D. Moore: Cowboys Closer to Bottom Than Top of NFC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I actually think that he is right as we stand right now. But as I've said before, if a good HC could take advantage of what Romo has and the D was tweaked then I always think there is a turn around for any team. The issue is we still have Jerry doing his thing, Jason as coach and we aren't taking advantage of the division. After watching football this weekend I completely agree with the assessment. I think that is the upsetting part....these teams built themselves quickly and the right way...tough, stud defenses and enough playmakers on O to be dangerous. Telling stat was even with an expanded playoff we would still be out.


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  2. RXP

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    Agreed. It's much easier to come up with a scenario where the Cowboys end up 5-11 than 11-5 in 2014.

    But the GM thinks we're close. I think he'll be in for a rude awakening next year.
  3. IrishAnto

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    As a Boys fan reading that is depressing.
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  4. Wood

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    4 year abscence? Is this guy a joke or what. This team has been almost absent from winning playoff games with 1 playoff victory in 17 years. Now thats a real story.
  5. Zimmy Lives

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    I agree with Moore but, as history has shown, any team can rise from the ashes under the right circumstances. A great draft would be a perfect start!
  6. Seven

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    No offense RXP but jerry will not be rudely awakened. He's all over this.

    Prepare for more lip service and a barrel full of "hope".

    Ratings and income trump anything a fan would want from their football team.
  7. RXP

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    Under the right circumstances, this is true. Are the circumstances right in Dallas? When I look at the people running the organization, I can only say no.
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  8. RXP

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    No offense taken. I tend to agree.

  9. LatinMind

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    This writer isnt quite accurate. There were 2 games all yr the Cowboys got it handed to them, Saints and Bears.

    In the other games where they played against teams that made the playoffs :
    KC lost by 1 point
    SD lost by 9
    DEN lost by 3
    GB lost by 1
    PHI lost by 2

    And this guy wants me to believe they are closer to the bottom? If Romo plays in the last game of the yr Dallas is in the playoffs and this article probably isnt even written.

    Now if they want to say the coaching is closer to the bottom in all of sports i can buy that.
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  10. Coy

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    Blue period

    The Cowboys are sitting on the playoff sidelines for a fourth consecutive season. Here is what has happened in the NFC during this period.
    Twelve of 16 teams have made the playoffs.
    Ten different teams have won a division title.
    Eight of 16 teams have compiled a better regular season record
    The Cowboys and St. Louis are the only teams to fail to record a winning record in at least one season

    This writer just doesn´t get it, this is all just a process, we´ve been hit hard with injuries, we lack the personnel, Garrett has brought in the RKG who play hard for him, the arrow is pointing up, it´s hard to turn around a franchise in a 4 year span let alone in 1 year, just wait and see whta this team can do if we are healthy, just remember Landry´s or Belichick´s first years as HC and all will be good.
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  11. Zimmy Lives

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    This is why I say a great draft would be a good start. If Dallas has an average draft this May, then I think they will struggle to remain average.
  12. cowboyblue22

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    with the teams they play next year I don't think they win more than three games will be drafting in top five
  13. PA Cowboy Fan

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    If Romo plays in the last game, I think they lose anyway. Orton didn't do anything that Romo didn't do the previous year.
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  14. Risen Star

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    Some day we will find the right coach to unleash all of our talent.
  15. HoustonFrog

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    And that is what I was saying in the OP. This league has shown that new blood and philosophy can turn things around quick. The disappointing part is we get Jerry and Jason and are stuck hoping they get it right vs. trying to take advantage of the players we have now.

    We need to get over his "almost" mentality. A loss is a loss. You could do this all day over he last decade but we find ways to lose the above games every year. If you look at who played yesterday you can see the difference. If you look at our history the last 4 years against winning teams, we find ways to lose.

    But I agree with you. Coaching is the key. I think a good draft and a new coach and philosophy could swing it up. But that won't happen so we are closer to the bottom. As I said in another post, the 49ers had pieces but no one running the ship. Harbaugh has since ripped off 3 straight years of 13 wins (including playoffs) and is the only guy to go to 3 straight NFC/AFC title games his firs 3 years. Yet people say it takes a process. Jerry mixed up his philosophies. Patience was needed long ago. Now, with parity, urgency is needed.
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  16. LatinMind

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    Im not even going to put it all on Garrett. At some point these players need to be held accountable. They've been in games w/ bad coaching but they find ways of losing the game that make people scratch their head. But its collective. Broaddus mentioned a thing to me that got me mad. They were talking about the players during warmups. Forgot which team it was but how the other team was out warming up as a team, while Dallas players were all standing around in groups talking away some just walking around with their headphones still on. Yes, thats whats wrong, bad preperation that is on the coach, but still thats on the players too.
  17. TwoDeep3

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    Or a GM who gets the parameters changed so an additional four teams can make the play-offs as wild cards. Creative thinking will make 8-8 a play-off berth.
  18. BoysFan4ever

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    None of this football stuff matters. We have the biggest nicest stadium. That's what is important.
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  19. StarBoyz83

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    Id mostly agree but were not way near the bottom of the nfc. Right now id say 9 teams are better than us in the nfc
  20. RXP

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    Here's what I see when I see that. A team incapable of finishing. This team is great at beating teams like the Rams and Vikings. But when up against potential playoff teams, they don't win. Beat bad teams. Lose to good ones. The definition of mediorce.

    The Colts lost this past weekend. But this year they beat the Broncos, 49ers, Seahawks and the Chiefs twice. They have a future.

    The Panthers also lost this weekend. But they beat the 49ers, Seahawks and Saints. If I was a fan, I'd be pretty optimistic.

    We can't beat any of these teams. One point losses, two point losses, it doesn't matter. Whether it's talent, coaching or management, this team does not have the makeup to do what the Panthers and Colts did this year. Winning a showdown against the 7-9 Giants was the best this team could muster. Is it any wonder why the Saints were praying we beat the Eagles in week 17? It was because they knew they would kill us. Like they always seem to do.

    And guess what? We play the Saints again next year? Will the result be any different? I doubt it. Peyton and Brees will be licking their chops.
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