DAL vs. NYG Offensive Weapon Clones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by VirusX, Oct 13, 2005.

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    OK the way you wrote that, i completely agree 100%. I believe you can take things from recent weeks to make comparisons to a point, i just felt ppl are trying to compare rookie/2nd yr players with guys that have done it for years, and that i felt was over shooting it.

    Btw i do think we need to worry about witten, so dont think i under played him...
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    Oh he can catch the ball, his problem was he was injured the first 3 yrs of his career lol, everytime he start to shine, bam he was back on the bench because of some injury. He can do both, he just had trouble staying on the field, we are hoping this year he finally gets his body in shape.
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    i guess we'll find out Sunday how well the Giants match up with us. i'm betting they don't... The Giants, like the Eagles and General Custer before them, will never even know what hit them...
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    The Giants played three pathetic defenses (Arizona, New Orleans, St. Louis) and played one below average defense (San Diego). The three games against the pathetic defenses were at home. Dallas played two very good defenses (Washington and Philly), one below average defense (San Diego), and two pathetic defenses (San Francisco and Oakland). Dallas has played three road games, and the Giants have played only one (and were blown out). In other words, your team has the #1 scoring offense due to the fact that you haven't played anybody.
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    I've seen a lot of people here comparing the Gints' offense to the Eagles' offense, but I don't see that at all. I agree with the premise of this thread. Not only is the NY offensive personel similar to Dallas', the offensive philosophies are very similar: run the ball, throw the ball to the TE and go deep on play action.
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    The whole problem with what you are saying is that you can actually compare anyone to anyone else......follow me on this one, and dont get lost!! If IO wanted to compare tiki to Keyshawn or JJ to plax, I could. The fact that you say we CANT compare them is ludacris. ;)

    As far as tiki and our boy JJ, why not compare? how many yards did tiki have in any 8 game spread last year? was it more than JJ's, was it close? that is why you compare to find these things out. Thats like saying you cant compare LeBron James to Scottie Pippen or even MJ, why the hell not, he's putting up big numbers, and will do it for a long time! Same situation with tiki and JJ. No doubt tiki is more celebrated now that he's dropped fumbling as one of his hobbies. And he is a more complete back, but you cant know that without comparing the 2!!

    I actually think Witten is better than shockey. Simply because there is but one aspect of their game that stands out as a big difference, SPEED. I may be wrong, but shcokey compares better to Campbell if you ask me. Witten would run circles around Shcokey.....how often do you guys line him up out wide? Witten is as sure handed as anyone in the league, and has proven himself over the last 2 years....not just one......that he is a top 5 TE in the league right now!! That being said, we have every right to compare them, or anyone else we want........If you're going to talk football, talk with sense, and not just "Oh we're better than you, and you cant compare." BTW, Glenn is faster than anyone on your team!!
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    So basically once Roy Williams catches him coming across the middle, we shouldnt have to worry about him anymore cuz he's fragile.......lol:lmao2:
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    So who is their Tyson Thompson, B/C I think they will get a full dose of him on Sunday.
  9. dallasblue05

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    Well, sir, if he's the fastest guy on your team, why isnt he being thrown to? If he is getting thrown to, why cant he catch? Our number 3 guy Crayton prolly has way better stats than this Carter guy, so what is your argument to that? I dont mean to tear you apart like this buddy, but you arent really making sense to mel, but maybe its just me, or maybe all Giants fans talk like you.....I dont know what it is, but ti doesnt make sense!!
  10. Jarv

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    Should we compare our #3, Crayton to Carter then ?

    I'm actually in the NY region and see some NYG games. I liked Carter as a rookie, looks like good skills, just hasn't brought it yet to the game.

    Speed coupled with production is a good thing, speed without it makes you another A. Wright or Randal Willaims.

    My analysis is that Eli and Bledsoe is a wash, both are good.

    Tiki has a slight edge over JJ, but we have more proven backups.

    TE = TE, wash...both are good. We have better backups...Campbell and Pierce.

    Wr, I would say Plex is the best of the bunch...for both teams. But Dallas has more flexibility having 3 very good recievers, giving Drew more options. Especially in the Red Zone.

    On "D", our secondary is probably better, deeper and more experienced. I would actually give the nod to the Giant LB's, at this point. On the DL, Dallas gets the nod as far as quality and quanity, which is important because we can rotate in players without missing a beat...Starters are almost even, with still giving Dallas a slight edge.

    Should be a good game.
  11. bsheeern

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    The Breakdown goes like this.
    QB's = Cowboys- More Experienced Bledsoe will play better & has seen more
    RB's = Even- Both teams have very good ones and will come down to Blocking
    TE's = Even- Again both very good
    WR's = Cowboys- 3-headed vs 2-headed and Toomer can't touch Glenn or Key
    OL = Cowboys- Remeber people calling Bledsoe a Statue,& 3 Probowlers
    DL = Even- hard to compare because of different schemes
    LB's Even- hard to compare because of different schemes
    CB's = Cowboys- injuries play the main factor here
    Safties= Cowboys- could be even if not for Roy's ability to hurt people
    Punter= Even- Both have strong legs
    Kicker = Giants - Not even Close
    Special teams- Giants- Cowboys have had problems until Philly game
    Coaching= Even- New D scheme with only 5 games is only reason

    PREDICTION= Cowboys 31 Giants 24

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    I think BP knows the Giants playbook backwards and forwards, edge Cowboys, I swear nobody mentioned it last week but I thought the Cowboys were stealing signals,they so knew where the biltzes were coming from, they never got close to Bledsoe, you got to wonder, on defense it seemed like we knew what they were going to run playwise for the most part. Honestly if BP and his coaches can do a numbr like last week we'll kick their a$%
  13. bsheeern

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    At one point I could have sworn we were play Jake Plummer and the Cardinals!!
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    I see you like too see yourself talk eh? Shockey i believe is faster. Shockey has reached the 200 yd recption before any other TE in the NFL besides Winslow Sr. Oh we line him up a decent amount of times. He blocks, Stays in, lines up as a wr as does tiki at times. So obviously you dont know too much.

    Also Roy has to catch up too carter (As i believe Carter is faster then glenn, i will try to find the stat for them both). But besides catching up to carter, he actually has to be a good defender in coverage and we all know he cant do that. Again trying to compare? We have been playing more 2 wr, 2te, 1rb, 1fb, set so Carter hasnt been getting much oppt. He was also our 4th WR for the first 4 games, he just moved back up too 3rd on the depth chart this week for ur game.
  15. DragonSoul

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    As i mentioned above Carter was playing as our 4th wr, and just got promoted back too 3rd for this game. So for 4 games he was our 4th. Carter has produced when he was on the field that is why we kept him and kept giving him a chance to get healthy, because he has speed, and hands, he just got knocked around a bit first 2-3 years. If he couldnt help the team he wouldnt be on the team with TC coaching it. He just needs to stay healthy.

    I would agree with the qb, but might give Drew the edge cause of exp.

    Tiki the Edge, but backups i think we are about the same tbh. Jacobs has converted most of our 3rd downs and short yardage and is ave. 5 yds a carry so far. While Thompson hasnt seen much time and ur rookie hasnt done much either. So our run game i think has the edge.

    I think the wr is close. Toomer was hampared by a groin and hammy injury all last year and was playing with it, since the first half of the year we had a chance at the playoffs. But i do believe your 3rd is about the same. Carter/tyree vs Crayton, maybe you guys have the edge, but as i said carter has shown he can produce when he is on the field.

    Lb i like ours, but figured yours might be alittle better at this point.

    Secondary i think your suspect, but ours isnt better atm. I think our stats are a bit inflated, but not having peterson is gonna hurt unless Deloatch who has promise steps up and our rookie plays as we think he can.

    Our deline i will give the edge, but pass rush you guys are better, stopping the run i think we are prob better. U might have more depth there so i give you the edge but we can rotate our line without missing a beat, but yours is prob better with a better rotation.
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    U have to be kidding if you think the Tuna knows the giants playbook. I think we have had 4 coaches removed since Tuna coached us. The playbook is far from what we had with the tuna lol. Wow you really must be in a fantasy world or playing madden to think that. Unless i read it wrong.
  17. LaTunaNostra

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    He is.

    And so was a guy here name of Randal Williams.

    Nuff said.
  18. DragonSoul

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    Well i guess i was right again. Btw where is Randal right now? I know where Carter is.

    Nuff said.
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    Before last year when toomer was injured he was one of only 3 players too have 5 years back to back seasons with 1k receiving yards the other two were Owens and Harrison. So try again.

    Look at the stats, before u write something as silly/stupid as that.
  20. WoodysGirl

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    I think you did. I think he meant as far as BP being prepared for the Giants.

    That said, Coughlin is part of the Parcells coaching tree. Think about the offensive sets you said you've been running up to this point.

    That's a classic BP offense, even if the personnel is different. If you knew anything about the offense that Dallas runs, the Giants are almost a mirror image.

    Anyway, :welcome: to the Zone. Just in case no one else did.

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