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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Apr 23, 2012.

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    This is my last mock 'til 2013. I'm always amazed, but not surprised, at how much players fall and rise after putting away their college shoulder pads for good. It must certainly is a reasons why the popularity of the draft has been rising every year. So without further delays, here we go ( no trades ):

    1. Colts - QB: Andrew Luck, Stanford
    any questions ?

    2. Deadskins - QB: Robert Griffin III, Baylor
    any questions part deux ?

    3. Vikings - WR: Justin Blackmon, Okla.St.
    I know about the call for Kalil here, but I'm going with my gut on this one and it hasn't changed since January.

    4. Browns - RB: Trent Richardson, Alabama
    After not being able to trade for RGIII, Richardson is a no brainer and not a bad " back up option ".

    5. Bucs - CB: Morris Claiborne, LSU
    Biggest weakness in TB last year was the defensive backfield. With this pick, it could become the biggest strength, or at least a strength.

    6. Rams - OT: Matt Kalil, USC
    I had Kalil going to the Rams at #2 if they hadn't trade down. The calls for Justin Blackmon to picked here ( if Kalil goes to the Vikes ) make sense on the surface, but the Rams do not have a legit LT on their roster. If not Kalil, I wouldn't be be surprised if Reiff is the choice here.

    7. Jags - WR: Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
    If Blackmon falls here, he'd be the pick. About 2 mocks ago, I had another WR going in the top 10, besides JB, knowing how some of them surprise every year. That receiver was Alshon Jeffery, though, and not Floyd, and it was to the Panthers. Floyd, imo, is this year's "Lazarus " because he was projected as an underachieving prospect with all name and no substance as early as January. Nevertheless, with his rep at an all time high now, he'd be exactly what the Jags need for Gabbert.

    8. Dullphins - OT: Riley Reiff, Iowa
    Yea, I know about Tannehill and the Dullphins needing a QB for the future. However, almost like the Rams, the Dullphins don't have a RT on the roster other than Murtha who's coming off an injury. I've said this before, Reiff would not only be a starting RT, but he might be a starting LT with Long moving over to his more natural position at RT.

    9. Panthers - DT/DE: Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State
    There might be some disappointing Panthers fans with this pick because they'd prefer local product Quinton Coples. However, there's a reason why Coples has fallen out of the top 10 and why Cox has shot up to that spot. That reason is " energy " ( one has plenty the other one lacks at times ) and that's why this would be a smart pick by Carolina.

    10. Bills - OLB: Melvin Ingram, So.Carolina
    Match made in heaven. If they make this pick, Buffalo will certainly have the " dawgs " to get after Tom Brady. TB is not going to have a good night sleep the night before they play the Bills.

    11. Chiefs - NG: Dontari Poe, Memphis
    Perhaps the 2nd team rooting for the most for the Browns to get RGIII was KC because that would have meant Richardson falling to them. However, since that's not going to be the case, Poe is not a bad second option. The Chiefs currently don't have a NG on the roser worth typing his name ( I'm serious ). Poe's athletic prowess in the combines, and his massive size, is exactly what the doctor ordered for Crennel's defense.

    12. Seahawks - DE: Whitney Mercilus, Illinois
    In my last mock I projected this pick and I haven't changed my mind, yet. The fact that Coples is still available might make a difference, though, but I'll stick with Mercilus here.

    13. Cardinals - CB: Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama
    I'll freely admit there's a " hint " of wishful thinking on this one from my part. However, after that " hint ", there's a whole lot of " makes a ton of sense ". Think about this: side A - Patrick Peterson. Side B - Dre Kirkpatrick. Be honest, how many of you wouldn't LOVE to have this scenario for the Cowboys if it was possible ? For all the talk of AZ taking a QB ( not likely ) or an O-lineman ( SHUT UP ! ) Dre K is the logical choice here.

    14. Cowboys - OG: David DeCastro, Stanford
    DeCastro is the reason why I want AZ to do the right thing, which is to take DreKirk. I don't need to go into details as to WHY this is a no brainer for Dallas, so I won't. Just 3 words for Jerry: MAKE IT SO !

    15. Beagirls - DE: Quinton Coples, NC
    If the rumors are true about Filthadelphia being interested in Brocker, then they'd love the fact that Coples fell to their laps. Luke Kuechly would be the more natural pick here, and it could very well be, BUT Coples is too good to pass up at this point.

    16. J-E-T-S - S: Mark Barron, Alabama
    Much like Buffalo's pick of Ingram, this would be a perfect fit and the Jets would be static to find Barron at this point.
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    17. Bengals ( from Raiders ) - CB: Stephon Gilmore, So.Carolina
    Cinci are going to be a bit disappointed that Kirkpatrick is gone, but this consolation prize is not too shabby.

    18. Chargers - G/T: Cordy Glenn, Georgia
    Another perfect fit. Glenn can play RT and OG, which is exactly what the Chargers need for their injury devastated O-line.

    19. Bears - DT: Michael Brockers, LSU
    Brockers should develop into a dominating inside force, eventually, under Smith's defense.

    20. Titans - MLB: Luke Kuechly, Boston College
    Kuechly is the type of MLB that thrive under Jeff Fisher's style of D. I know Fisher is in St.Louis now, but the Titans defensive philosophy is still the same. Having said that, I had them reaching for WR Stephen Hill on my last mock and it was before they brought Hill in for a visit, so he could still be a possibility.

    21. Bengals - WR: Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech
    With Jerome Simpson off somewhere else, the Bengals would be making a slight reach here, but it would be worth it. Green is the goto guy, but Hill's speed and size would keep defenses from rolling over to him.

    22. Browns ( from ATL ) - QB: Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M
    Finally the Browns got their QB of the future. Tannehill is a project and definitely not RGIII, but there's upside to work with. Holmgren might even see some Favre in Ryan.

    23. Lions - OT: Jonathan Martin, Stanford
    The Lions would be absolutely thrilled if they find Martin at this spot. That card would be at the podium in about 2 seconds after their clock starts.

    24. Steelers - OLB: Shea McClellin, Boise State
    Perfect Steeler player. Need not say anymore.

    25. Broncos - TE: Coby Fleener, Stanford
    This is the part of the draft when players that are " targeted " for the 2nd round start to go. Who was Peyton's " warm blanket " in Indy for a good portion of his career ? A: Dallas Clark. Ironically, Clark himself was taken around this area of the draft when he came out and Fleener could very well be another Clark.

    26. Texans - WR: Ruben Randle, LSU
    Mr. Johnson's injury ( and yes, MISTER is respect for 'dre ) raised some serious flags as to how thin the Texans are at the receiver position.

    27. Patriots ( from the Saints ) - DE: Nic Perry, USC
    Pass rusher, pass rusher, pass rusher.. BUT they'll probably trade this pick, as always.

    28. Packers - OLB: Andre Branch, Clemson
    Branch could really flourish in that defense.

    29. Ravens - OLB/DE: Courtney Upshaw, Alabama
    This is what I call a mutal beneficial association. Upshaw could really develop into a very good player under Ray-Ray supervision and the Ravens could find the pass rusher they needed at times last year.

    30. 49ers - DT: Jerel Worthy, Michigan ST.
    Strick a best player available situation here. The 49ers can go into many different directions with this pick, including trading it. Worthy helps an already strong defense up the middle.

    31. Patriots - DT/DE: Devon Still, Penn St
    Who am I kiddin' ? We all know they're going to trade this pick to some sucker..errr. I mean " interested party " for another #1 next year. However, if by some miracle they do not, Still is the type of player that Bilicheat loves to have on his team.

    32. Giants - OT: Mike Adams, Ohio St.
    The pot thing would probably slide Adams to around this range. The Giants need to rebuild an aging O-line, and this is a good start, along with last year's 4th round pick ( and personal pet cat ), James Brewer.
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    I would absolutely hate to see McClellan be a Steeler.

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