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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dariet22, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I thought Troy nailed it.

    Many fans always like to imagine coaches drawing up perfect plays and having the perfect scheme. I've never been really big into that. At this level, virtually every coach has a grasp of Xs and Os. And a guy like Wade Phillips, for instance, has a better understanding of defense than any common fan can begin to grasp.

    But I think a coach's job, primarily, is to lead. He must prepare his team and give them a chance with his scheme, obviously. But he has to set a tempo and lead.

    I feel like that is where Wade has failed. His even-handed approach has turned into coddling. His players like him - maybe even love him - but they don't fear him. As a result, Wade sets a standard or pace, and we have seen its results.
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    Aikman is so level headed and right on target.
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    Yep, man do I miss that guy.
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    What Aikman says is what I want as a fan from Jerry: a head coach that is in charge, has authority and the players know if they don't perform and do what that coach says, there will be consequences and maybe even a loss of their job.

    I don't expect or even feel that Jerry has to step down as GM, if he can just hire a good coach, gives him authority, commands that authority and has the respect of his players we will see good football being played on a far more consistent basis. That's what we had when Jimmy was here, we just need a coach that knows how to work with Jerry.

    And if I can be a little greedy, I'd like that coach to be a great talent evaluator and developer (of players and coaches).

    I dont believe in the "family" concept when it comes to the NFL. It's survival of the fittest and no one should ever feel completely secure with their job, its hard or next to impossible to fire your family so you can't treat your players or staff like you would your family or you'll grow old or stagnant. It's the brutal reality of the NFL imo.
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    Aikman is so refreshingly honest. And I can tell in that interview that it pains him and angers him to see what is going on right now (for all you that complain about his loyalty, yada, yada, yada) (notice that he said "we" in talking about the current situation)

    But anyway, Aikman is right. Jerry as GM DOES NOT stand in the way of the Cowboys success. Lack of clear leadership in the coaches position does.

    I will be very surprised if whoever the next coach is doesn't command a high level of respect and fear from his players.

    Remember, players are younger and younger and their playing careers are shorter and shorter. Players aren't mature men. They are still boys. And they need to be told what to do in order to succeed.
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    It's all about having a boss.

    Today Jerry Jones is the boss.

    He's been the boss since Parcells left.

    The head coach of a football team should always be the boss.

    Jason Garrett is more of a boss to the offense than Wade is to the entire team.
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    What a concept building. A functional chain of command with accountability that reaches downward. Only has been in this world since before the formation of Rome.

    Does one take the school of hard knocks, and get a rounded but simple approach? Or does he take a 'culinary school' approach, and cook up great techniques when served?

    I think that Jimmy Johnson was underestimated in the sophistication that he brought to disciplined applications. He needed Jerry although, and never recognized that part of the puzzle, as Jerry maintained a functional fabric of organization that contained the team and it's life streams.

    Maybe that is the course for the future...once again.
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    Thats what we all want ( I assume ) but who is going to be the Coach that can live with Jerry. Don't give me this Bill Cowher crap ....the head coach can be a in your face no nonsense guy but he needs level headed assistant's who know how to coach Thats what all these great dictators had.
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    That's the 60 million dollar question, maybe it's Garrett given the constraints that come with JJ?????

    I don't think anyone on this forum has the knowledge and expertise to say who the best candidate would be, I suspect there is probably someone out there that most of us have never heard of that might be just perfect here. That's what a good GM should know, so let's hope and pray for a miracle

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