Curse of 0-2

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Sep 14, 2006.

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    An interesting post from research done by a regular reader. I wouldn't have thought the percentages were that low!
    How about some in season projections. Taking into account current record, remaining schedule and DVOA. Probability to win division, wild card, etc…

    If you have the patience to wait until next week, you can effectively write off the post- season hopes of the probably 8+/- teams that will end up 0-2. The chances that a team that starts 0-2 pulls it together are slim to none.

    2005 - 8 teams start 0-2, all no playoffs.
    2004 -7 teams start 0-2, all no playoffs.
    2003 - 8 teams start 0-2, only Eagles make playoffs (and do so as a 1st seed!).
    2002 - 8 teams start 0-2, only Falcons and Steelets make playoffs (Steelers 3rd seed, Falcons 6th seed)
    2001 - 9 teams start 0-2, only Patriots make playoffs (as a 2nd seed)
    2000 - 10 teams start 0-2, none make playoffs
    1999 - 8 teams start 0-2, none make playoffs
    1998 - 11 teams start 0-2, 3 make playoffs (Jets 2nd seed, Bills 5th seed, Cardinals 6th seed)
    1997 - 6 teams start 0-2, none make playoffs
    1996 - 10 teams start 0-2, 1 makes playoffs (Patriots 2nd seed)

    That’s 7 teams of 85 over 10 years, or 8% of teams starting 0-2.

    So for 8 or 9 teams, next Sunday, the playoff dream for 2006 essentially will already be over.
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    '93 Cowboys lost week one to the Bills (costly Aikman interception killed a game winning drive in the waning seconds... hm sounds familiar) and week two to the skins... but we also had a player named Emmitt Smith coming back to play in week 3
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    Sure, but I think circumstances were such that the addition of Emmitt was enough to turn the thing around completely.
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    Thanks for the stats.... but even without that knowledge... 0-2 in our division is just plain BAD.... major 8 ball
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    Well yeah, if you actually are a really good team theres no reason to think it cant be overcome.. it's just that most really good teams dont start out 0-2 in the first place.

    If you were a legit 12-4 or 13-3 type team to begin with it's not a deal breaker. If you were a 9-7 or 10-6 type team it likely is.

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