D-Hall playing nice

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by DavidS, Oct 30, 2012.

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    His paycheck will be a bit lighter this week. Hopefully he was tossed from the game.
  3. arglebargle

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    He was tossed. Hopefully he gets a suspension.
  4. Dallas

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    I agree. I hope they suspend him for 2-3 games. Hall is a malcontent and constantly has issues w/ rules and authority in the NFL.

    Total maroon
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    Yeah, as a Redskins fan I was watching that saying "What are you doing you idiot??!" as it happened.

    He was right to be upset by the non-call but that's no excuse for how he acted.

    Even if you buy his story that he thought it was ok to take off his helmet because it was a time out and that the ref was talking back at him. He has to respect the fact they are the authority figure in the game and you aren't their equal in that situation.

    He's always been like that though, he's gotten into it with his own coaches multiple times, opposing coaches (mike smith...during a game), teammates, opponents, anyone and everyone.

    I've been ready for the 'Skins to get rid of him for a little while now and this is just another reason. I mean the fact he has a huge cap number and is one of the worst corners in the division is enough but his attitude just puts him over the top.

    I'd like to see him suspended a game or two just to push the 'Skins a little further toward letting him go.

    I have no delusions of a playoff run this year, so anything to help shake up our *terrible* defense for next year is fine by me.
  6. the_h0wey

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    He's always been a pretty good player, but he certainly is a knucklehead. I'm glad the Boys didn't try to grab him a few years back.
  7. Seven

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    The ref said number 23 was 'Excused" from the game. First I've heard of that. :laugh2:

    Hall is one of those guys who can certainly dish it......... but can't take it.
  8. Dallas

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    I read Leno got in a little on D-Halls trouble since last Sunday.

    "Did anybody catch the Redskins/Steelers game the other day? Cornerback DeAngelo Hall, he got into the ref's face, he got right in the ref's face and he received the harshest penalty I have ever seen in a game."
    Leno then cuts to the offending footage, where some creative liberties were taken.

    "There are two fouls on No. 23: unsportsmanlike conduct and a foul against an official," the official said. "Both 15-yard penalties will be enforced and the player will be ejected from the game. Also, he will banned from strip clubs for a period of six weeks, his Escalade will be taken away and he will be forced to drive a Prius. And until further notice, he will not be allowed to date a Kardashian. First down."

  9. Hostile

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    That is harsh, but deserved.

  10. Diogenes

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    Oh well...

    DeAngelo Hall will be fined, not suspended, for incident with ref

    Posted by Michael David Smith on November 1, 2012, 6:25 PM EDT

    Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall won’t be suspended after he was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Steelers for screaming at an official.
    The NFL has decided instead to fine Hall for his actions, the Washington Post reports. There’s no word yet on the amount of the fine, but Hall is also expected to be warned that further misconduct toward officials would result in a suspension.


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