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    Jan. 5th - Selection order prior to the NFL Playoffs
    Opponents are ranked in combined W-L records

    1. San Francisco - Matt Leinart - QB - USC
    49ers are a total disaster on offense and Leinart would be a key addition.

    2. Miami - Aaron Rodgers - QB - Cal
    Dolphins will start over this offseason with a franchise caliber QB.

    3. Cleveland - Antrel Rolle - CB - Miami
    Browns looking to add a shutdown cornerback.

    4. Chicago - Alex Barron - OT - Florida St.
    Bears want the stud tackle to play smash mouth football.

    5. Tampa Bay - Carnell Williams - RB - Auburn
    Gruden wants a complete tailback for his West Coast offense.

    6. Tennessee - Braylon Edwards - WR - Michigan
    Titans would love to add a playmaker for their struggling offense.

    7. Oakland - Mike Williams - WR - USC
    Raiders looking for big time playmaker after trading Jerry Rice.

    8. Arizona - Marlin Jackson - CB - Michigan
    Cards will continue to address a young emerging defense.

    9. Washington - Marcus Spears - DE - LSU
    Redskins will look to address their front four in this draft class.

    10. Detroit - Erasmus James - DE - Wisconsin
    Lions need to address their front four early this spring.

    11. Dallas - David Pollack - DE - Georgia
    Boys front four needs a big time edge pass rusher.

    12. San Diego (from N.Y. Giants) - Mark Clayton - WR - Oklahoma
    Chargers looking for a true #1 receiver and Clayton is flying up the charts.

    13. Houston - Marcus McNeil - OT - Auburn
    Texans offensive line needs to be addressed at left tackle.

    14. Carolina - Thomas Davis - S - Georgia
    Panthers defense needs tough run support players.

    15. Kansas City - Shaun Cody - DT - USC
    Chiefs defense is a total joke and needs a playmaker upfront.

    16. New Orleans - Corey Webster - CB - LSU
    Saints secondary gets toasted weekly the past five years.

    17. Cincinnati - Mathias Kiwanuka - DE - Boston College
    Bengals defense must get more pass pressure from their front four.

    18. Minnesota - Derrick Johnson - LB - Texas
    Vikings must improve on defense to rank among the top clubs.

    19. St. Louis - Dan Cody - DE - Oklahoma
    Rams defense has really missed Grant Wistrom this season.

    20. Dallas (Buffalo) - Carlos Rogers - CB - Auburn
    Boys would love to select this tough cover man.

    21. Jacksonville - Cedric Benson - RB - Texas
    Jaguars running back situation is showing age and lack of depth.

    22. Baltimore - Travis Johnson - DT - Florida St.
    Ravens defense is looking for an inside force.

    23. Seattle - Kevin Burnett - LB - Tennessee
    Seahawks are showing age on this unit.

    24. Green Bay - Eric Henderson - DE - Georgia Tech
    Packers want to add a pass rushing playmaker.

    25. Denver - Heath Miller - TE - Virginia
    Broncos looking for a playmaker to stretch the field in the middle.

    26. New York Jets - Justin Miller - CB - Clemson
    Jets defense may address the secondary this spring.

    27. Atlanta - A.J. Hawk - LB - Ohio St.
    Falcons backer unit would like to add this savvy playmaker.

    28. San Diego - Jammal Brown - OT - Oklahoma
    Charger’s offensive line is an area looking to add a young tackle.

    29. Indianapolis - Anttaj Hawthorne - DT - Wisconsin
    Colts defense is improved but needs additional playmakers.

    30. New England - Donte Nickerson - S - Oklahoma
    Patriots want to add another blue chip defender for the secondary.

    31. Philadelphia - Ronnie Brown - RB - Auburn
    Eagles want a power tailback to balance their offense.

    32. Pittsburgh - Loren Howard - DE - Northwestern
    Steelers are building a tough young defense.
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    Why does everyone have us taking a CB? Why why why why why why why why why why why why why?!?!? That is completely ridiculous. We will NOT spend for a CB again. Been burned by the state of officiating and we have money tied into 2 DBs already, not to mention what we will pay for a new safety.

    That is too much cap money for one position that will inevitably be burned if you trot anyone who isn't Deion out there.
  3. 1pick2

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    pollock over kiwi & dj :nono:
  4. Nors

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    I would not Rule out A Zimmer fire tomorrow,

    Kiwi is a 4-3 DE prospect. Won't fit in 3-4. Pollack is a 4-3, 3-4 fit. Hybrid. Will be telling to see how we draft D this year...........and FA.
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    Prediction - the Chargers leapfrog the Skins (they have plenty of draft ammo) to grab a WR. Maybe trading with Arizona, who could easily drop down and draft a Ronnie Brown/C. Williams. Smart move for both teams.

    If I'm Tenn., I look hard at QBs this draft. I can't understand why more mocks don't have them picking one. McNair is done, and I don't think Volek is a longterm answer. They'd be foolish to miss out on a chance to draft one (although a second rounder could yield value this year at QB).
  6. The30YardSlant

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    I swear to God if we pass on DJ I will hunt Jerry Jones down, rip out his intestines and strangle him with them :chop:
  7. boysfanindc

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    I don't believe we would pass in Mathias Kiwanuka if he happens to be there.

    People have us taking a corner, because we need one whether it be round 1 or 2.
  8. Duane

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    I really like Frank Coyle's stuff but he can be off, big time off. Like last year he thought that Greg Jones was one of the best backs in the draft.
  9. Deegym

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    Bill Parcells already said that he is not picking a cornerback high in the first round again. He said with the rule changes against the DB, he said it's not worth picking up a corner that high (ie Terrance Newman).
  10. Kevlee06

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    There's a big difference in giving a CB $13 million signing bonus and using the 20th pick on a CB and spending $4/5 million signing bonus.
  11. Deegym

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    Im talking about picking a corner at #11. I think Bill will not select a corner with the #11 pick, even if Rolle is there.
  12. jterrell

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    Dude, are you serious?
    Volek passed for like 300 yards a game and plenty of TDs while the crappy secondary kept getting torched and the RB kept limping off the field.

    Volek may not be great but he is probably their 3rd or 4th best offensive player and they could have McNair back at neat full strength as well.

    The Tits need CBs, DL, OL in a major way.
  13. Oh_Canada

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    I loved Volek last off-season as a future Cowboy, but our genius coach had such a hard-on for the incomperable Vinny Testaverde that he chose to completely ignore him even at a bargain rate.
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    This guy knows nothing. Tampa needs a balanced back, so they'd draft ronnie brown. DOlphins are gonna take CED at #2.

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