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    Good morning,
    Here are some preliminary results from the rankings provided by those of you that have participated in the Cowboyszone Big Board. I used the CBS board, Mel Kiper's first two rounds, Tood McShay's first two rounds and picks supplied by 5 CZ members (myself, @tm1119 , @jterrell , @Doc50 , and @unionjack8 (thank you). I will show in here a few picks before and after our selections to give you an idea of how it is running currently:

    First Round: 1) Robinson, 2) Clowney, 3) Mack, 4) Bortles, 5) Matthews, Jake, 6) Watkins, 7) Evans, 8) Gilbert, 9) Ebron, 10) Manziel, 11) Lewan, 12) Bridgewater, 13) Dennard

    1st round (#16): 14) Donald, 15) Barr, 16) Mosley, 17) Clinton-Dix, 18) Martin, Zack

    Rest of first round: 19) Beckham Jr, 20) Pryor, 21) Jernigan, 22) Cooks, 23) Nix, 24) Verrett, 25) Hageman, 26) Shazier, 27) Ford, 28) Su'a-filo, 29) Roby, 30) Fuller, 31) Benjamin, 32) Moses

    2nd round (#47): 45) Borland, 46) Bitonio, 47) Amaro, 48) Lawrence, 49) Kouandijo

    3rd round (#78): 76) Smith, Telvin, 77) Desir , 78) Bryant, Martavis, 79) Jones, DaQuan, 80) Breeland
    Notables right after this: Easley, Sankey, Sutton, Thomas,B., Jeffcoat

    4th round (#119): 117) Reynolds, Ed, 118) Fleming, 119) Huff, Josh, 120) Murray, 121) Dixon
    Notables right after this: Reid, Turner,T.

    5th Round (#158): 156) Grant, 157) Mitchell, 158) Breslin, 159) Archer, 160) Jones,TJ
    Notables right after this: Sam, Fales, Shembo

    I didn't bother projecting anything into the 7th round as I only have CBS and other sites to go by.

    If you want to participate in creating the CZ Big Board, click on this link and enter your projections. Put your username at the top and then enter the names (last name, first name please). The more people that use this, the better this will be. You can also go in an edit your picks at any point. I will be updating the list two more times before the draft and all of our picks will update the NFL Draft Spreadsheet. If you want a say in who is high on the spreadsheet, this is the way to do it. you don't have to give 100 to 150 names, you can just give one or two rounds, it can make a difference.

    You can find the Excel spreadsheet with everything on there in the NFL Draft Spreadsheet thread in the Draft Zone. That will get updated within the next week or so, once I get all of the rankings updated.

    Please let me know your thoughts.
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    well, if Donalds there at 16 it's a no brainer in my neck of the woods.
    2nd Lawrence
    3rd Daquan or Easly
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    He is in range (Donald, and Barr for that matter)...but, that is just opinion of a few people...the more lists we get, the better

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