Dak haters chirping

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by JerryJonesMustGo, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Yeah, it's just the same few dudes who think benching Romo spells the team's DOOM that are getting on everyone else's nerves. Outside the echo chamber there isn't much Dak hate outside angry division rivals - most people seem to have written off Romo after his latest injury and are happy the team is winning.
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    I didn't write off Romo, but it's pretty easy to accept that the young developing player playing at such a high level is the guy you need to bet on going forward.

    I just don't see anybody really taking shots at Dak at all. I mean, there are going to be stragglers on any topic, but it's pretty much unanimously accepted by Cowboys fans--as much as anything ever can be with us. But it seems like posters are promoting the idea that Dak-hate actually exists and is a thing....I mean, beyond the few stragglers.
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    Tony would have had similar results as Dak this season had he been allowed to play once healthy. If that is viewed as "Dak hate" then you have a weak idea of what hate is. It's just a preference and isn't intended to throw shade on anyone else. Dak is lucky to be living in the era where real hate for a black QBs isn't common. In long past years, Romo would have been given his starting job back once healthy. Hate is a word used far to easily by todays youth.
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    That's funny. Romo said this was Dak's team in his corny press conference he did a few months back. Dak is doing lip service. It's his team now. Romo is done here. And that's great news. We were handcuffed to his health for too long. Good QB but never got it done.
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    It isn't Romo's team anymore. Romo is the past, Dak is the future.
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    My man Romo is gone. It's Dak's time now. So no need to argue
    Dak's team!
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