crazy piano prodigy

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Bob Sacamano

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    only 6 years old!

  2. Hostile

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    Wow. I loved that.
  3. bbgun

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    Damn, Bob. Now you're being outshined by six-year-olds.
  4. masomenos

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    Absolutely amazing.
  5. FloridaRob

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    I have played the piano since I was 14 and I never could make it sound like that. That gal has a special, special, gift.
  6. VietCowboy

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    thanks for sharing, that was beautiful.
  7. Joe Rod

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    Wow, just wow!
  8. lewpac

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    I always wanted to be able to play the piano. My wife too............

    That's why our three kids all play the piano. They all started at around 4 years old. My oldest (13) is very, very good. My boy (11) and the baby girl (9) also started at four years old.

    But I gotta' tell ya' much as I love my kids and I'm proud of them, THIS kid is indeed a prodigy. My eldest kid can play "sorta' like this. But she's 13 and has had all those lessons. THIS is something a lot different.

    Her mom seems like she's got it under control as well. This kid is gonna' be rich and famous.............
  9. CATCH17

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    I am so glad my parents never made me take piano lessons.
  10. JohnMarshall12

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    She is talented no doubt about it. However, there is something very messed up about a 6 year old that is eager to play the piano. I hope the parents aren't pushing her to hard to use the Piano. It is important for kids to have a childhood and hope she doesn't have to sacrifice hers.
  11. lewpac

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    I don't get this at all..................

    It's not "messed up" for a kid to want to play an instrument. Six year olds are little people, and people of all ages and stripes and sizes have "eagerness" toward one thing or another. Even if it's "eager" to sit around and do nothing all day.

    Trying to liken a kid playing piano to kids with "Tennis Fathers" who push and push their kid in a sport (which I'm guessing is your angle), I think is way off base and not even close. Like I said earlier, each of my three kids all started piano lessons when they were four years old. It takes an hour a week per kid..............THAT'S NOT "PUSHING" a kid or psycho-damaging a kid.

    Is going to school 7-8 hours a day "pushing your kid"? How about teaching them to pick up after themselves or a take little responsibility around the house? What about little chores?

    Playing music and math are kindred with regard to the following: You make the most minor of an error in any mathematic equation, and the whole thing crashes down. You miss ONE NOTE playing an instrument, and the WHOLE audience knows it. Both teach kids to think cognativley and pro-active problem solving. Makes their little brains work and become stronger mentally. The difference is, is that playing music is FUN TOO! And can be very rewarding and provide a sense of accomplishment for a kid.

    It's been over nine years of piano for our eldest kid. 7 and 6 years respectively for the other two. We've never heard one peep of complaining or whining or "I don't want to" stuff about taking piano lessons or playing the instrument. And, as we all know, kids are FULL of that stuff about a lot of things. My kids are no different. They all have their little things that they "don't wanna" do, and mope and complain about whatever their little peeve is THIS TIME! But never have I heard a negative word from any of them about the piano thing.

    You know, God forbid that a parent directs their child toward certain things, and then has the chutzpah to support and encourage them in it! I got into it once with one of my wifes "modern" freinds. Her thing is that one must NEVER, EVER even so much as HINT as to what their child should do, think, persue, etc.............That's "damaging" the child in her opinion. According to her, parents must simply allow their kids to run free without any direction or teaching, correction or guidance. And you certainly NEVER choose for your child a sport or an instrument or a hobby. No, that will scar your child for life!!

    We're not controlling parents or over-the-top dictators in any way. In fact, our kids are probably more "spoiled rotten" than not in other peoples eyes. I have yet to lay a hand on any of them, and probably never will. But I disagree with the idea that, putting your kid in front of a piano and seeing what happens is in any way "pushing" or abusing your kid.

    This little six year old girl seems perfectly adjusted and fine to me. Her mom even said that all she wants for child is "for her to be happy". Sorry for the rant, but this just hit a nerver with me. Maybe because my kids play the piano and I'd take it personally if, if one of them really excelled at it, that somehow they were "pushed" and folks should worry about them.
  12. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    Wonders like never cease to amaze me. A little person like this may possess a mathmatical ability also since music is based on math.

    Totally love it!

  13. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    If you saw the video, which I guess you did...she found that talent on her own.

    But, yeah, she might grow up to be a hooker if her parents push her too hard!
  14. xWraithx

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    hahah she's really cute
  15. JohnMarshall12

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    I think everyone agrees she is talented. But you only get to be a kid once and a lot talented kids in a ton of different pursuits have regretted they did not have a more well rounded childhood. If the kids want this for themselves that is fine; however, if they are doing this to appease their parents that can be a dangerous road to go down. Childhood is one of the best times for a person to learn about what things they like. Kids should do some experimenting in different hobbies and activities to see what all is out there and determine what they really like and enjoy. This will help them later on in life. It is not like a talented person at age 6 is just going to lose their ability altogether by adding a little diversity in their activities. Also, if a child truly wants something, they will always gravitate back to it anyway.

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