DAL vs. NYG Offensive Weapon Clones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by VirusX, Oct 13, 2005.

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    I wouldnt say that about the line just yet. Right now the giants have given up only 6 sacks while the cowboys have given up 10. Both lines improved, but I wont put one higher then another.

    One thing our Line is doing that it hasnt done in a long time is, that they are picking up the blitz and burning teams that are blitzing us.
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    Actually our defensive backs have played well outside of a couple of plays each game. It's been frustrating, because one or two plays a game someone will totally blow an assignment and we'll give up a long pass. And it's not always the same someone, although Keith Davis had a hand in at least a couple of them. But that's partly because of the youth and inexperience of some guys on our D, and partly because of the fact that they are playing a new scheme. And in the last two games combined there has been only one breakdown that I can recall. In other words, it's getting better.

    I fully expected this D to struggle at times for exactly the reasons they have. And I am equally expectant that they will struggle less as the season progresses. So far in the last two games they have played very well outside of one play. There were probably 5 or 6 gaffs in the first 3 games. So IMO to say that the defensive backs have struggled is an overstatement. For the majority of every game they've been in they have played well, and for the last two games they have played very well. I think the Giants are going to find it MUCH harder than you believe to pass on the Cowboys. I honestly expect Eli to throw at least two interceptions tomorrow.
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    Your team has had the luxury of playing with big leads most of the time, so teams haven't run it on you that much. When they have (San Diego) your run D has looked as bad as it was last year.
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    Kinda the same senario with us. Right now Peterson is done prob for the season. Allen can cover and run with the fastest wrs out there, but at times he makes a bad play, but he cannot catch a ball if his life depended on it. Now we have Deloatch a 2nd year player who is over 6 foot tall and has speed. He has been improving his game. Then we have Corey webster from LSU he is a ball hawk, and can cause things to happen he will prob play more and more for allen as the game goes on. Corey would of been a top 10 pick last year but he was injured and stayed in for one more yr to finish school.

    Then you have gibril wilson, he is our 2nd yr player, loves to hit, has 31 tackles, 1 int and 1 ff already, Sean taylor whoooo lol... So he also makes things happen. Then we have Alexander, old man, slow, but is servicable and a field general, im hoping too see Williams back in there, he already has 2 ints for us, faster then Alexander and hits like a truck, similar to roys play. Great against the run, hits hard, coverage is alright.

    You will get your shots deep thats for sure, but i am very excited too see how the young guys do against your vets. Should be a fun game. Im hoping it wont be a blow out like what u did in Philly unless we are the ones blowing you out hehe...

    Im not under estimating either teams tbh. I think the giants have a lot too prove as do the cowboys still. I believe most ppl arent sure what they are getting just yet. I do believe Eli will have his days still, but you are under estimating him right now. Since the last years game against you guys he has thrown 12 tds and 3 ints. This year he has 2, and they both were against Arizona, off deflected passes and some unreal play by there lbs that game. He has also played unreal against the blitz, we are burning ppl now when they try to blitz us often. It isnt the same team against the blitz as we were the last few years.
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    Actually in the begining of the game our de plays well, we are very aggressive. So this is the jist of it all.

    We so far have scored on every opening drive this year. Then we stop the other teams run, and then score again, then they start going for the pass that is why teams are ave. 46.5 attempts on us. Besides SD we have allowed under 50 yards a game in rushing. We have shut ppl down in the run. We are also 1st in starting position on kr in the league.

    In SD our defense was horrible, i mean i havent seen such a meltdown by our team in all phases of the game in a very long time tbh.

    Even when SD got up 21-3 before half time, Eli got us 17pts in a matter of back to back drives and a handful of mins. We got into half time 21-20. But our defense just sucked it bad, and nothing else we could do.

    As i said before i tend too lean on our team what they have done the 3 games over the 1, all based on averages.

    I do agree we still need to improve in our 2ndry but i feel we are much better then ppl think, because they are not looking at the situations, or even the wrs we faced. Holt, Horn top wrs in the league, then Fitz, and Boldin up and comers.

    As i say all in perspective.

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