Recap: Cowlishaw With Brad Biggs Chi Trib On Melton

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TwoDeep3, Mar 19, 2014.

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    I got in after this portion of the show started. i jotted down what they said. Some of it will be paraphrased.

    On Melton being called out by the GM over rehab...they thought he was not working hard enough. But the message got thru

    Tressman was raving about him after the episode with being called out

    He will be motivated by the contract

    Near the end of the season it was 50/50 if they would make an attempt to resign him due to his workout ethics in Bigg's mind.

    They franchised him last year with high hopes. The two sides were miles apart. I think he characterized it as a long bridge to cross. One side would have to make a 180% turn to come together.

    Then they went out and re-upped Forte, which took some of the steam out of the Melton negotiations.

    Losing Peppers was a bigger issue, but Melton is still a huge loss for them.

    They would not have turned Melton away, he is a good player.

    Rattliff did not make Melton expendable - Biggs laughed at that idea.

    Bears happy with ratt.

    Biggs went out to smoke a cigar when Ratt was signed, not knowing the signing would take place so quickly. Ratt called Biggs right after to introduce himself.

    Cowlishaw suggested not to mention him to Ratt.

    On will Melton be a leader. - He is quiet, not unliked, but doesn't talk much. Peppers was the leader.

    Did players love Rod - You could search far and wide and not find a player that did not enjoy playing for Maranelli.

    Hosts talked about Melton and played a clip from an interview after signing here.

    The position he plays in the Maranelli defense is called the under tackle. It is a disruptive position that takes athleticism and speed.

    One being a leader - He played with future HOFers and while they are respected, his position is the lynch pin for the defensive line. He disrupts everything and allows them to do their thing.

    Sorry this couldn't have been better. TD3
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    Makes me love this signing even more. If it doesn't work out, JJ will get the blame, as well as Jason. But hey, they signed a fairly big name to fill a huge, gaping, hole. They tried.
  3. TwoDeep3

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    The loss of Peppers and Melton make me think they go DL and if it is Donald they pull the trigger.
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    Melton is a low risk possible high return type of signing.
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    Thanks for doing the leg work. These efforts are always appreciated!
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    Thanks TD3.

    More proof our membership is the best.
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    first thing I thought
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    I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.
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    brad biggs is like a hot dog away from having a heart attack, I dont think he should be smoking.
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    I hate it when people are judged on results. It's so unfair.
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  11. Next Years Champ

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    I love it, too.

    If we can let Ware go and his salary..

    ..and replace his production with Melton.

    for 25% of Ware's deal..

    and afford several more players,too..

    I buy that every time.
  12. ferrispata

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    If it doesn't work out, they won't take much, if any heat because this was an excellent contract. We didn't overpay and we get a year to see if he is back to normal before committing for another 3 years. We actually did a good job this time.
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    It can tend to suck.... depending on which side you take. Now do the right thing. :p
  14. Fletch

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    Results that convey a 1st string pattern on the playing field.
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    Wonder what he thoughts nationally are for the Bears DL after losing these players. ESPN and NFLN act as if Dallas is in dire straights after losing Ware and Hatcher, and possibly Spencer. And rightfully so. But with the Bears losing Peppers and Melton, wonder what the opinions are.

    Do they think they are better off with Ratliff over us now having Melton? I think because of youth by itself Melton is an upgrade over Hatcher.
    Allen and Spencer still in the mix. Then there is the draft. Will be interesting.
  17. Seven

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    Didn't we hear the same things about Tank Johnson?
  18. Next Years Champ

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    I'd be happy to take Spencer on the same type deal as Melton.

    He would be, too.

    It would sure help if he was able to stay and play and then next year we see what happens.
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  19. TwoDeep3

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    Biggs was asked that in a way and ducked the question by saying the Bears were happy with him. But that was right after saying Melton was a big loss. I think it was spin
  20. dmq

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    At least Melton didn't go after his owner when it was suggested that he wasn't rehabbing hard enough.

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