Cutler/Young at 12-15

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by calicowboy54, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. calicowboy54

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    With the draft order and teams that need QBs. If Jay Cutler or Vince Young Drop to the 12-15 range do we make the play and trade up 4 spots to take the QB of the futer? Second if we do what do you think it will take to move up and get one of them.
  2. theogt

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    I think the chances of that happening are right around 2.4%.
  3. thewivil

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  4. Cajuncowboy

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    I wouldn't trade up for Vince Young but I would for Cutler. Will be a better QB down the road. Vince Young has Michael Vick written all over him.
  5. HardHittin'Witten

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    you're being generous with that percentage.
  6. jja050575

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    I would rather wait until the later rounds and get Charlie Whitehurst, and keep the 1st and 2nd round for a big play linebacker, and offensive lineman.
  7. CrazyCowboy

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    It will not up that is!
  8. theogt

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    Thats the percentage chance of BP having a stroke between now and April 28.
  9. Cowboy4ever

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    NO>. I say we make our move next year and trade up to get Brady Quinn... whatever it takes.
  10. Bigdog24

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    Miami got there QB and they draft at what 16. Cleveland, Arizona and Okland could be in the market. But if one of them fall to the Cowboys it could get intresting.....
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Hard to see either Cutler or Young dropping to the 12-15 range or to the point we would consider trading up. I can't see us trading up for anyone really.
  12. ravidubey

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    Unconventional as he is, Vick has won a lot of games including a couple of playoff games. He's got two young potential stud WR's in Jenkins and White so I think the best is yet to come from Vick.
  13. The30YardSlant

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    *** are you thinking? This thread has NOTHING to do with TO!!! ****!!! ;)
  14. ZB9

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    why do people compare Young to Vick? Their styles are very different.

    actually, i dont think you can compare Young to anyone. He's the most unique QB to ever be in the NFL draft. but if you are going to compare him to someone, i would compare him to Randal Cunningham (although bigger, faster, tougher, more poised, and a better leader), or compare him to Steve McNair (who has been a huge mentor for Young since he was in high school)...Young is going to tear up the NFL, and he is going to be the dual threat QB that Vick was SUPPOSED to be.

    with that said, Dallas doesnt need a QB, and they arent trading up for a QB. If they trade up for someone, it will be a tackle.
  15. gbrittain

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    If you want Brady Quinn, you better be rooting for a 2-14 kind of year, because that is the only way Dallas gets a shot at Brady Quinn.
  16. skinsscalper

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    Dallas is more apt to trade down in this draft not up. I wouldn't mind a deal like in 2004 when we traded our 22nd (I beleive) for Buffalos two #1's.

  17. dbair1967

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  18. Tass

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    Uhmmm, no. Young doesn't have anywhere near the arm of those aforementioned QBs. Personally, I'd compare him to Matt Jones. Young just played on a better more high profile team.
  19. StonetheCrow77

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    ya, Matt Jones totally tore up the Rose Bowl and beat one of the best college teams ever... and the sad thing is, Young did that so often it's expected of him... he's just that good... people trying to knock Young didn't watch him enough, that's all there is to it...
  20. acis516

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    I don't understand the Vick comparison either. If anything Vick wishes he had Youngs body. Even if they have identical games, Young has the extra pounds to endure a season much better than Vick.

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