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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by muck4doo, Apr 28, 2013.

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    I have a neighbor downstairs who has been itching for a fight since she moved in. I never play music at night, but have played it in the past during the day, and she complained. So I've made sure the volume was way down, and about 2 hours ago she was slamming the ceiling with a broom or something. I went downstairs to her place, and didn't change any settings. I asked her what the problem was, and she told me she could hear it. It was barely audible to hear the bass. Audible? Yes. But you had to be listening for it. Told her she was full of crap, and there is nothing wrong with playing music in the afternoon, then she slammed the door in my face promising to complain to my apartment manager. Just got done writing my apartment manager, but am still so mad. Do people really move to Austin expecting peace and quiet. Wish she would go find a quiet cemetery instead. I've been here about 5 years, and no one ever complained before. As a matter of fact the guy who lived there before would play music at 3 in the morning, and the bass would put me to sleep.If she's not out soon, this is going to end up badly.
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    Play her some Kenny G and sweeten the mood or something. :p:
  3. muck4doo

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    Not gonna even go there at what will finally give her peace. Can't believe some people think their whole mission in life is to make others as miserable as possible, but there it is. Thought I escaped that moving from upstate NY. Arlington VA and the San Francisco Bay Area, but here it is in Austin as well. Maybe I'm dragging them with me. Still won't call them the word i want to call them.
  4. CowboyFan74

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    Send her an anonymous box of chocolates.....
  5. Questfor6

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    I have neighbors that have called my employer to tell them I was speeding on my road, yes not cops but my boss. The day after they called she called me in her office to laugh about the whole thing. They've also called the cops on me as well and they like my boss laughed over how over-sensitive these people were being. So if I was in your shoes I'd crank it up til someone of authority told me different.
  6. muck4doo

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    I like the way you think *puts on best Sam Kinison Face*
  7. muck4doo

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    Sounds exactly like my neighbor.
  8. dexternjack

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    If you think that is crazy neighbor, wait until you move into a neighborhood, especially with HOA rules. There will also be that crazy, nosy female that claims she is head of the neighborhood watch. Nothing you do will go unnoticed and an untimely trash can removal might lead to a fine :laugh2:
  9. RastaRocket

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    I dread ever having to deal with that crap. My parents just moved and their neighborhood has HOA; some lady was already campaigning for them to help her get approved to build a shed. She's been wanting a shed for years now.


    Or just build the damn shed, and paint it neon green.
  10. CliffnMesquite

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    She may be a day sleeper/works at night. If so she can't expect total quiet during the day. I sleep during the day and have for years and you do hear everything. Just have to get used to it.
  11. muck4doo

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    Funniest part is we live right next to I-35 in Austin. Constant noise coming from there.
  12. Phoenix

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    Heh, I've been on both sides of this. I've slammed the ceiling before with a broom when upstairs neighbors were blaring music until like 2 AM (and this was not a one time thing)...

    I've also been on the receiving end when just watching TV past 10 PM.

    If you're in apartments, you just can't be over-sensitive to noise. You CAN'T get away from it. Your neighbor needs to have an epiphany. Next time she does the banging thing and you don't think you are out of line, tell her to call the management office right then.

    Or, just send her an anonymous horse head.
  13. panchucko

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    Try getting your sub wooffer of the floor, that is what my buddy used to do.
  14. joseephuss

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    I can hear your music from my place. Turn it down.
  15. Future

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    That's what I've always done. It'll affect sound quality a little bit, but if you're not listening to it loud anyways it shouldn't be a big deal.
  16. ninja

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    1) I've had much worse neighbors, much worse. Neighbors vandalized my house, wrote racist graffiti on my steps (my wife is Asian), tried to rip my downspouts off, goofball neighbors even sat on my porch step whenever they wanted and frowned when they had to move as I was entering my house, etc. And the neighbors' children were just as bad if not worse.

    2) What does she look like? And can you beat her boyfriend/husband up?

    3) Not a good idea to go down and talk to a neighbor banging on the ceiling. All kind of psychos out there and many packing some automatic weapon of mass destruction.
  17. Nomad

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    Some people complain just because they technically can, not because anything is honestly bothering them.
  18. trickblue

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    Had the same thing happen to me a few years back...

    Once when the lady complained the manager came to my apartment... at night... to see how loud it was...

    She said it was at a very reasonable level but I had to to turn it even further down since she was complaining...

    I hate those kind of neighbors...
  19. khiladi

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    Was she hot is the real question....
  20. erickb

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    Is she Hot? Crazy hot woman are fun :bow: if not start complaining that you can hear her breath. My neighbor and I use to get into it every day, he even honk at the cops that where blocking his driveway as they cleared my house from a burglary in process! So yea I can deal with crazy

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