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Cowboys Vs Saints ***Game Thread***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cbz40, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Da Hammer

    Da Hammer The Natural

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    he was out at the 1 but they will probably score a TD on 3rd down so just give them the TD already...
  2. SA_Gunslinger

    SA_Gunslinger Official CZ Ea-girls hater

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    i guess a good offense CAN beat a good defense.

    tough matchup tonight, but our d is letting us down big time.
  3. jesusphreak

    jesusphreak New Member

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    It is called a play action pass. NO isn't the only team that does it. I guess 'gimmick' is any play that isn't up to your standards.

    What works is what works.
  4. Displaced Cowboy

    Displaced Cowboy Well-Known Member

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    give it up.

    there is nothing gimmicky about them bending the cowboys over and giving it to them in the rear.

    for the entire night.
  5. Apollo Creed

    Apollo Creed Stackin and Processin, Well

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    We're getting dominated in the coaching department... BP looks like SP has been mentoring him. BP knew we were in for a lot of fake reverses, screens, etc. We just dont look prepared defensively.
  6. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

    40,466 Messages
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    Worst game in Cowboy history. Completely demoralizing!
  7. jobberone

    jobberone Right turn Clyde Staff Member

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    Well it's for certain Payton game planned Karney so why can't the Boys do something. Does anyone know why that play is good for 4-5 yds a play?
  8. J-DOG

    J-DOG Active Member

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    No huddle!
  9. StylisticS

    StylisticS Well-Known Member

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    my god 35 points.
  10. Mr Cowboy

    Mr Cowboy Well-Known Member

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    There you go, their super star full back scores another..................
  11. T-New41

    T-New41 Shut 'em Down

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    Thats only the 5 or 6th time they have run that play. Maybe next time we will stop it!
  12. Jammer

    Jammer Retired Air Force Guy

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    Wow, Texas Stadium, that was a nice cheer for the Saints' TD.
  13. Achozen

    Achozen Sounds From The Lair

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    That guy had no career Td's before tonight!
  14. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

    40,466 Messages
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    35 - 17 Saints!
  15. CaptainMorgan

    CaptainMorgan Well-Known Member

    2,087 Messages
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    who accused our defense of being "good"
  16. jem88

    jem88 Active Member

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    This defence is awful. Maybe we need to bench both DEs. More to the point, I think we need to get rid of Zimmer.
  17. 30yrheel

    30yrheel Well-Known Member

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    we are not a playoff caliber team, been saying it all year.
  18. DefendeR

    DefendeR Benched

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    Typical Cowboys.putting no name players in the Pro bowl.
  19. jgboys1

    jgboys1 Well-Known Member

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    He got It.:banghead:
  20. Aikbach

    Aikbach Well-Known Member

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    It seems Paton took the game plan fro mthe Eagle game last year and inserted it here today along with about 5 trick passes and reverses.

    Dallas fails to tackle, catch or cover or adjust to any of it.

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