DAL vs. NYG Offensive Weapon Clones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by VirusX, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. VirusX

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    Isnt it kind of erie?

    Drew and Eli, Both in the 6-5 Range with compareable numbers this season.

    Tiki and JJ, Both small elusive backs dangerous when getting to the 2nd level. Both great recieveing backs.

    Plax and Key, Both very tall playmakers.

    Shockey and Witten, Both great TE'e good hands and power YAC recievers.

    Its just crazy how much our two offenses are alike. Thank god their defense is allowing over 100 yards more per game then ours. This should be a great game and a great test of who Dallas is as a team this season.

    Just think. If Dallas wins and the Skins Lose we are in first place.

    :starspin GO COWBOYS! :starspin

    Heck they even look somewhat similar! Bottom Left...
  2. joseephuss

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    Julius is not a great receiver. At least not yet.

    I do see your point. Very similar teams and Coughlin is familiar with Parcells.
  3. Portland Fanatic

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    ~ Edge to Bledsoe because of experience...
    ~ Edge to Tiki because...one he will be playing, and he is very good in passing game...
    ~ Toss up between Shockey and Witten...
    ~ Key and Plex...toss up too. They are both big players...they are very different in style (Plax can stretch the field and has more speed, where as Keys is great in key game situations and will score and fight more for the yards)

    All for fun.....
  4. CowboyStar88

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    well umm I havent heard BP say JJ isnt playing. actually in his pc he said JJ had improved. So don't count him out just yet! I bet JJ plays and has a solid game.. so edge well there is no edge.. I'd call it a tie
  5. TheHustler

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    Exactly what I was going to say. Burress also has the speed Keyshawn lacks. Key is closer to Toomer with Burress being a bigger version of Glenn.
  6. Portland Fanatic

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    True...I hope JJ plays and makes a huge impact. You know BP and wanting to hold info where a team can plan against.
  7. JDSmith

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    That's how I look at it too. I don't see a lot of Burress in Key. Both are pretty tall, but that's where the similarities end IMO.
  8. DragonSoul

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    JJ shouldnt be even considered when comparing to tiki, thats an insult, he played what 8 games last yr, and now he might miss another game this year. So he hasnt even played a full season yet. So dont be silly, maybe in time, but for now not even close. Tiki is producing for us this year, with less touches while JJ only had one decent game.

    Shockey and Witten, is almost the same as Tiki and JJ. Witten i believe will be a very good TE and is on his way, but to go by 1 year is also just silly, some guys are 1 hit wonders. I will be honest and i cannot knock witten but u cant compare him to Shockey based on one year. Even i cant base Shockey vs Gonzo on a few years. If you see my pt. Burress i believe is faster then Key but key is solid in the game, Toomer is still a number 1, he was just injured last year, and carter is one of the fastest players in the game, him and terry are similar speed wise.

    We do have similarities. Same as Eli, i wouldnt compare him to any other qbs besides the ones who Eli has been drafted with as of right now. I need too see 2-3 years out of Eli before i put him as a top qb. Even if he finishes 1st as the overall qb this year, i would still need to see it for another year, too make sure it wasnt a 1 hit wonder, but that doesnt mean i wouldnt be physcied about him.
  9. ZenItRam

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    who on the giants compares to the speedy glenn?

    ... edge cowboys?!
  10. Eddie

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    Bro, you absolutely CAN make comparisons. NOW for NOW. Not what will be in the future.

    JJ CAN be compared to Tiki, though Tiki is probably a more flexible RB. But after 8 games and 5 this season, you absolutely can make a connection.

    As for Whitten and Shockey, who are you kidding? Pro Bowler for Pro Bowler, and you say you can't make a comparison? Whitten's been in the league for 2 years. Shockey was been here for 3 ... one of which was spent on IR.

    So if you wanna talk value, I take Whitten over Shockey. 3rd round Pro Bowler vs a HIGH first round Pro Bowler. Very comparable and both great players.

    Key and Plax are totally different WR's. Key is physical while Plax has yet to learn to use his size to his advantage. Perhaps he's finally doing so, but he had 4 years of nothing in Pittsburgh.
  11. Paniolo22

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    JJ compares fairly to Tiki, although Tiki is by far the more complete and accomplished back.
    Witten and Shockey are mirror images of each other. Each is a load in the passing game, but Witten is a little better blocking. Shockey has more big plays in his bag, but unlike Shockey, Witten has gotten better each year he has played.
    Toomer is no longer a #1, his production thus far can tell you that.
    Burress has the slight edge over Key, just because of the size, speed combo he has recently displayed, along with the connection he's building with Eli.
    You have no one to compare to Glenn. Even mentioning Tim Carter in the same sentence is a joke. Has Carter even had a 100 yd game?IN HIS LIFE!?!? Speed does nothing if you can't catch the ball. (see Alexander Wright)
    Finally, Eli compares nicely to Drew. Very similar QB's. Eli is a little more mobile, where if Drew has time, he can steadilly pick you apart. Eli hasn't proven he can do that yet. Hopefully it doesn't start on Sunday.
  12. DragonSoul

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    Tim Carter, and Taylor. Look them up. Taylor wont be playing, but carter will. I believe carter is even faster then Glenn but bottom line both are speed guys. So i think we are even on the Speed.
  13. Galian Beast

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    We have more offensive weapons, a better oline, and a much better defense.

    I would guarantee you a win, but I don't know if we play Week 5 Cowboys or Week 4 Cowboys =/
  14. lane

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    what's eerie is how bad we are going to dominate the giants. 42-17
  15. DragonSoul

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    Those statements are too blanketet. I will give you my pt of view.
    First your argument is flawed if you think you can even compare JJ to Tiki. JJ as you mentioned has only 13 total games. Just like Eli, do you think its reasonable to compare Eli to Peyton after 11 games? I mean Eli has the 4th best Passer rating, more TDS and less Ints then Peyton this year? IMHO that is silly and crazy, and i am a giants fan obviously. JJ has potential but he didnt even hit the 1k mark last year. He missed half of last season and is about to miss the game against the giants.

    Again most Anaylsts will not compare a player to another with in only 1 year of solid numbers. Shockey missed about as many as JJ missed in his 2nd year, but the funny thing is. Shockey still finished top 1-5 in multiple stats for TEs i dont think you can say the same for JJ as a RB. Again I also believe witten is for real, but you cant put him on a pedestal after one year, thats why the call ppl one hit wonders.

    Also the reason why plax was so successful is because of his height, he could go after the ball, people where knocking him because of his YAC even though his YAC is pretty good.

    I dont think your wrong with thinking JJ and Witten will be special, atleast you can hope for it, as i do with Eli, Gibril, Jacobs and afew others, but you cannot compare them to the main stays based off of a season give or take. Im not trying to knock your guys down just saying it the way i see it, and i do the same with my team.
  16. bobtheflob

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    Rec Yds TD
    Glenn (5 games): 23 518 3
    Carter (4 games): 3 60 0

    Yeah, looks pretty even to me
  17. DragonSoul

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    Ok how do you have more offensive power when we are the highest scoring team with an average of 34 pts a game, only 9 pts behind SD in total pts because we had a bye week and SD didnt. So that is just silly, as is your silly we will win, but wait im not sure if we will win because i dont know what team will play that day so hold off on the trash talking lol.

    Also offensive lines, are about the same. We have given up 6 sacks, and 2 of those sacks came when our RT had to leave and our Back up RT gave up 2 quick sacks after that he kept up. While in the same amt of games your team gave up 10 sacks. So i guess your inncorrect about that as well eh?

    Defense i have posted on in another thread your more then welcome to read about.
  18. DragonSoul

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    Hmmmm I guess you didnt understand that i was referring to speed? Ok incase you missed it.... Carter and Glenn are prob around the same speed, if not carter is a little faster.

    Now what does that have too do with stats? Isnt Glenn your Number 1? Or even your number 2? While carter is our number 3. As you can tell look at the reception diff. I think that alone would tell you something.
  19. bobtheflob

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    You keep on missing the point. You can compare Eli to Bledsoe for this game. I agree that it is way to early to make any definite conclusions on Eli's career or the decision to trade up for him, but it is possible to look at his recent games and make some sort of guess as to how he will play in this one game

    The same goes with Witten. He put up pretty god numbers his rookie year, real good ones last year, and has been good so far this year. I don't see how you can't say that he and Shockey are comparable at this point in their careers
  20. bobtheflob

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    Speed means nothing if you can't catch the ball or run good routes. He may be as fast as Glenn, but he isn't nearly the same player

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