarterback Danny White that sent White to the showers. Back-up quarterback Gary Hogeboom could not save the Cowboys and Washington advanced to the Super Bowl. (NFC Championship games and angry fans says rivalry)

    Dec. 16, 1979
    Texas Stadium
    Dal 35 - Wash 34

    The Redskins were victimized by a stunning Cowboys fourth-quarter rally on the final day of the regular season as Washington watched their division title and playoff hopes crash amid one of quarterback Roger Staubach's trademark comebacks. The Redskins blew a 13-point fourth quarter lead as the Cowboys scored two touchdowns in the final 2:20 of the game. With the win Dallas captured the NFC East title. Dallas defensive lineman Harvey Martin tossed a funeral wreath in Washington's dressing room following the crushing victory. (Throwing funeral wreaths most definitely, positively, says rivalry)
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    "A rivalry is two teams that really hate each other, play each other often and when they play anything can happen."

    Thats why it's still a rivalry just because we have the W that doesn't exclude what happened on the field. The games have been close, heated, and exciting so I totally disagree with you. Back when we were winning SB's the Redskins, even though they sucked, would still play us tough and win.

    "The state or condition of competition or antagonism."

    Cowboys Redskins fit the above definition you can spin it anyway you want.
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    The Redskins beat Dallas twice in 1995, a Super Bowl year for the Cowboys.
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    No way its over, never will be!
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    It was and Still is the best rivalry in the game of football IMO....I don't care if we win a 100 games in a row.

    I think even during POOR ratings for MNF...the Cowboys/Redskins games always get the best ratings.
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    I think there is a rivalry but it does not feel the same to me as it once did. For me over the last 10 years or so Philly has been the team that bad blood has come into play. I recall during the George Allen years he would get the skins into frenzy before the game and today I just don't see the same intensity that it once had.
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    I dont think it is a rivalry, especially with Free Agency. The games have not mattered in forever for either team and were 11-1 in the last 12 meetings.

    Now when both teams start competing for Playoff Spots and both teams start whooping each other, I would say it is one again.

    I hate Eagles more than any team right now...

    - Mike G.

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