CZFFL II Pre-season Commentary Thread

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by dargonking999, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. dargonking999

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    Since we got one of CZFFL I we need one for II to.:D:D

    Peyton Manning
    ( First pick knew he had good trade value)

    Curtis Martin
    (RB's were running low needed my starter)

    Rudi Johonson
    (see Martin)

    Alge Crumpler
    (Wanted Witten but taken one spot ahead knew i had to get mine)

    Musid Muhammed
    (WR Depth was starting to fade had to get a WR)

    Michael Bennett
    (Heard good things out of Minn about him, with Smith gone should get more carries)

    Eddie Kennison
    (KC is a high powered offense got another #1 WR)

    WArrick Dunn
    (my computer sat off on me had him queded up accidently)

    Atlanta Defense
    (same as above but i needed a D)

    Pittisburgh D
    (Same as ATL)

    Billy Cundiff
    ( i dont know why the computer picked him)

    Byron Leftwhiich
    (came back and needed a backup QB, Vick was taken 3 slots ahead of me)

    Brandon Llyod
    (another #1 WR late int he draft)

    Heath Miller
    ( Backup TE starter for Pitt)

    Terry Glenn
    (Needed WR depth hope for good things from him)

    Micheal Jenkins
    ( #1 WR in ATL during TC hoping it stays that way)

    Todd Peterson
    (ATL kicker didnt trust Billy)

    Houston D
    (was going to trade Pitt needed backup)
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    Your trade was rejected by the other owners because it is a lopsided bad trade. So you make the rules for yourself huh? Have fun cheating and playing by yourself. You should do the right thing and honor the fact that your trade was rejected by the other owners and move on. Instead of changing teh rules to suit yourself.
  3. dargonking999

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    no actaulyl i thought i vetoed my own trade by aaccident and it wasnta lopsided trade because on every single one of my fantasy teams that i have, i have vick and any time i get manning i have traded him for somebody so once again i think you need ot watch yourself before you accuse people of things

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