Crazy kick return idea...just throwing it out there.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dale, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Dale

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    A lot of us are griping about our kick return game. Parcells has even fussed a little.

    Considering we now also have Marion Barber in the backfield and Julius Jones isn't the only guy capable of producing (not to mention he seems to be amidst a slump of a season), would you consider putting Julius on kick returns, where he excelled in college? Even if only on a part-time basis?

    Just wondering, since we are finally using Newman on punt returns on a part-time basis, despite his value to the defense.
  2. conner01

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    i'm not sure he has fully recovered from the ankle problem so no.
  3. cowboy4322

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    I wouldn't mind seeing this, I have followed JJ since his ND days (I'm a ND diehard fan), he was very good at returning kicks. I think it should only be on a part time basis though.
  4. RXP

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    If Jones was fully healthy, I would consider it. But I think his ankle is still hurting. He just doesn't have the explosion he had last year, and I think it's because of his ankle.

    Under these conditions, I doubt he would be any better than Thompson.
  5. Dale

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    True. Very good point.
  6. Chuck 54

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    They must still think Thompson is our best option...maybe we're not blocking it well because Tyson does stick it up in there behind the wedge...there just don't seem to be many openings lately.

    Copper is already back there with him, I think....I wouldn't mind seeing Copper run one or two back. I don't necessarily think the problem is Thompson....I think he's sticking it up in there behind the wedge, as called for, but he's looking around for a crease, wanting to pop one....I'm sure if the coaching staff wanted him to hit it harder or deviate from the wedge, they'd tell him and even make him inactive if they weren't happy with it...after all, it's not like he's dressing for any other reason these days.
  7. Cowboy Junkie

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    I like Thomas doing it , sure he has some improvement to make ,but he seems to have sure hands and gets going in a hurry.
    Wish he would make some people miss though and break some big ones,
    Hopfully with more experience.
  8. wsmith_1972

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    He needs to find the right hole to hit...seems like he keeps picking the wrong hole.
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    Crazy Reporters and their crazy Ideas. ;) :p:

    As the others have said...if he was fully healthy then chances are he would be running better now...and if health is the question then it might not be wise to move him to that other duty as he would not be going at 100%
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    If he were healthy, I sure would, Dale... Let's get our best weapons on the field. But I doubt he'd be very effective in his current state. :(
  11. joseephuss

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    Maybe a solution is that the lot of you should stop complaining. :D

    If Julius were healthy, I could see him being put back there a time or two. I think Thompson has improved a little over the season. Next season he may be even better. Of course next season, T.O. will be in Dallas returning kicks, playing receiver, rushing the passer and everything else. :lmao2:
  12. Hiero

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    I agree for this reason. If he was the JJ of last year where he was hard to tackle and made people miss it wouldnt be a bad idea for big games. He is still injured though, so no point risking further injury.
  13. Chuck 54

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    I'm getting a little sick of the unsubstantiated excuse that JJ isn't healthy. What a load of BS.

    Since when did Parcells play guys who aren't healthy? Did you see what he had to say about Henry? Parcells said that it has nothing to do with his injury, that he's full strength, he just had a bad game. Even Henry said it was about rust and getting used to the speed of the game again.

    With MBIII doing what he's doing and Thompson waiting in the wings to continue the contributions he was making earlier in the year, what earthly reason would Parcells have for starting Julius Jones if he wasn't healthy? That's just a crazy notion...It's not like he's the only guy we have and he's crawling out there to try and help us make the playoffs.

    JJ wasn't running well at any time this least not comparable to last year. Call it rust from the injury if you want, but stop talking about him not being healthy...that's an excuse.

    Jones has serious guess is that he's not going to get back to form at all this season...He'll either step up to the plate next year, or he'll be on the bench.
  14. notherbob

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    Healthy is a relative term - especially this time of year.
  15. TEK2000

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    Terrence Newman played most of last season when he wasn't healthy... So much for BP not playing guys that aren't healthy. This was never revealed during the season either.

    You're claim that Julius is fully healthy is just as unsubstantiated as people saying he isn't healthy. We need to talk to the team doctors and Julius himself.

    Please keep in mind that its a BAD idea to let the other team know that you're cornerback is not at full health/speed. KC came out throwing at Henry on their first 2 plays of the game... want to take a wild guess why they may have done that?
    Things like that are exactly why Bill Parcells plays mind games with his injury reports.
  16. baj1dallas

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    I'm not convinced JJ could to it better than TT but I certainly don't think it's a bad idea to at least consider.
  17. HDC

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    While TT has not run one back all the way and has only a couple of long ones, he seems consistently bring it out across the thirty. We haven't been stopped inside the twenty much (at all?), and our only bad field position on KO returns was early in the season because of penalties.

    I'll take outside the thirty consistently over inside the twenty sometimes and beyond the forty others. I believe Parcells' criticism was of KO coverage not returns, and he mildly complimented our KO returns at least twice in press conferences.
  18. RCowboyFan

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    Well I guess Jerry Jones must be lieing to cover up Julius's ineptness then, when he says Julius Ankle is still not 100%. :rolleyes:

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