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    Balls, i just did letters, oh well start again i guess
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    Yeah, you have to do a number grade so we can add them all up and come up with a consensus.

    Also, feel free to tell us what was the biggest steal of the draft and who had the biggest reach. Don't include your own picks.
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    is 1 the best and 10 the worse or is it the other way
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    10 is the best.
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    Last pick coming up. Wow, you guys flew through this draft.
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    1(12) Trent Richardson RB Alabama
    I certainly didn't go into this draft intending to make this pick. I rarely like to take RBs early unless they're special. I think Richardson is worthy of that description. It was just too much value at 12th overall. You never know how Charles will return from his knee injury. Now you wouldn't have to worry about that. This guy has game changing ability.

    Best pick of the round (excluding my own for all of these): Cordy Glenn to Tennessee at 20th overall. IMO, he got the same player there that Carolina got at 8, but with some more versatility.


    2(64) Kendall Reyes DT Connecticut
    With a good combine/personal workout, you could easily be looking at a late first round pick. Brandon Thompson was my target. Reyes was a nice consolation prize. Versatile, scheme flexible player who should be a more productive pro surrounded by better talent.

    Best pick of the round: Coby Fleener to Cincinnati at 53. IMO, the best TE in the class in the late 2nd round? Outstanding. I know he's not much of a blocker right now, but he's got the best NFL frame of the top prospects at his position and I'll take his natural receiving skills in today's NFL.


    3(76) Brock Osweiler QB Arizona St.
    When I acquired the extra 3rd I did it with the thinking of getting a QB. Anybody excited about Matt Cassel? Didn't think so. So I had two options, mortgage the rest of this draft and part of next year's to move up for the top two or bring in one of these 2nd tier guys for at least some hope of having a future QB on our hands. I know Weeden is a better player today. I know he'll be a better QB next year. But I just couldn't get myself to draft a 28 year old with a 3rd round pick. Maybe that's a mistake, but I'd do it again if given the chance. Osweiler's got some nice upside. I'm gambling on his physical skills.

    3(95) Trumaine Johnson CB Montana
    The 12th CB off the board. I was surprised by that. I know he's in some people's top 5 or 6. I figured with his measurables and four years of nice production (15 INTs) he'd be off the board by the middle of round two. Even if they do resign Carr, Johnson's good depth and a S possibility as well.

    Best pick of the round: Sean Spence to Tampa Bay at 69. I love the player and love the fit. There may not be a more active sideline to sideline LB in this draft. Back to back 100 plus tackle seasons. Over 30 TFL combined those two years. He can cover. He can get to the QB some. His frame doesn't scare me.

    Weeden to the 49ers at 93 obviously could be the talk of the draft a year from now. He's about as plug and go a QB as you'll ever find in the draft and would be going to a playoff ready team.


    4(106) Mitchell Schwartz T California
    I had Bobby Massie in the cross hairs with this pick but saw a trade occur one spot ahead of me for him. Schwartz is actually a better fit for the Chiefs as they are in dire need of a RT and this guy's a beast in the run game. With the huge drop off from the first tier to the next at this position, I was pleased to come away with him at this point. Ryan Broyles was real tempting here. He would have been my target if we went another round.

    Best pick of the round: Dwight Bentley to Cleveland at 118. I thought that might have been the steal of the draft, actually. At least one of the contenders. He'll be a late riser as we approach April.
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    Great analysis Risen. I thought you did very well in the draft. Trumane Johnson is a steal because he is productive and he is versatile. Some scouting reports say he isn't fluid enough to play CB in the NFL, but at the very least, he could make an excellent FS. But KC has the corners in place already so he wouldn't have to be an immediate starter.
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    8) Quiton Coples, DE North Carolina

    I went into the draft wanting to take the BPA, but I couldn't pull the trigger with Richardson. I still can't decide if I would've done it in hindsight. Made this pick hoping he would turn into Julius Peppers and Coples has the potential. Reiff was the other option, but a couple years ago they drafted Eugene Monroe and Britton isn't bad if he stays healthy. Coples has the chance to be a great defensive end and that's why I made the pick.

    Best Pick: Trent Richardson to Kansas City. I had him 3rd on my board and he went 12th. He is going to be special and hopefully Charles will stay healthy and that would be a great 1-2 punch.

    38) Kelechi Osemele, G Iowa State

    Osemele is a combo G/T that can play on the right side if need be. He'll start from day one. Jaguars had a good guard last year in Nwaneri and this pick gives him the ability to move to center or stay at guard and Kelechi Osemele going to tackle. Once again, I went away from BPA. I had Brandon Thompson as best available, but wasn't going to draft him. Coby Fleener and Mohamed Sanu were other options and in hindsight I would've taken one of those guys.

    Best Pick: Vontaze Burfict to New York Giants. They traded up, but I was okay with it because it feels a glaring need. This was the "whoaaaa" moment as someone noted earlier and a move like this would send shockwaves through the NFC East.

    71) Alameda Ta'Amu, DT Washington

    Best player left on my board after trying to move up for Orson Charles. He's a space eater and with a potential d-line of Mincey, Coples, Knighton, AluAlu and Ta'Amu, this could turn into a real strength for the Jaguars. When the Jaguars were great, they had Henderson and Stroud in the middle and I wanted to replicate that. Ta'Amu in the middle would open up some one on ones for Coples and make the whole unit better.

    Best Pick: Orson Charles, TE Cleveland. I tried to move up to get him because he was one spot in front of Ta'Amu and I needed a skill player. Could have stretched the field for the Jaguars and is a versatile player that Robert Griffin will love. This was Cleveland's best pick and kind of saved their draft for me after they gave up a lot to move up (although they didn't have to give up their 2nd first rounder, which I was a little surprised by).

    101) Marvin McNutt, WR Iowa

    I needed to go skill player and didn't want to pull the trigger on Chris Polk. It's no secret that Jacksonville needs receivers and this was the only spot where I saw value at the pick. There are a lot left that didn't get drafted, so in an ideal situation they would get another one in the 5th. This is a position that I feel the Jaguars will upgrade through free agency, but McNutt produced this year at Iowa and he reminds me of Anquan Boldin.

    Best Pick: Chris Polk, RB Washington. He is a versatile back that will create a 3 headed monster in Washington. He was the best available player and running back in a class that was severely underdrafted. His game will translate to the NFL as long as he can stay healthy and will be a difference maker for Washington.

    Self Evaluation - Overall, I give myself a "B". I second guessed a lot of my choices and don't feel like I maximized the potential picks from this class by missing out on players like Fleener and Sanu. With that said, I feel like I made some good picks and got value. With a team like Jacksonville, they need help in a lot of places and I turned a "good" defensive line into potentially a "great" one, and also created some opportunities for them to be more flexibile on the offensive line and get guys like Whimper and Rackley more time to develop. In rounds 5-7 I would target another WR, CB and maybe a RB.
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    Bengals Analysis:
    The Bengals are a good team, but are a few pieces away from being serious contenders. I came in with 2 first rounders, but took advantage of an opportunity to trade down with the Eagles and pick up 2 additional round 2 picks, an additional round 4, and a round 4 next year. The eagles got pick 17 overall and my round 3.

    1(21) Janoris Jenkins CB Northern Alabama
    Leon Hall is coming off injury, Clements is old, and Pacman Jones is a has-been. So the Bengals needed an elite CB to be taken seriously. I took the general consensus 2nd best CB in the draft at pick 21. He should be a day 1 starter.

    2(46) Doug Martin RB Boise St.
    Rumor has it that Cedric Benson's days are numbered in orange and black, so this was a good time to pick up a franchise RB. With the exception of Richardson, the RB's ahead of Martin didn't impress me, and could be seen as one year wonders. Martin had good production for multiple years, and has a size build and style similar to Ray Rice, though not as fast. However, he is a complete back that can do it all.

    2(51) Amini Silatolu G Midwestern St.
    The Bengals also need interior help. Much like the Cowboys, their guard play stunk last year. Silatolu is an intriguing pick. He is from a small school, but dominated at that level. Once he participates at the combine, I expect his draft stock to rise higher. On a side note, I'm hoping the Cowboys take notice of this kid.

    2(53) Coby Fleener TE Stanford
    Word on the street in Cincinnati is that Jerome Simpson may not be back, plus he has a marijuana charge hanging over him. So that created another need for a #2 receiver. Unfortunately, I didn't see a receiver that really stood out at that pick on the board. But one player did catch my eye: Cory Fleener. Fleener is a fast TE with soft hands and gets into his routes very quickly. He was Andrew Luck's main target at Stanford and also considered the teams only deep threat. He is sort of a TE/WR tweener, often lining up on the outside or in the slot in college. If he's not the best TE in the draft, he is definitely top 2. So instead of taking a WR, I went with TE that will pair with previous first round TE Jermaine Gresham to form a deadly duo similar to what the Patriots have in Gronkowski and Hernandez. Did I mention the Bengals also have A.J. Green?

    4(99) Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma
    Linebacker was a minor need with Manny Lawson a free agent and last years MLB having an underwhelming performance last season. Travis Lewis is a great LB rated much higher that saw his production drop due to an injury in his senior season. If Lawson doesn't come back, Lewis join the lineup right away. If not, he will provide solid depth and challenge Rey Maualuga to start inside.

    4(116) Aaron Henry S Wisconsin
    The Bengals got minimal play out of SS Chris Crocker last year and their secondary play was the reason they didn't advance further. Reggie Nelson played well, but his natural position is at SS. With the addition of Henry, this would allow Nelson to move back to SS and Crocker to move on with his career. Henry is a former CB, but made the switch to FS while in college. He is still learning, but has caught on extremely well from what I have read. For the Bengals, this was a good value pick.
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    Pittsburgh Steelers (Zaxor)

    The Steelers are getting old on Defense and are in desperate need of new blood at all three levels they also want to return to old style Pittsburg football which will help the oline which are much better run blockers than pass blockers with that in mind I tried to improve all three areas on defense and get them a RB that can carry the rock all game.1(24) Dont'a Hightower ILB Alabama

    Can you think of a better Steeler LBer in the draft...I couldn't either..no brainer

    (loved the move by Philly in the first rnd to get my boy Luke and also thought KC and TN and SD got perfect fits most picked very well bravo)

    2(56) Harrison Smith S Notre Dame

    some might wonder why safety and not CB well because it was safety problems that was causing a lot of corner problems sorry about that troy hair but its true.

    3(87) Marcus Forston DT Miami

    this guy will play DE in the 3-4 and he will be very good at it

    4(119) Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati

    rock carrier nuff said.
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    Cleveland Browns

    My entire method here was adding playmakers to the Browns offense, as they are in a division where defense is king. The decision to trade up for Griffin wasn't an easy one, my instincts told me he'd be there at 4, but with all the extra picks the Browns had from the Falcons for last year, I decided it'd be worth it to eliminate all questions and be aggressive.

    1(2) Robert Griffin III QB Baylor

    My gut told me he'd be there at 4 but my brain told me it wasn't worth the risk as long as I could hang onto my 2nd 1st round pick, which I did. I gave #37 (2nd round) and #100 (4th round) to swap #4 for #2 overall. The Rams got who they were after and a couple of picks and the Browns come away with a franchise QB, so it worked out well for both teams.

    1(22) Kendall Wright WR Baylor

    This is who I was targeting all along for #22, and I was thrilled to grab him. I got nervous at the end there with Chicago on the board and it took them a while to make the pick. I almost traded up again to ensure I'd get Wright, but after moving for Griffin, I didn't want to compromise the rest of my draft. Wright and Griffin get the very rare opportunity to take their college chemistry into the pros, and since the Browns already have two larger receivers, adding the smaller Wright didn't bother me a bit.

    3(68) Orson Charles TE Georgia

    The theme of offense playmakers continues. Last year the Browns selected TE, Jordan Cameron in the 4th round, a converted WR that is still learning the position. Charles really should have gone in the 2nd round, so I was happy to take him in the 3rd. He's a guy you can move around, and in a copycat league, I pictured him as an Aaron Hernandez type as he is just 6'3" to Cameron's 6'6". Size aside, CBS refers to him as "the toughest pound for pound blocker among the 2012 crop of tight ends". I like the scrappiness.

    4(118) Dwight Bentley CB Louisiana-Lafayette

    In all honesty, CB is probably a position I'd expect the Browns to address in FA if they want to focus on the offense in the draft. I decided to roll the dice on a fast riser in Dwight Bentley here anyway, although I almost selected RB Cyrus Gray instead. The Browns spent a 2nd on Hardesty last year and Hillis isn't technically out of the question yet, I could afford to gamble on the CB.


    If we had done more rounds, I would have targeted Chris Rainey/Cyrus gray in the 5th and some project offensive linemen in the 6th, where the Browns had a pair of picks left.

    Overall, I'm happy with it. The only pick I missed was the 37th, where I probably would have taken a guard or RT. At #100, I might have gone after Bruce Irvin, but I'm not sure how good of a fit that would have been anyway.

    This was a lot of fun. If it wasn't so much work for the mods, I'd love to do one every couple of weeks.
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    This was a good idea whoever started it
    Bears Draft:

    1(19) Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
    After Adams was taken by the Chargers I picked the logical choice. The Bears have a monstrous need at wide-receiver and Floyd was the best value on the board.

    2(41) Zebrie Sanders T Florida St.
    The Bears gave Gabe Carimi some work at Left Tackle last offseason and I suspect that they will do so again unless they get a Free Agent. J'Marcus Webb was horrifying at LT last season, so this move would allow Sanders and Webb to battle for the starting RT spot.

    Several mock drafts had him going to the Chiefs a few picks later (a team with a real need at the spot), so I went ahead and pulled the trigger to get a replacement that was considered a first rounder until the Senior Bowl. I got a fair trade with casmith, so that helped.

    3(72) Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt
    Man this guy is all over the board with the mocks and values (anywhere from the second to the fifth), but I think the combine will prove that he is a good value in round three. He diagnoses plays well, very willing tackler and he has had a knack for getting the football. The Bears currently have three of their top four dbs possibly going out on the FA market, so the need should be there.

    4(108) Antonio Allen S South Carolina
    The Bears have two FA Safeties and Major Wright is pretty bad at SS. I wasn't exactly targeting a Safety in this round, but the value was there for Allen. he has carried a third round value in most of the boards and mocks I researched. Excellent in run support and he could also see time as the nickle LB. Urlacher is getting older (33), so getting some breaks would keep him fresh during the season.

    4(111) Lucas Nix G Pittsburgh
    I had him right where I drafted him, with a fourth round grade. He also fills a need for the Bears. Chris Spencer was terrible at Guard last season and Nix could compete for the Right Guard spot in Training Camp.
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    Miami Dolphins

    1(9) Riley Reiff T Iowa
    I have to be honest, I didn't make this pick. Another poster was set to have Miami, but was a no-show, so I was awarded this team after the pick. Most likely, I would have made this pick anyway. The two biggest needs as I saw it for Miami, were OT and DE. With Coples off the board to JAX at 7, this was a no-brainer.

    2(40) Brandon Washington G Miami
    Miami needs OL help, period. Yes, I went OT in the first, but there's nothing wrong with doubling up when BPA(s) meet need. On my board (at least the one I was using primarily), Washington was rated at 32. I also considered Jared Crick, but I wonder if he is more of a 34 DE. Plus the injury thing worried me. There were a couple other guards ranked in this area, but I liked what I saw of Washington on tape, and he played at Miami, which helped.

    3(74) Joe Adams WR Arkansas
    Miami needs a quick, versatile, Mike Wallace type WR to compliment Brandon Marshall, and to give Moore (or IMO, Flynn) another weapon to throw to. His stock has flown up the boards with his tape and Senior Bowl week performance. He's a great KR/PR as well. I'll admit, I love the kid, and felt I got good value here.

    4(104) Tyrone Crawford DE Boise St.
    This was another needs-meet-value pick. Rated at 102, he's reported to be a good fit for a 34 or 43. I think the Dolphins will break the bank for Matt Flynn, so I don't see them going after Williams. That thinking also kept me from going with someone like BJ Coleman (QB, Chatt). With the switch to the 43, DE became a huge hole. I think this kid can fill it well.

    Overall, there's nothing really sexy about this draft, except for maybe Adams. But it's a solid draft, with players picked at or below where they're ranked, that all fill big needs.
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    My grades are in. I haven't even looked at anyone's grades yet. I like to do my own grading before I do.

    I gave the highest grades to: St. Louis, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Those teams got 9s from me. Several others got 8s.

    If I had to pick a winner, I'd give the nod to St. Louis over Cleveland based on their trade. I don't think it was necessary to move up for Griffin and it cost them a 2nd and a 4th.

    My biggest steal was Coby Fleener to Cincinnati at 53. My biggest reach was Ryan Tannehill to Washington at 6. I know that could actually happen, but it will be a reach if it does. Just a classic case of supply and demand forcing QBs up the draft board.
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    Here is my reasoning for Indy's picks:

    1.Andrew Luck-thought about moving down for a second to get RGIII, than I thought about it for another second.

    2.Lamar Miller-I am going to get flamed for this, but I didn't make the pick unfortunately because this rookie GM didn't realize you all would be such keeners. Oh well, Miller is an explosive player and will replace Addai. Hope he can be a Jamal Charles type.

    3.Ben Jones-I had two guys I really wanted at this spot-Jones and Charles...both of them were there but I didn't see them dropping much further. Being a proponent of supporting a young QB with a quality oline, I went with my highest rated on the board.

    4.Josh Chapman-Sadly I was forced to wait to round four to address the Colts atrocious "d". They are moving to a 3-4, so I figure the best route to go is to anchor the line with a horse. None are better at this than Chapman.
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    When will the consensus be posted? I may go back and tweak my grades, I'm not sure they way I originally did it was best. I'll send you a PM if I decide to or not.
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    49ers media release

    1(30) Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois
    We were ecstatic to see the NCAA's leading pass rusher still available. Expect him to fit nicely into role Aldon Smith had last season as a rookie pass rusher. Relentless guy who reminded us a lot of Aldon and we couldn't be happier.

    2(62) Nick Toon WR Wisconsin
    Toon gives us size on the edge and NFL know-how. WR is an area where we can use some help and Toon should give us that. We are excited about the challenge this WR corps with our TE can present for opponents next season.

    3(93) Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma St.
    Easiest pick of the draft for us. Highest guy on our board by a quite a bit. Brandon is well developed and mature. Displayed great accuracy and decision-making and accuracy which is the criterion by which we grade QBs. Can step right in for us if Alex gets injured.

    4(125) Shaun Prater CB Iowa
    Shaun is a tough, physical corner who will compete for playing time right away. No one has enough talent at CB and we felt we needed and infusion of youth at the position; Shaun will deliver that for us.
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    St.Louis Rams

    Was glad I was able to work out a trade with Count to move down from #2 to #4 and pick up #37 and #100. This was a great move cause it still allowed me to take the two players I had target with the first pick.

    #4 Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma St.
    He is a big physical WR that has good hands and will be nice big target for Bradford. This team desperately needs some play makers on offense and he provides that.

    This was not my pick (I was a little late for the draft). I had originally targeted Morris Claiborne. This pick would have shaken up the draft a lot I think. However, I'm glad I ended up with Blackmon. I was planning on trying to trade back up into the first round and get Kendall Wright. I'm not sure I would have been able to pull this off.

    #33 Zach Brown, OLB North Carolina

    I had him ranked as the best OLB for a 4-3. If he runs like we expect him to at the combine, 4.3-4.4 range, we will have added a ton of speed to the LB corps. He is a play maker on defense and is possibly my favorite pick of this draft.

    I had a few options here but was glad that he slid to me. I almost traded up with GB to grab him. I'm glad I stayed pat and let the draft come to me.

    #37 David Wilson, RB Virginia Tech
    I that getting a high caliber RB in this draft was a top priority for the Rams. I understand that most might disagree with this, but Steven Jackson isn't getting any younger. He is putting some tuff yards on his body as well. My hope is to prolong Jacksons career and add a more speedy dynamic player into the mix. I think he can be the next starting back for the Rams and they wont miss a beat at RB.

    To be honest, I wanted Miller over this kid. I had them both ranked close to each other but had a preference to Miller. I think they both can be starting backs in the NFL. The other player I had right there was Minnifield. The backfield had a terrible season last year. I had Minnifield ranked as the third best corner and probably would have jumped on him if he had fallen to me here.

    #66 Senio Kelemete, G Washington
    As everyone knows the O-line was a problem last year. Bradford ended up spending a lot of time on his back. I had the O-line as a priority going in and felt that it was time to try and help it out. I went with the highest G I had left on the board. I'm not entirely sold that the tackles on this team already can't play. I guess only time will tell.

    I seriously thought about taking Alameda Ta'amu with this pick. He would have helped refuel the aging DT's and free up Laurinaitis. As we all know very well, teams ran all over these guys.

    #96 Cliff Harris, CB Oregon
    When he was still left on the board it was a no brainer. I know that he comes with a ton of baggage. However, the risk reward was something that the Rams just can't turn down at this point. To score this kind of first round talent in the 4th is a steal for them. I also wanted to make it a point of emphasis in this draft to get some explosive Kick/punt return guys. I felt they would be able to have the biggest immediate impact on the team. One of the reasons I was very high on Miller and Wilson(who I believe can be a dangerous return man).

    #100 Kheeston Randall, DT Texas
    While he had an underwhelming Senior season, the physical talent is there. Lets face it, the whole Texas D was underwhelming this season. I believe that given some time in a NFL organization he can prove to be a good 4-3 DT. He has some natural pass rushing skills and doesn't get pushed around. Was happy to take him in the 4th.

    I had also considered taking Chris Rainey with this pick. He fits the explosive return man that I had put such an emphasis on going into this draft. But since I had already taken Harris and Wilson I elected to try and strengthen the front 7. Given the opportunity I would take him in the fifth.

    All in all I felt I did a good job acquiring explosive talent for a team that needs it badly. I recognize that some of the talent also comes with problems, but like I mentioned before it was a risk the Rams have to take. It was a good draft for all and I had a great time. Thanks to Hos and Risen for putting this whole thing on. I hope we can do it again.
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    We'll take grades up to Friday and post this year's report card over the weekend.
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    Hostile was like a beast behind the scenes working to keep the pace brisk. We intended to swap who was running it back and forth but it worked so well the way we started that we just decided to stick with it.

    I told him we could have done a full 7 rounds it worked so well. Probably got it done in 3 days.

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