Crabtree has stress fracture in foot, out 10 weeks

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    Posted by Mike Florio on February 21, 2009, 6:05 p.m.

    Despite a stress fracture that will require surgery and a 10-week recovery period, Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree plans to delay the procedure until after his March 26 Pro Day workout, so that he can run for scouts, according to Adam Schefter of NFL Network.

    We’re not sure it’s the best decision, because delaying the surgery will leave Crabtree unavailable for much of the offseason program.

    Then again, not running the 40 could result in Crabtree losing millions in contract value, since the biggest question mark regarding his NFL potential is his straight-line speed.

    So now the risk is even greater, in our view. Because if Crabtree doesn’t blow scouts away on March 26, his lack of speed coupled with the fact that he won’t be available to participate in the T-shirts-and-shorts practices during which much of the offense for the coming season is installed could cause him to plunge even farther.
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    wow..that's surprising. I could see this guy fall out of the first now..
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    You're joking, right?

    There's plenty of film on him, he'll never fall that far.
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    Crabtree has been hobbled by injury off-and-on, since late in his freshman year and it was the deciding factor in why he came out with 2 years of college experience under his belt.

    He knows it, scouts surely by now know it, and it is the epitome of why I think taking any player before he's proved he can take 3-4 years punishment as a starter at the major college level, is foolhardy at best.

    I'd avoid him like the plague as anything above a mid-range 2nd-rounder.
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    LOL Deciding factor???

    That and millions of dollars, I guess....LOL
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    True, so why is he running?
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    I'd jump on him like a fat kid on cake if he was anywhere near the 2nd round. Top 5 pick unless his injuries are severe.
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    Texas Tech-ex Crabtree upset with report about foot injury

    05:37 PM CST on Saturday, February 21, 2009
    By RICK GOSSELIN / The Dallas Morning News

    INDIANAPOLIS – The draft stock of two-time Biletnikoff Award winner Michael Crabtree took an apparent hit Saturday when his physical at the NFL scouting combine turned up a stress fracture in his left foot.

    NFL sources said Crabtree, the former Texas Tech and Carter star, would need surgery to place a pin in his foot and would be sidelined for 10 weeks. That would put him out of action until early May – and the draft is April 25.

    So Crabtree would not be able to provide NFL teams with a clocking in the 40-yard dash. NFL teams are paranoid about drafting a player without his full workout numbers – and speed is a minor concern about Crabtree.

    But the Tech All-America bristled at the report. Crabtree said he did not plan to have surgery and that he planned on running a 40 at his private workout March 26.

    "I don't know where that report came from," Crabtree said. "It [stress fracture] has been there for about a year and it's never caused me any pain. I can play with it the rest of my life. It won't stop me from running. I'm going to run."

    Crabtree was rated as the best wide receiver in the 2009 draft and a potential top-5 pick. But his ability to run – and run fast – will determine how high he goes in the first round. One NFL observer said it is not a major setback.

    "It's still very early in the process," Buffalo Bills vice president of personnel Tom Modrak said. "Those that really get a guy are when it's late, right before the draft, because then [NFL teams] don't have a chance to examine it close enough.

    "But if you need additional medical information now, you have time to get it. You have time to satisfy yourself."

    Others felt the stress fracture causes a red flag.

    "He's not going to play any time soon, as I see it," Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith said. "It's not a career-ending injury or anything like that. He's a good football player. He has got plenty of time to get well. I don't think it'll hurt him a lot."

    Crabtree played two seasons at Texas Tech before deciding to skip his final two seasons of eligibility to turn pro. He leaves Tech as the school's all-time leading receiver with 231 catches and ranks eighth in NCAA history with 41 touchdown receptions despite playing just 26 games.

    Staff writer Todd Archer contributed to this report.
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    I really like this guy, and would definantly trade up for him if he fell past the top 10. We'd have a dude who could be our number 1 for years to come, and for the next few seasons having him next to Roy would be amazing. I'd easily drop TO for him.

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