News: Cowboys will be evaluating core group; Stephen Jones: ‘We certainly can’t afford...

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    Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan received criticism following a 21-13 loss to the Carolina Panthers in Week 9 after saying that the Redskins would have a chance to evaluate players for the remainder of the season.

    Some assumed Shanahan was suggesting that the season was over for a Washington team that dropped to 3-6. The Redskins have won their last two, pulling even with the Cowboys at 5-6.

    Following a 38-31 Thanksgiving Day loss to the Redskins, the Cowboys front office began talking like Shanahan did three weeks earlier.

    Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones have both recently made comments about player evaluation during interviews on the team’s flagship radio station 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM].

    Jerry Jones said Monday that the time has come to “evaluate your core as far as seasons to come.”

    Stephen Jones agreed with his father when he was asked Wednesday about evaluating the Cowboys core.

    “I think so,” Stephen Jones said. “Anytime you go through a season you have to evaluate what type of season they had. With each player there’s significant money attached, especially to your core group of guys. And if they’re not playing to their money than you certainly have to take a look at it because we’re one of those teams that, to be real candid with you, we’re up against the cap next year, I mean up against it tight.

    “We certainly can’t afford to overlook mediocrity if a player’s had a mediocre season but he’s being paid to have a great season. Those things have to be addressed. We’ll certainly continue to look at that. I wouldn’t say underachieving is a lack of effort. I think everybody is playing hard. The question just becomes: Can they still play the way they were playing a year ago, two years ago. Those are things that we have to take a look at.”

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    What makes this year different than the last 15.

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    This talk sounds as if the approach is more reactive than proactive. S. Jones talks about significant money and players not playing up to it as an area of concern. Then what about the 30% cap space of dead money that no player is playing agianst? Since management is rsponsible for that 30% when do they hold themselves accountable by racting to its presence? It's a valid question that reporters should be asking them.
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    But they won't because they are JJ and Stephen's bud's.

    The problem with this franchise are those two clowns.

    Stop giving top dollar to sub-par players.

    It's another year of blah, blah, blah. Next year this time, when they again sitting at 5-6 or 6-5, we will hear the same thing.
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    I hold out a small amount of hope because Stephen Jones strikes me as not either A. Living in the past or B. So enamoured with any of these players that he isn't fearful of suggesting that guys get cut loose for underperforming-- such as Adams, Kosier, Columbo, Davis, Newman.
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    All of there bad decisions have come crashing down on them this season.

    On the field and on the sidelines.

    They can't be seen in there own stadium, nor can there handpicked coach.

    The tv ratings are down, the browns game was the first below a million viewers locally in a long time.

    They are feeling the heat. So I fully expect tough talk from the jones family over the next month trying to say what they think people want hear.

    Then I fully expect them to sell injuries and other excuses after the season as the reason for the third straight bad year, then continue on down the same road.
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    Orlando Scandrick should be listening.
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    Translation: goodbye Doug Free (and several others along the front.
  9. Picksix

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    Rationalization? Gee, bet none of us are guilty of that ;)

    I was thinking more Miles, but those two fit as well. Scandrick started the season well, but has struggled the last few games. And can the guy even catch a cold?
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    At some point, players have to make plays. I just haven't seen Scandrick do that during his tenure here. Is he a bad player? Probably not. But this team has too many players who just wear the uniform. Not enough difference makers. The makeover has to start somewhere.
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    He is not getting cut he is a solid pro and his contract is small they are not taking a cap hit for to cut him :banghead:.

    Give me all the 3rd CB that play the slot that have a ton of int if you look most the int come from your big time CB
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    That's just great.....

    Sooooo, I paid high dollars for a freaking exhibition game (Steelers vs Cowboys)??????

    Jerruh, I want my freaking money back you axx.
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    ........rhetorical question that is. Yep, same crap....different year obviously. Just wish people would stop coming to the games I guess. It's the ONLY thing that would make Jerrah give up the reins. Meh, I suppose that if this is what they're content with, then they'll keep filling the stadium....sad but true.

    I don't see as his redneck kid is much different btw....I really don't. Nothing he has said or done leads me to believe he'll be any different quite frankly. Insanely depressing really.:banghead:
  14. jobberone

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    If you are producing a product and wish to replace a part in some machinery then it is often best to have the replacement part handy.
  15. jamesdojr

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    Bye Bye:
    Orlando Scandrick
    Doug Free
    Miles Austin
    Jay Ratliff
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    Yes he is a bad player. I agree with you. He's what you call a survivor.. not a playmaker (3 career interceptions in almost 6 years???). I can get plenty of slot corners that can accomplish what he has. He is NOT playing up to his contract. He plays like a minimum wage player most of the time.

  17. Seven

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    Except they will not, refuse to , replace the broken part.

    One part. Just one part. It kills me.
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    I have LONG felt that Dallas EXPECTS guys to perform at a certain level based on how much they are paying them. I guess there is NOTHING wrong with that...but it becomes a problem when you are slow to try something else when a high paid performer is not performing. When we got Roy Williams, he was out of shape, had a hurt foot...and did not know the offense. As OBVIOUS as it was to everyone that he was not HELPING the team...we did not see the team try anything else until Roy got hurt. And we all know Miles came in and the rest is history. You see, once Jerry makes up his mind...and the money/draft picks were spent...he was going MAKE the investment worth it...even when it was obvious a HUGE mistake had been made. I mean Jerry honestly looked at Roy as Owens eventual replacement. That is how BAD we missed on him.

    Heck, earlier this year....when it was CLEAR Felix was not helping us...and was indeed in fact HURTING us....we kept trotting him out there? Why...because gosh darnit he was a 1st round pick...and we are not getting 1st round production out of him...but come he** or high water...we are going to get our value out of him...or die trying.
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    What core is Jerry referring too? The one he has already locked up for the next 6 years? Ware, Whitten, Ratliff and whoever else he has paid to stick around that some may not be worth their contract.
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    Free, Connor, Livings and Beradeu in the top 14 highest players on the team is a joke. The fact that he is paying Orton a ton when it could have been spent more wisely is bad management. Super bowl contender, sure good backup necessary. .500 team needs to develop more players.

    The above are 5 players that are near the top in salary and don't produce like it.

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