Cut Morgan if the Price is right

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Muhast, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Muhast

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    If Peerless Price is released, i'd much rather have him over Morgan. AT least Price can catch. Im not saying he has great hands, but he did well when he was with Bledsoe in Buff. Also, Morgan can't even catch a cold. lol, if Price will play reletively cheap i'd like him as a third option
  2. Galian Beast

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    QUITE FRANKLY I agree.

    I would like to have Peerless Price here instead of Quincy Morgan, and wouldn't be opposed to making the trade, instead of just waiting for him to be released.

    Peerless Price would give us a true 3rd receiver. And he did extremely well with Bledsoe before.
  3. Dale

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    I was a proponent for acquiring Price earlier this off-season. As a backup, I think he could contribute with Bledsoe throwing the ball. However, where does he fit in? Would he sign here as a fourth option? Surely he'd have better offers elsewhere. And I don't think I'd prefer a 30-something Price to Crayton at this point, to be honest.

    If the question was, "Would you trade Morgan for Price," I'd say yes. But if both are released and available, I don't see Price eyeying a backup role here.
  4. montgod

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    Count me in too...I wouldn't mind the Boys signing him to a one year deal to see if he can regain the magic with Bledsoe. Even in his demise in Atl, he still has been respectful and a better teammate than Morgan has in his one year here. How you ask? By keeping his mouth shut!! :)
  5. Galian Beast

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    I don't know where Price would start in this league. And he would have to like his options in Dallas. With Bledsoe, and with Glenn being an injury away from missing the season.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    That is 2 if's that probably just won't happen. Hey anything could happen. He won't last long in the open market should Atlanta let him go.

    On the other hand, what if we signed Price AND kept Morgan? Something to think about. Morgan did score last night for what it's worth. Also, will Price play special teams? Lots to consider.

  7. Galian Beast

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    Morgan also cost us a touchdown last night.

    Morgan isn't a special teams wonder by any means.

    Key, Glenn, Price, Crayton, Copper, Crowder
  8. Muhast

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    Well, they said on ESPN, Price may be on his way out b/c of how well Roddy white and Jenkins are playing. No one pays a wr 4.5 mil or so a year to come in as the #1 catch for around 800 yards 2 season, and the next year not even start
  9. Cheap Shot Artist

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    Once we get beyond the 3rd WR, ST's are the only way to catch on

    This being said, Troy Edwards a better option because of his return ability

    Edwards @ 4 then Copper and Crowder

    All 6 WR's are on active roster
  10. Cheap Shot Artist

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    Price goes right in @ 3?

    Heck the guy will take time just to learn the system...
  11. Galian Beast

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    He'd probably be originally a 4th. Until he proves himself reliable in game time situations. He is a bit of a dropper himself.
  12. Sifillest

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    i wouldnt put price in here over crayton off the break, i mean crayton has shown me a lot in the preseason and even flashes last year, while price was relayively quiet....and say what you want about vicks passing(which IS innacurate) but the guy can throw long bombs all day,and supposedly price is pretty fast...he should have done pretty well but he culdnt earn vicks confidence.....i dont know how price would fit in here....he could be considered injury prone and stuff....i dont know man i think its a gamble i like crayton....rather not sign price unless he comes at a bargain bin tag and save up that cap room for crayton in teh event he has a nice year(for a 3rd stringer)but i certainly like price over copper for the number 4 spot if hes willing to play there...and as pretty much the primary glenn backup...
  13. Bobo

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    If he comes at a good price, I'd jump on it. No pun intended :)

    Price and Drew should have some chemistry, they had 1,000+ yard chemistry before. Just because Crayton is having a good camp and preseason, he's still a late round pick who's caught 12 passes so far.....I can't get too excited about that and definitely can't say I'd prefer him over Price. I'd prefer a good vet like Price be brought in and let the best man win the #3.

    And Price is only 2 1/2 years older than Crayton, he's no Jerry Rice :cool:
  14. John813

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    Exactly, he wouldn't come here to be backing up anyone in Dallas, but I would like him here since him and Bledsoe did well together in Buffalo.

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