D. Moore: Cowboys Closer to Bottom Than Top of NFC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Jan 13, 2014.

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    More than 91,000 people packed AT&T for the Eagles game. Cowboys led the league in attendance this year. The value of the franchise has never been higher.

    This is what Jerry sees. And this is what Jerry cares about. He doesn't care if the stands are half full of opponents fans. They still buy the $9 beer and the $80 pizza.

    Jerry's goal is to keep the stadium full and the cash rolling in. He needs to team to be relevant enough to make this happen. He doesn't have to have the team in championship games. Being the next New England or San Francisco is of no interest to him. There is no upside in winning 12 or 13 games a year when winning 7-8 a year gets him the same profits. Why waste a couple of million bucks on a GM to get to 12 wins? He would just eat away at his bottom line.
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    Well you got me on that. True!
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    I cannot remember where I saw it, DMN online maybe, but I saw an article where the Dallas viewership of the Cowboys was down. You're right though. All he would care about is bodies in the seats. If that stadium is full that's all he cares about.
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    I think this team can fix some of it's problems with a strong draft on the defense. Yeah I know what is going to convince anyone of a strong draft with who is in charge but I feel like we have to try really hard to make this draft defense heavy. That means no reaches, no drafting injured players, etc. Just stay where you are at and draft the best defensive player available when the Cowboys pick comes out.
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    Totally agree, and about 80% of the teams in the NFL fall into that category since they instituted Parityball. Dallas is generally a young team that was playing rookies and had an higher number of injuries than most teams, an 8-8 finish doesn't mean the sky if falling.
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    Plus a few bounces that go your way, and the right non call of a penalty, or a fortunate one on your opponent.
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    Like the " Parityball" descriptor. Most fitting for what the NFL is clearly on the way to becoming
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    a monkey choosing players out of a hat could have done better than jerry and company in 2009. if 2012 is the standard for "improving drafts" then we are in a world of trouble. like RS said, that 2012 draft was an unmitigated disaster when you look back on the players that were available if we did not make that horrendous trade.
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    Good response. Make sense. Still, I see a growing presence of opponents in the stands, and I don't like it.
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    So Dallas wouldve drafted brockers. Which would have been the pick if dallas wouldnt have traded up.

    Brockers 29 games played 77 tackles 9.5 sacks 2 FF
    Claiborne 25 games played 81 tackles 1 FF 3 FR 2 INT

    Is there much difference? They might have gotten a 2nd but who would that be? Who wouldve played CB? Jenkins? Everybody and their mother on this board cried about wanting him gone.

    Tell me how Brockers wouldve been a much better pick?
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    Its not just the $$$. The second Jerry hires a GM and steps back from football operations is the moment he publicly concedes he could not have won the first 3 SBs without Jimmy. After all, he couldn't do it for 20 years without him.

    They will pry this franchise from his cold, dead fingers.
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    LM, you're better than this bro. First of all I have other issues with the draft other than the Claiborne pick (McSurdy over Burfict) but to address your point, why are you leaving out the 2nd round pick from the equation? Have you seen how lights out Bobby Wagner has been in Seattle? That guy plays with incredible passion for the game. A quick run of the numbers....

    He was the defensive rookie of the year last season w/ 140 tackles.

    This year he added another 130 tackles.

    He has nearly double the number of career tackles as Bruce Carter yet was drafted a year after BC and has played in 6 less games.

    He has 5 interceptions in 2 years. Same number as Sean Lee.

    That right there is two less holes we have to worry about in a meager front 7. There were other great options in the late half of the 1st round to sure up the oline (Zeitler/Decastro).

    You are really telling me you don't want that on our team w/ Brockers (who is also a formidable player) over Claiborne? I know you follow BB like I do. He's not going to hammer Claiborne, especially since he's a fellow LSU guy but he's hinted at his lack of passion for the game enough times this year on twitter and Talkin' Cowboys to have me incredibly worried that he is never going to reach our expectations.
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    I think you are painting with WAY too broad of a brush there, Risen.
  14. Verdict

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    You have made some pretty decent posts(especially recently) that I agree with, but this logic is just flawed. Saying a guy wasn't worth a draft pick because he suffered an unforseen achilles injury is really not persuasive as to whether he was worth the pick. The jury is still out on him to be sure, but the fact he got hurt doesn't mean he sucks. LOL. It just means he is hurt.
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    Show me in my response where I said Crawford sucks.

    I said he's shown nothing on the field and coming off the injury. I'm asking how in God's name can you call that draft class a good one right now. It's been an absolute train wreck.
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    It really has.

    I fell for hype on Claiborne.
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    Well, I think you could call the 2009 draft class a train wreck, and be on very solid ground. As for 2012, I think to be fair the jury is still out on it. How the trade up for Mo turns out will definitely impact the eventual verdict on that one. I am not sure how that one will turn out, but quite honestly, I'm not really sold on Kiffen and his use of the entire defensive backfield. By all accounts, Mo was the real deal in college. I think we can all agree he hasn't been all world so far, but some of that may have to do with how he is being used.

    As for Crawford, his injury doesn't nullify the pick that was made before he got hurt. You may end up being right and this class might turn out to be poor, but right now, I would say it is a decent draft and the perceived quality of the 2012 draft class may go up or down significantly over the next year or so. Right now, it is too early to make a declaration one way or the other, in my humble opinion. But you have every right to look at it however you want to, and eventually you may be proven right. As a Cowboys fan I hope you are wrong in your early assessment.
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    Also, to answer your post directly, when you say we couldn't have a good draft class after the trade up aren't you in effect saying the draft class isn't any good? And if the draft class isn't any good, doesn't it logically follow that your underlying premise is that the members of that class are not any good since they comprise the class? Am I missing something here?
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    I wasn't sold on Brockers then, or now really. The trade up may turn out to be a bad idea, but I don't think Brockers would have made going the other direction a better idea.
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    Fast forward years from now when death is at hand I think he will privately be sad about how desperately he tried to be a one-man football genius and failed. But then he might be so full of denial he can't be honest with himself even then.
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