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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Sportsbabe, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Sportsbabe

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    Putting Saturday in perspective for me. Making me feel better :star: :)
  2. Cowboy from New York

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    Fill us in when u can.
  3. aikemirv

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    Not Dale's take but there were a few positives:

    Well, we did pretty well against the run, which is much more than you can say from last preseason.

    Drew Bledsoe has never played with a WR like Keyshawn, so he is going to have to get used to trowing it to him even though he has no seperation ;)

    CB's are much better and Henry was everywhere.

    Roy Williams caused a fumble which we actually recovered, even though the officials gave it to Arizona.

    And Romo and Henson gave me confidence in a backup if Bledsoe were to go down.
  4. Cowboy from New York

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    That was the sunny side of it aike, I really did like the way we played the run and I thought the line and LBs played there positions well against the run, although I do remember the play were Ware got caught looking inside and left his outside contain assignment and Arrington got around him easily for something like an 18 yard gain. But considering it was the first game in the 3-4, they played the run well.
    The pass rush on the other hand seemed very weak, but let's wait until after the Seattle game, have to get guys like Ware and Canty a chance to settle in and guys like Ellis and Glover to learn their positions.
  5. Sportsbabe

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    Said that BP won't let the media film practice, he's definetly not going to show anything to an AZ team that they play in week 8.

    That BP had a package planned for this game and he basically stuck with it no matter what transpired during the game.

    Romo completed most of his passes to Witten (which ain't hard to do).

    Jacob Rogers is a wuss and everybody on the team knows it (first hand knowledge).

    Game is fast for the rookies first time out. Troy confirmed from his rookie days.

    There was more about the offensive & defensive line but I forget.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    Wow and that was said by someone else before but I can not remember who...someone on the radio last week said they heard it from the players.
  7. Kilyin

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    Too bad someone didn't pass the info along to Parcells.
  8. Sportsbabe

    Sportsbabe Well-Known Member

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    Agree about the disappointment in the pass rush and the wait and see attitude. I'm not worried about Ellis & Glover. They are coachable. Ware & Canty are green. They get the learning curve. I'm not concerned about the D as much as I'm concerned about the O line. It's imperative that we give Drew time.

    Dale also said that Drew needs to be given time to get accustomed to the type of protection he will be getting from the line. In essence, the same way a QB has to get comfortable with his receivers is what Drew will need to do with the offensive line. (Kurt looked pretty comfortable ... but I digress.)
  9. JakeCamp12

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    What does that mean, he is a wuss? Is it that he is injury prone? Or that he will not play hurt? The guy came back from multiple shoulder surgeries and is still trying to play. I don't understand that wuss comment...
  10. speedkilz88

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    Kurt was really helped with the 3 wide receiver set on first and second down. He had the Cowboys best pass rusher in coverage and some very talented receivers making some nice behind the back catches.
  11. Sportsbabe

    Sportsbabe Well-Known Member

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    Wuss was being nice. It rhymes with wuss (basically). The way I understand it as they have concluded that he is soft. Always getting hurt.
  12. Sportsbabe

    Sportsbabe Well-Known Member

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    After listening to BP's press conference, I'm almost giddy about our possibilities come opening day. Bill was only trying to see something against AZ. Only he knows what he was doing. (whew!!!)
  13. baj1dallas

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    Parcells didn't seem happy with him (Rogers) at the PC today. Sounded "frustrated" as they say.
  14. Fla Cowpoke

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    I think Wuss in this case means he won't play if he is nicked at all. That sucks. Contrast that with guys like Witten, who came back form the broken jaw early, to guys like Campbell, etc. Emmitt playing with a seperated shoulder. The list goes on and on.

    These guys in most cases are hurting every day. But most of them play with pain.

    Rogers tweaked his shoulder and immediately it is a big deal. Then they find nothing on the MRI. The point is many guys would have just played through it.

    The lack of a pass rush was not surprising, considering they played in the 3-4 most of the time and rarely blitzed.

    Hearing this stuff from Bill makes it understandable why we didn't look like gangbusters.

    Anyone remember the year we played the Texans? We scrimmaged them in the preseason, and completely embarrassed them. We sacked Carr and was in his face all day. We all know what happened when we played for real.

    I trust Parcells in this, and I know he has never been one to show his hand if he didn't have to. The fact that he was not exploding on the sideline was another clue that this game was about getting comfortable with the 3-4 and evaluating player's.
  15. tyke1doe

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    Fortunately, Fla. Cowpoke, you get the idea. This is preseason, a time for evaluation and to see what players can do in a bare basic defense and on offense.

    This Cowboys team will be vastly different the start of regular season.
  16. smashmouth

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    I hope you're rigiht about Drew, it didn't seem to bother the other guys. But I'm praying you're right.
  17. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    Not sure I would label him a wuss. Playing with bad shoulders can't be easy. Just living with them is very difficult. Can't sleep, can't lift anything over your head, hurts to move...

    I am beginning to fear he will be labeled as someone who has the talent but can't stay healthy. I've played with people like that. They are always genuinely hurt. It wasn't a character flaw at all. As I've said before my experience playing and treating athletes including professional ones is that some guys are often hurt somewhere most of the time or at least just too often to be counted on.

    That is what I fear about Jacobs. But it's too soon to write him off just yet. But he needs to worry about making this squad without being put on IR again. Parcells can't afford to cut someone or keep a roster spot open for an injured RT IMO. I'm not sure they would PUP him or IR. Hopefully he will get better in 2-4 weeks and hang in there.
  18. WilmingtonHeel

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    Let's see what happens to Jacobs now, He can suck it up and use this as motivation or continue to follow the trend he's set.
  19. percyhoward

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    I think he needs to come back with a new Roger Jacobs.
  20. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    Sorry. LOL .I also get him mixed up with Peterman. My bad. It's Rogers but might as well be Jacob Ladder if he's gonna stay hurt all the dime. Still laughing at my senile self.

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