Culpepper to the UFL

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Yeagermeister, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Culpepper reunites with former NFL coach Green on UFL team

    Associated Press

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Quarterback Daunte Culpepper is still playing professional football, albeit in the United Football League.

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    Culpepper, who made five starts and appeared in eight games last season for the Detroit Lions, signed with the Sacramento Mountain Lions on Monday. He will be reunited with former Minnesota Vikings coach Dennis Green, who is the Mountain Lions' coach.

    Culpepper, 33, said he wants to continue playing, adding that the UFL opportunity was something he couldn't resist.

    Culpepper has passed for 24,153 yards and 149 touchdowns with the Vikings, Lions, Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders.

    The Mountain Lions will begin minicamp Thursday -- in a high school stadium -- and Culpepper is expected to be in uniform.

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  2. Christiann

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    Wow..just thinking back maybe like 5 years ago this guy was a pretty good QB even though Minny had their ups and downs. Now he's in the UFL, that sucks pretty bad.
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    So if Culpepper plays well, does that mean he is who Green thought he was and will crown his ***?
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    Was it just playing with Moss in that dome that made him great?

    There was a year not too long ago where he was on par with Manning (statistically) and threw for 48 tds or something.

    How do you fall off that far, at only 33?
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    I beileve 2 ACL injuries will do it. His strength was to get away from sacks with his strength and speed, once he lost his legs his game went with it. I picked this guy every year in fantasy in his prime and I didnt care if i had the first pick or not. Every week he would end up with 275-300 yards passing/ 40-50 yards rushing and 2 or 3 tds.

    I caught the 2nd half of the UFL Superbowl and it was a good game. It even went in OT.
  6. kristie

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    i wish him luck in the UFL.
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    I don't think he hurt both ACLs. He did hurt his ACL, PCL and MCL in one knee, which is a very significant injury.
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    i like him all the more for it. could probably have gone somewhere and never seen the field for more money but has chosen to go and play. maybe i'm giving him more credit than i should but seems to me he's made his money and just wants to play
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    :starspin Living in Sacramento it's going to be interesting to watch - ULF football is better than NO football. And Dallas is a long way away.
    Also, is Dennis Green really who we thought he was?
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    I'm hoping for the unlikely possibility of Portland (OR) getting a USL team.
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    In the same year he lost his best receiver, offensive coordinator, and veteran pro bowl center (who made all the line calls). He ruined his knee after a disastrous two months of 2005 and never recovered.
  12. Yeagermeister

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    Madden curse :laugh2:

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