Crocodile Mock - 2.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Avery, Mar 15, 2011.

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    In my second installment of a top ten mock, a few changes are in order. It's such a strange year at the top where any number of guys could be the #1 pick. That being said, I think it will ultimately come down to the QB's. With a possible new CBA on the horizon and a rookie salary cap a definite possibility, I think teams will be more willing to move up in the draft. Don't rule out some major movement early and often.

    That being said, I mock no trades though I can forsee some happening.

    1. Carolina - Cam Newton. I've forseen Newton being an option for a while but have never taken the plunge due to questions. However, I think Carolina's new coaching staff has no emotional attachment to Clausen and Newton's ceiling is to enticing to pass up. Look for him to start early.

    2. Denver - Marcell Dareus. It's going to come down to him or Peterson at #2. I think Denver will go with the theory that if they can put some more pressure on opposing QB's that they can get by with their current rotation. Dareus has arguably had the best offseason of any prospect.

    3. Buffalo - Nick Fairley. Buffalo always has a tendency to march to their own beat in the first round. They have lots of options available including Gabbert, but they decide to play it closer to the vest and go with Fairley to hopefully wreck some havoc in the AFC East.

    4. Cincinnati - AJ Green. What a freaking mess. I don't think they'll go QB regardless of what Palmer is saying (though I believe him to be dead serious about hanging it up). Green was the consensus pick a month ago and I'm ready for him to return back to this position.

    5. Arizona - Von Miller. I'm not wavering on this pick, it simply makes too much sense. Aside from his moronic co-sign on moronic lawsuits, he's the right player at the right time for the right team.

    6. Cleveland - Daquan Bowers. I don't think his knee problems will ultimately affect him too much. It may give a team pause, but they'll do their homework by looking at his tape and realizing that he can be a force off the edge which is something Cleveland sorely needs (along with everything else really).

    7. San Francisco - Blaine Gabbert. If Luck were in this draft, 49ers would be on the horn asking Carolina daily what they want. However, he's not so Harbaugh goes with someone he formerly tried to recruit in Gabbert. He could be a franchise player, but I don't see it myself. The Niners have to start somewhere and Troy/Alex Smith are not the answers.

    8. Tennessee - Patrick Peterson. Yes, I know it pains you to see Peterson come so close, but it also goes to show you that it's a possibility (although a weak one). With no QB left considering nor a definitive DE, the Titans take arguably the best prospect in the draft at #8. Not bad.

    9. Dallas - JJ Watt. I mocked him here last time and haven't seen a reason to drop him yet. Despite his combine performance, Prince Amukamara still generates some mixed feelings and although Tyron Smith is a consideration, they may consider him to much of a project at this juncture. Watt is widely liked by teams and, like Dareus, has had one of the best runs of any prospect in this draft. Trust me, Watt would not be the end of the world and will be a very servicable player.

    10. Washington - Julio Jones. I don't buy Jones going before Green, but I think Washington is in a great spot here. A team like the Rams could leapfrog them (trade down from #9 anyone?), but Jones makes a ton of sense for a team that needs to find someone to man the #1 WO position in DC.
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    I'd cry like a baby if we got that close and missed out.
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    Jerry and SF would have to talk on that one.
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    If Peterson falls to 6, which I don't think it happens, right it down Jerry will trade up.
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    You could very well see something like that a la Bryant last year. Out of all of the top ten teams, Cleveland seems to be the team most likely to drop down.

    I'd hate to lose a 3rd to move up, but I can take it for the right guy. I still think back to the Philly JV game and question my belief on always playing to win vs. losing graciously to set up a better chessboard.

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