***CZ Mock Draft 2.0 Thread***

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Avery, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Avery

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    Hi guys!

    Well, our first mock is in the books and was a moderate success. It went quickly, stirred a bit of debate and was enjoyable. That said, turnout was disappointing as we only had roughly 50% of those who expressed interest in the chat room. As such, we ended up having to do things on the fly a bit more than we would have preferred.

    For our second mock, we are going to shake things up a bit. Same rules as before as I randomly drew everyone and assigned you a team(s). Here's the rub this time: if you don't participate in this mock, you won't be asked to join us for the finale a week before the draft. We'd rather have ten guys with three teams each who we can count on being there vs. 20 guys and have no shows.

    Also note that we were originally going to go three rounds this mock. Since we're unsure what attendance will ultimately be, we are going to revert to another one rounder this go-around. If we're feeling peckish during the draft and want to extend it another round or so, we'll decide this during the draft.

    With that out of the way, here's your teams for CZ Mock 2.0 to be held on March 24th (11am EST, 8am PST)!

    Draft Order:

    1. Oakland Raiders - locked&loaded
    2. Detroit Lions - Gollum/Stanley Spadowski
    3. Cleveland Browns - ABQCOWBOY
    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Hostile
    5. Arizona Cardinals - iceberg
    6. Washington Redskins - jksmith269
    7. Minnesota Vikings - 5mics
    8. Houston Texans - Avery
    9. Miami Dolphins - dallasfaniac
    10. Atlanta Falcons - Shuttemdown41
    11. San Francisco 49ers - summerisfunner
    12. Buffalo Bills - Letemburn
    13. St. Louis Rams - JeffPrince
    14. Carolina Panthers - peplaw06
    15. Pittsburgh Steelers - BigDFan5
    16. Green Bay Packers - brewers47
    17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dawgs0916
    18. Cincinnati Bengals - Cowboys Junkie
    19. Tennessee Titans - Spontae
    20. New York Giants - Rack
    21. Denver Broncos - Avery
    22. Dallas Cowboys - Shuttemdown41
    23. Kansas City Chiefs - ABQCOWBOY
    24. New England Patriots (from Seattle) - theogt
    25. New York Jets - dallasfaniac
    26. Philadelphia Eagles - iceberg
    27. New Orleans Saints - Gollum/Stanley Spadowski
    28. New England Patriots - theogt
    29. Baltimore Ravens - jksmith269
    30. San Diego Chargers - BigDFan5
    31. Chicago Bears - Hostile
    32. Indianapolis Colts - locked&loaded

    Alphabetical Order:

    5mics - Minnesota Vikings (7)
    ABQCOWBOY - Cleveland Browns (3), Kansas City Chiefs (23)
    Avery - Houston Texans (8), Denver Broncos (21)
    BigDFan5 - Pittsburgh Steelers (15), San Diego Chargers (30)
    brewers47 - Green Bay Packers (16)
    Cowboy Junkie - Cincinnati Bengals (18)
    dallasfaniac - Miami Dolphins (9), New York Jets (25)
    Dawgs0916 - Jacksonville Jaguars (17)
    Gollum/Stanley Spadowski - Detroit Lions (2), New Orleans Saints (27)
    Hostile - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4), Chicago Bears (31)
    iceberg - Arizona Cardinals (5), Philadelphia Eagles (26)
    JeffPrince - St. Louis Rams (13)
    jksmith269 - Houston Texans (8), Baltimore Ravens (29)
    Letemburn - Buffalo Bills (12)
    locked&loaded - Oakland Raiders (1), Indianapolis Colts (32)
    peplaw06 - Carolina Panthers (14)
    Rack - New York Giants (20)
    Shuttemdown41 - Atlanta Falcons (10), Dallas Cowboys (22)
    Spontae - Tennessee Titans (19)
    summerisfunner - San Francisco 49ers (11)
    theogt - New England Patriots (24, 28)
  2. StanleySpadowski

    StanleySpadowski Active Member

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    Gollum's going to have to take this round by himself, I'll still be at spring training, leaving sometime this week.
  3. gollum

    gollum Member

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    I'll hold down the fort for ya bro!
  4. dallasfaniac

    dallasfaniac Active Member

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    Random huh? So I went from no-mans-land at #10 with the Falcons to even more no-mans-land at #9.

    Once again, for timings sake, the Dolphins at #9 are listening to trade offers to move up or down. I will listen to all reasonable offers leading up to the draft. A 5 minute window is unrealistic so I will be closing the offer at that time. I am willing to arrange a 'only if they are available' trade as well. For instance, if you like Quinn and only want to trade if he is still available.....
  5. locked&loaded

    locked&loaded Well-Known Member

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    im number oneeeeeeeeeeee
  6. Shuttemdown41

    Shuttemdown41 Member

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    I'm definitely in it again gentlemen, ESPECIALLY SINCE I GOT THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!! :D

    Now watch me trade away our entire draft and our number one next year for Calvin Johnson. ;)
  7. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    I feel dirty... I got the Giants.

    Eh, better then the Eagles or Skins I guess.
  8. jksmith269

    jksmith269 Proud Navy Veteran 1990-1995

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    Hey I'm looking to trade the 6th (Skins) pick if anyone is interested.....

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Up or down?
  10. jksmith269

    jksmith269 Proud Navy Veteran 1990-1995

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    down need more help than #of picks we have... Looking to drop about 8-10 spots
  11. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    The 14th pick of the Panthers is available. Would consider trading up if right player is available. PM me. Would also trade down if price is right.
  12. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

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    damnit, I can't make it tomorrow, business, sorry Avery for the short-notice
  13. Shuttemdown41

    Shuttemdown41 Member

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    We need a revised draft order Avery with the Falcons/Texans trade, etc. See u gents at 11 am.
  14. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    I'm here Avery... I had problems loading the chat server last night, but I'm gonna work on it until draft time and see if I can get in there.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I could be interested in trading the Cleveland pick if the player I want is not there. PM me if your are interested in making an offer.

  16. peplaw06

    peplaw06 That Guy

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    Man i wish I could be in chat...

    I bet I'm getting ripped for giving Washington more picks:laugh1:

    In my defense... I wanted to get Brown, he wouldn't be there at 14... Houston probably would have taken him. So I had to trade up, and only got feedback from #3 and #6, so I pulled the trigger with 6

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