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    Tim Cowlishaw E-mail News tips

    One of the wonderful things about making frequent appearances on ESPN is the random recognition factor that you get. When I pulled the rental car into the loop in front of the La Jolla Marriott, a bellman-valet parker opened the door and said, "Mr. Cowlishaw, so great to have you here, let me know if you need anything during your stay.''

    When I came back down to the lobby Friday night to get the car to go to dinner, I was looking at the Cowboys' fans gathered out front when the world's greatest bellman rushed in.

    "Mr. Cowlishaw, are you looking for a different way to get out of the hotel?''

    No, I really wasn't worried about getting mobbed by fans. I told him I was just waiting for my car.

    Minutes later, another bellman came over. "Are you staying at the hotel?'' he asked. I told him yes, figuring he was about to hit me with some Cowboys or "Around the Horn'' questions.

    Instead, he said, "Can I see a key?''

    Not everyone is a fan.

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