cowboysnation: Always Looking for Safety: Wes Bunting Sizes Up the 2012 Safety Class

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    Always Looking for Safety: Wes Bunting Sizes Up the 2012 Safety Class

    Posted by Rafael

    Cowboys Nation: Wes, you gave a nice overview of the conferences. Let's go over some positions. These are going to sound familar, because the Cowboys took about eight or nine needs into the draft and they probably got about half of those filled, four or maybe five, so they still have about four or perhaps five holes.

    What have you seen at the safety position among the seniors? That's still, without question, a crying need for this football team, perhaps the biggest need right now.

    Wes Bunting: That's not good, to be honest. Top to bottom, it looks like an average safety class. Mark Barron from Alabama is getting a lot of talk, but I don't know where you can play him in the NFL in order for him to be successful. He reminds me a lot of a Taylor Mays-type player. If you get him in space he's going to struggle.

    Tony Dye from UCLA is a guy I really like. He's not the best athlete but he's compact, he's fluid and he'll tackle. I'd say he's without a doubt one of the top safeties in this year's class. I also like Trenton Robinson from Michigan State. He's a 5'10'', 195-200 lb. guy who can run. He'll hit you. He's really interesting.

    Aaron Henry from Wisconsin is solid. I didn't think he was anything special, but I liked him more than most people in his safety class. Duke Ihenacho from San Jose State is a guy to watch. He missed all of last year. He's not a burner, but I remember liking what I saw on tape a couple of seasons ago...

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