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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by phildadon86, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Clove

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    I have no problems doing it every game if there are an amount of guys that just don't get to see the games for whatever reason. I have nothing better to do.
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  2. dallasfan4lizife

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    Why are Cowboys fans cannalbilizing each other?
  3. DCowboyz

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    No benching Dak for Romo fans tonight guys. They're all sleeping and wondering how Dak really is the future of this team. Did you guys realize our rookie QB had the 2nd highest completion rate in NFL history? And he's a rookie. Romo never did that. I love Romo but it's Dak's time.
  4. haleyrules

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    Yep. It shouldn't have even been close. The Cowboys should have blown them out. Garrett needs to get control of the penalties...he is a liability in that regard.
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  5. ka0tik

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    Dak w the highest completion % on a win this season of any qb.

    is that accurate?

    btw no crow for me ive backed dak all day everyday! and im no romo hater i own two jerseys of the man.. i just think its time to move on from a good qb who carried this team for a decade. things just didnt end up w a SB win w him.

    lets try to write a new one w these new triplets
  6. TX_Yid

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    I lost confidence during this game, I'll admit it. I'm an emotional fan, I have ups and downs I'm never surprised when the doody hits the fan, and nobody loves it more when we win.

    I love Dak, he's got a huge future, and I'll admit that I think Romo would do even more with this offense if he was in there, but I see no reason, and haven't since week 4 or 5 that we should take Dak out as starter... he's earned it.
  7. haleyrules

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    The club is 12-2...there is nobody else left to eat!L
  8. RingOfHonor88

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    Thanks. I've been looking for something new for awhile and just knew as soon as I saw it. :)
  9. toto1939

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    Yep...Dak caused Dez to slip on that first INT, Dez to cut off his route on the 2nd INT and to fumble the ball on the last possession.
  10. BoysfanfromCanada

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    I really disliked this board after that loss. Just how quickly everyone forgot everything Dak did because of a couple games, one which was a win vs the best D.

    Same people who wanted Morris to start over Zeke after the second Washington game
  11. plymkr

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    And Zeke is still screaming FEED ME, he's going to be getting fed all the way to the super bowl baby. This is our year. this is a magical year
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  12. WoodysGirl

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    For the record, folks always want to get rid of Dez. That's not gonna change. lol

    But I don't think a single person said to get rid of Dak..
  13. toto1939

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    Romo would have been 36/36 tonight [sarcasm]
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  14. knightrider94

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    People are more concerned with being right...
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  15. toto1939

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    well...other than Jerry
  16. mgcowboy

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    twas a garbage INT .. but a promise is a promise :D

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  17. Vero_F250

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    Cowboys win! 12-2!
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  18. xwalker

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    He put the ball right in the hands of Dez in the endzone and Dez couldn't come up with the catch. What's the point of wasting another throw?
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  19. haleyrules

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    Its more about emotional attachment. Thats hard to let go of.
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  20. Vintage

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    Let me help you.

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