Craziest Athletes in College Football (Local Favorite is #1)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MidEastBeastL337, May 8, 2012.

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    Take a look at number 1, I've been seeing people on numerous occasions say we should take a chance on him.. I didn't realize he was so strong! I'm an SMU Student and see him walking around all the time. He's big, but he's not necessarily filled out like you'd think someone that strong would be... Probably just because he's so tall.

    It's not hard to spot him, you can see him on the other side of the boulevard from Dallas hall.
  2. RamziD

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    Those are some impressive numbers. No doubt people will be salivating over his combine results next year :)
  3. Chocolate Lab

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    Very cool list. Good post.

    Interesting that Jay was the Auburn power clean record holder.
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    Keep us posted on what happens this fall at SMU.
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    Yep, my pet cat - I've mentioned him several times.

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    Hunt will probably be 300 pounds next year. Sounds like an excellent candidate to play the five technique.
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    yeah but i wonder how much of these numbers actually hold up at the nfl combine. If he runs a 4.6 at 280lbs than he will be a high first rounder (if it shows up on tape).
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    With the loss of Coale and Boykin, hopefully this is the year Marcus Davis puts it all together. As this article states, he certainly has all the athletic ability you could ever want.
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    He should be fun to watch this year. He grew up in Estonia, and didn't play football until he got to college. He was at SMU for track & field (shot, discus), for which he got a couple of junior gold medals in world competitions. He is an athlete first, football player second. He is still learning the game, and his body is filling in still. I watched all his games last season, and he got better every week. I can't wait to see his improvement this coming season. It should be fun to watch. High ceiling with this guy... which is good, since he is 6'7" with a 36" vertical jump. (ba-dum-tsssss).
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    Lol... Yeah I would have never thought he could be thought of as a first rounder with the lack of football experience... but after reading his numbers you never know.

    By the way, this guys arms are so long that they don't look very thick, and you'd never guess that he could do 35 reps of 225. I noticed the other day that his arms are shredded and veiny but just didn't look real big for some reason. Guess I was wrong, :D. And with how long his arms are, the fact that he could push that much weight means he's going to be incredibly powerful too. Guys with shorter arms generally can do more reps but don't generate as much power... This guy's gonna bring the wood when he gets into the league.
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    They are big enough...

  12. Wimbo

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    Here is his Compass Bowl game against Pitt. #92

  13. MidEastBeastL337

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    I can't wait to see how he plays next year.... On a separate note, don't you hate how the Steelers and Redskins keep poaching all our guys? Redskins got Aldrick Robsinson last year and Josh LeRibeus this year, Steelers got Chris Banjo and Beach this year, along with having Emmanuel already.
  14. supercowboy8

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    The two I'm the most interested in are

    Blaize Foltz, TCU, OG: The Horned Frogs O-line had a Freak a few years back in agile giant Marcus Cannon (a 350-pounder who could do a double front flip off a diving board.) Foltz, a first-team All-MWC guard in 2011, doesn't possess that kind of flexibility, but he's probably as strong as any man in college football. The 6-4, 310-pound movement science major benches 580 pounds, squats 800, incline benches 530 and has cleaned 430. "Honestly, we've gotten to a point where we stop him now for safety sake," says TCU O-line coach Eddie Williamson. "He could probably do even more than what those numbers indicate if we didn't."

    Margus Hunt, SMU, DE/KB: The native of Estonia sounds like a PlayStation football creation: A 6-foot-8, 280 pounder with an 82-inch wingspan. Yet despite those long arms, he can still bench 225 35 times, and his coach, SMU track coach Dave Wollman, predicts Hunt will rep it 45 times next year at the NFL combine and clock a 4.60 40-yard dash. Hunt has cleaned 384 pounds, snatched 345 and vertical jumped 36 inches. "He's off-the-scale powerful," said Wollman. "On that kind of frame, seeing the cleans and the snatch go that high to the ceiling, it is amazing."
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    I don't consider Goodwin a crazy athlete. He has great speed, but is a small guy. I would take a guy who is a step slower, but is larger. I also don't think Goodwin has great lateral agility, which I prefer more than just straight line speed.
  16. Wimbo

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    exactly. I noticed that, too. Our arch enemies are picking players out of the Cowboys back yard. Not cool.
  17. Primetime42

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    Explains a lot if you think about it.
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    I wonder what is the fastest forty by a guy over 280 lbs?

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