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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 2, 2013.

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    IMO Dallas has a good rotation in place if they keep Ratliff. People are with this foolishness that Dallas needs a big DT to make this defense work. Chicago's DEF and heaviest Dt was Pea and he was listed as a generous 300lbs.

    If Dallas elects to release Ratliff then they would be left with Hatcher, Lissemore, Crawford, Price. In this case then a Dt is needed. I'd look at Chicago and then pluck one of their own. But not Melton, but Amobi Okoye. Guy is really active at DT. Didnt work out in Houston when drafted, but he did solid as a rotational DT. I think that is the scret to Chicago's success. They kept their DTs fresh. Because none of them are more than above average, and that above average is Melton.

    What they need are 2 disruptive DEs who can force one on one matchups inside. Ill take my money on Hatcher Lissemore Crawford and Okoye in one on ones. With some serious passrush from the outside from Ware and a DE. Bottle up the Qb and let the inside pressure force bad plays.

    Dallas IMO would be better off signing more depth at DT than a probowler. Then theres the draft. Dallas will shoot themselves in the foot if they draft a Dt in round 1 because theres plenty of talent but DE is another story. Alot of tweeners.

    Kawaan Short, Brandon Williams, Sylvester Williams, and Jordan Hill can all be had later in the draft. Hill as late as probably the end of the 3rd or early 4th. But DE? By the time the Cowboys pick in round 2 they could be left with Margus Hunt. Safe to say the Cowboys wont be playing against Fresno State tackles.

    People talk Dallas needs a Warren Sapp, but sorry there are no Warren Sapps in this draft. Sapp was special.

    Cowboys need to draft for Wares help and his eventual replacement. Cause he has about 3-4 yrs tops in Dallas left. He's probably playing in his last contract anyways.

    IMO Interior OL, DE then S should be the biggest concerns for this team right now. If Ratliff is released then I think DT moves up a notch but still isnt above the first 2.
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    If Spencer walks we are limited on passrushers. I fully expect the best DE to be taken in round 1
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    Let's assume for a minute that Ratliff remains on the team, and the team also keeps Spencer.

    What is then the most significant weakness on the defensive line? DE or DT?

    Assuming a healthy Ware, we would have him and Spencer. The rotational back-up may include either Crawford or Hatcher. But we would clearly need some quality depth.

    At DL, we could have Ratliff, Lissimore, Hatcher, and Crawford rotating, and possibly Spears and Brian Price vying to make the roster.

    I'm not sure where Albright and Wilber fit into this equation. Are they DEs or OLBs? Albright played DE in college I believe. I think Wilber did as well.

    I guess assuming Ratliff and Spencer still on the team, I'd look for a guy like S Floyd who has some versatility to play both DT and DE, or look to pick up a DE to develop in Rounds 2 or 3?
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    If Spencer and Ratliff are on the team then we aren't having to go after DL in the draft. We still need a 1/3 DT but that can be addressed in FA or later in the draft.
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    I dont get where people or media think Dallas doent have this or that. They dont know what they have because they've never played this style defense. Ratliff wasnt supposed to be a NT. But when they put him there he excelled.

    I have to believe and take the word of Kiffin when he says they already have alot of parts to run this def. Rather then a media person or people on a forum.

    Hell Dallas has talked about having alot of DTs already and even talked about Crawford being a DT. I'd think Dallas is more worried about DE than DT.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    Certainly if the Cowboys retained Spencer and Ratliff it would take the pressure off of "having" to draft a d-lineman in round one. But if the highest value pick at #18 was a d-lineman as opposed to any other position the I'm going that direction.
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    It would be foolish to keep him at his asking price he's a 3-4 olb and not so much a pass rusher. I'd honestly rather try him at OLB then make him a 4-3 DE where we'd emphesize the weakest aspect of his game and all but ignore his strenghts. He's not really a good 4-3 fit any way you look at it
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    I hope they take the best player available on their board. No matter what position and do that through out the entire draft. Don't be cute moving all over the board to stock pile 7th round picks that never make the team. Be smart, patient and trust the board and the scouts that have spent hours looking at these kids.
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    I don't think you can use that 7th round pick theory with Dallas. they seem to hit on these quite often

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    I completely agree with you. I'm tired of seeing people, even so called experts, saying the Cowboys do not have players for the 4-3 or "Kiffin's Defense". They actually have better fits along the defensive line for the 4-3 than they have had for a 3-4.

    Defensive End:
    The move mostly benefits DeMarcus Ware. Our best pass rusher, best defensive player. No more seeing him in coverage, his job is to rush the passer all the time. If they can resign Anthony Spencer then we are set at DE. If he is let go, then Crawford will have to play this position. He would probably fight for a job with a high draft pick.
    Spencer or Draft Pick

    Defensive Tackle:
    I believe Jay Ratliff will be on this team, and I think he will be productive in this new scheme playing the 1 technique with Hacher next to him playing the 3tech. Lissemore providing good depth at either position. If Spencer is re-signed then Crawford could see some time here also. Watch out for Brian Price also. I actually think Marcus Spears could see an improvement in production, if he's still on the team

    With this depth, there is no reason to draft for need in the 1st round. But i'm always for taking best player available, and finding a spot for them. This draft is deep along the defensive line, and it would be great to get a young fresh body to rotate with the above mentioned players. But its not a need.

    The key to this defensive line is what happens with Spencer, but either way this team has the right pieces for a 4-3.
  11. MissouriCowboy

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    Okoye be worth a look.
  12. xwalker

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    Amobi Okoye has started 59 games and played in 87, yet he is only 25 years old.

    He was drafted in April 2007. He was born in June 1987. By my math, he was only 19 when drafted.

    What type of contract do you give him?

  13. xwalker

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    What is BPA, really?

    Many analysts say that Warmack is the best OG in many years.

    Luke Joeckel is considered a possibility to got #1 overall this year; however, not many, if anybody, considers him the best OT in many years.

    Does that make Warmack the BPA over Joeckel? Probably not.

    IMO, BPA is really an over-simplification of the process of making the best pick.
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    We need a 3 technique run stopper. I'd still look for one in the draft.

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