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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by phildadon86, Dec 18, 2016.

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    Dak was absolutely horrible last week and below average the 2 before. There was nothing wrong with saying that you need to see what Romo has IF Dak had another bad game. But guess what? He didn't. And that's great! I'm a huge Romo homer but I'm thrilled that Dak proved all of us wrong tonight. Showed a crap-ton of poise and makes me really confident about his future.

    But threads like this serve no purpose other than to try and gloat that "my quarterback is better than yours na-na-na-na." Why even bother? Let's all be happy that Dak lit it up tonight and put the debate to rest. I know I am.
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    Good job. Cheers.
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  3. WoodysGirl

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    Jerry has NEVER said he wanted to get rid of Dak. C'mon man.. The man makes enough foolish statements than you actually creating some for him.
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    I've been behind the kid from the beginning, it's his team now and has been for awhile. I'm enjoying the heck out of this season and excited about the future. Win or lose in the playoffs this season has already been successful in my mind.

    For those not on the Dak bandwagon come aboard, it been a great ride and it's still picking up steam..
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    I think the term "questioning" is inaccurate. Changing quarter backs was the issue and has always been with the tulips.
    Thats always the tulips response get rid of Garrett,get rid of what ever needs work. not work on it and fix it.
    Get rid of it. It wont stop I know some are just difficult in the fox hole when bullets start flying.
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    We got a massive steal with Dak.
    Hopefully going to pay benefits for 10-15 years
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    Why can't any of us be on the Dak wagon and at the same time, think that maybe Romo would make this offense more deadly? It is a legitimate question to ponder.......

    I am happy that Dak stepped up and am behind him 100%. I also never jumped off his wagon but was getting concerned, still am to an extent.

    Save the replies of "what has Romo done" and such, heard them all :laugh:
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    I thought this was a 'crowd' thread, and was going to come in here and congratulate the crowd for actually being a crowd tonight.
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    Dak is stud. Will be for a long time. But I would be more than happy to get rid of Dez today. And that is regardless of whether the guy has a good game or two good games or 3 good games. In my opinion the guy is NOT worth what he is being paid. Plain and simple.

    Not saying he isnt a good player. Just not worth the money and the stupidity in my opinion. And for a team that is becoming a run first team, blowing 16 million per year on a mental head case, disappearing act receiver is a poor use of the salary cap.
  10. CowboyRoy

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    There is one thing that Romo would definitely make the offense. More risky, turnover prone. Im also thinking it would lose leadership and poise. And then what you Romo cry babies dont bother to consider is how going back to Romo would affect the chemistry. Then of course the brittle Romo may simply get killed or fall down and break something again. And then those rushing yards and rushing TD's from the QB would disappear. And certainly the running game would be affected as no one would have to account for Romo keeping the ball or rolling out.
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    There are ways to respond maturely.....this is not one of them. The only crybaby I see here is you :laugh:

    I am not out there whining and throwing fits, you will not find one post implying that. I am on record saying that taking Dak out would upset the chemistry, several times.

    Examples: <<<<<<< <<<<<<<

    There are many more, so please don't lump me in with the so-called "Romo lovers/Dak haters".
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    Yep there are more. Hence the plural version BABIES!!

    Anyone at this point that is still crying for Romo has to be a non Cowboy fan. How can ANYONE that loves the Cowboys NOT like every little ounce of success that Dak and the Cowboys are having? I was the biggest Romo fan ever, but I would never put the team before any one player. Romo had plenty of chances to get it done and sadly for all of us it never happened. Certainly not his fault as he was saddled with the hapless GM Jerry Jones and his horrid coaching picks of Wade and Garrett.

    But alas, even a clock is right two times a day and Jerry and his scouts REALLY nailed it this year. Combine that with some great first round picks the last 4 or 5 years and we are on to something. Something much bigger than Romo or some sore fans wanting to be proven right for the bad of the team.
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    Roy, you and I were always loyal to Romo but Dak is on another level. We are guys, we are only loyal as our options as far as Women and QB's go....LOL
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    Love Romo, but Dak is the better for the future. And the future is better starting now. Romo will be nice trade bait. Lets hope Jerry can get a first rounder for him.

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