D. Moore: Cowboys Closer to Bottom Than Top of NFC

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HoustonFrog, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Brockers is an animal and would have been the Tyron Smith of our DLine. Many here cried before the draft about the possibility of drafting Brockers, and its surprising that at this juncture we still have fans that don't understand the value of having a bull anchor in the middle of your defense.

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    If the NFC east was such a pile of dog "stuff" this year. We would have been fully exposed.

    We won 5 of the 6 division games. Losing the Only one that really mattered.

    If we would have split division games we would be back to campo days of 5-11.

    What the Dallas cowboys are .... Is right on front of us.
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    I haven't seen anything from Mo to warrant him being a top 6 pick and us giving up our 2nd rounder to move up to get him. OTOH, I have seen Decastro look solid for a late first rounder.
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    Dallas wasnt even looking at decastro. Fans need to get this notion of putting players in a Cowboys scenario just because thats what they wanted. Its clear that Brockers wouldve been the pick. Having all these Decastro posts are useless. Are the cowboys suffering on the OL right now? compare the state of Dallas OL vs the Steelers OL. And thee you have your Decastro argument flushed down the toilet.
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    Didn't say we were looking at Decastro. Just commenting on a post in this thread. Fully aware Brockers/Wagner would've been our picks and I'd take them in a heartbeat over Claiborne, then and now.

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