Cowboys vs Steelers rivalry of the 70s

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by p1_, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Watching the Madden story on NFL channel, and realize the Raiders had it just as bad as we did or worse. They had to get around Pitt to reach the Super Bowl. He did it, though. Then he won the big game.

    Damn Steelers, still hate them for those losses in the 70s. Can you feel it?
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    The Steelers had a great team. I wish they hadn't gotten the help they did from the officials back then; it would have made it easier to stomach to have been beaten fair and square instead of all the ticky tack calls and extra blocking they got.

    I can't imagine how Seattle fans take it. They were jobbed even worse than we were.
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    They did beat us fairly in Super Bowl X.

    In XIII, they did get a bogus call with the Barnes interference, but you are right, Seattle got it three times as bad as we did. At least all of the touchdowns Pittsburgh scored against us were cases where the ball actually broke the plane of the goalline and we didn't have scores erased on phantom interference calls.
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    Lets not forget it took the Immaculate Reception for the Steelers to beat the Raiders once back in the day.
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    That was one of the hurdles I was talking about that Madden had to overcome. What a heartbreaker. Next year, though, they (Raiders) throttled them (Steelers) and went on to and won the Super Bowl.

    The Steelers were a major menace for the Raiders, non doubt.

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