Dallas Cowboys 101...1967

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    Row 1
    • Larry Gardner, Trainer
    • Jim Myers, Coach
    • 11 Danny Villanueva, K
    • 13 Jerry Rhome, QB
    • 14 Craig Morton, QB
    • 17 Don Meredith, QB, Pro Bowl *
    • 19 Lance Rentzel, FL
    • 20 Mel Renfro, DB, Pro Bowl
    • 21 Dick Daniels, DB
    • 22 Bob Hayes, E, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • Don Cochren, Trainer
    Row 2
    • Dick Nolan, Coach
    • 23 Mike Johnson, DB
    • 25 Les Shy, RB
    • 27 Mike Gaechter, DB
    • 30 Dan Reeves, HB, All Pro
    • 31 Sims Stokes, FL
    • 34 Cornell Green, DB, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 35 Pete Gent, E
    • 37 Phil Clark, DB
    • 43 Don Perkins, FB, Pro Bowl *
    • Ernie Stautner, Defensive Line Coach
    Row 3
    • 45 Leavie Davis, DB
    • 46 Craig Baynham, RB
    • 50 Jerry Tubbs, LB
    • 52 Dave Edwards, LB
    • 53 Mike Connelly, G-T
    • 54 Chuck Howley, LB, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 55 Lee Roy Jordan, LB, Pro Bowl, All Pro
    • 56 Harold Hays, LB
    • 57 Malcolm Walker, C
    • 62 Leon Donohue, G
    • Ermal Allen, Coach
    • Tom Landry, Head Coach
    Row 4
    • 64 Curtis Marker, G
    • 65 John Wilbur, G
    • 66 George Andrie, DE, Pro Bowl *
    • 68 Jim Boeke, T
    • 71 Willie Townes, DT
    • 72 Tony Liscio, T
    • 73 Ralph Neely, T, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 74 Bob Lilly, DT, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    Row 5
    • 75 Jethro Pugh, DE
    • 76 John Niland, G
    • 78 Coy Bacon, DT
    • 79 Ron East, DT
    • 82 Frank Clarke, E
    • 83 Harold Deters, K
    • 84 Pettis Norman, E
    • 85 Rayfield Wright, E
    Not pictured...51 Dave Manders, C, Pro Bowl *

    * = Starter

    :star: 1967 Cowboys Draft :star:
    3…Phil Clark, DB, Northwestern
    4…Curtis Marker, G, Northern Michigan
    6…Sims Stokes, WR, Northern Arizona
    7…Rayfield Wright, T, Ft. Valley State
    Hall of Fame...8/6/06
    Ring of Honor...10/10/04
    6 time Pro Bowl...1971-76
    4 time All Pro...1971-73, 75
    8…Steve Laub, QB, Illinois Wesleyan
    9…Byron Morgan, DB, Findlay
    10…Eugens Bowens, RB, Tennessee A&I
    11…Pat Riley, WR, Kentucky
    12…Harold Deters, K, North Carolina State
    13…Al Kerkian, DE, Akron
    14…Tommy Boyd, G, Tarleton State
    15…Leavie David, DB, Edward Waters
    16…Paul Brothers, QB, Oregon State
    17…George Adams, LB, Morehead State

    :star: 1967 Cowboys Schedule :star:
    Year 2 of 20 year winning streak

    NFL Capital Division Champs (1st)

    9/17/67…Won @ Cleveland Browns, 21-14
    9/24/67…Won vs. New York Giants, 38-24
    10/1/67…Lost vs. Los Angeles Rams, 13-35
    10/8/67…Won @ Washington Redskins, 17-14
    10/15/67…Won vs. New Orleans Saints, 14-10
    10/22/67…Won @ Pittsburgh Steelers, 24-21
    10/29/67…Lost @ Philadelphia Eagles, 14-21
    11/5/67…Won vs. Atlanta Falcons, 37-7
    11/12/67…Won @ New Orleans Saints, 27-10
    11/19/67…Lost vs. Washington Redskins, 20-27
    11/23/67…Won vs. St. Louis Cardinals, 46-21
    12/3/67…Lost @ Baltimore Colts, 17-23
    12/10/67…Won vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 38-17
    12/16/67…Lost @ San Francisco 49ers, 16-24

    5-2 @ Dallas
    4-3 on the road

    Points scored...342, 24.4 ppg
    Points allowed...268, 19.1 ppg

    12/24/67Won vs. Cleveland Browns, 52-14

    1967 PLAYOFF BOWL GAME "The Ice Bowl"
    12/31/67Lost @ Green Bay Packers, 17-21

    Cowboys all time record...44-61-5
    Cowboys Post Season record...1-2

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    11 Pro-Bowlers and 7 All-Pros, what an awesome team that was!

    Our QBs, Meredith and Morton struggled some during the regular season but we played well enough to win the division and crushed the Browns in the playoff game. Both Lance Rentzel and Bob Hayes came up just short of 1000 yard seasons receiving (996 and 998 respectively) and Perkins and Reeves did well in the running game.

    The "Ice Bowl" was a killer for me as I thought we had won the game until that final drive by the Packers. Everyone blamed Jethro Pugh for being pushed out of the way by Bowman and Kramer but the blame for Starr making it across the line should fall on MLB Lee Roy Jordan who inexplicably went to his right instead of his left. He totally misread the play but I can't figure out how or why. The shot of the play from the endzone clearly shows this.

    Too bad Pat Riley opted for basketball instead of football as I believe he would have made an excellent WR for us. But as a Lakers fan I am pretty happy with how things turned out. :)

    The biggest thing about this team was that it seemed to lack a killer instinct and allowed teams to hang around. We lost a number of games by teams coming back on us as the Packers did in the NFL Championship game. Landry tended to get conservative when he got a lead and we always played better when we were the ones coming from behind.

    Those late 60s - early 70s teams should have won every game as we were so much more talented than everyone else but we couldn't seem to keep the intensity up for 60 minutes. That was when I first came to hate the "prevent defense". :bang2: It has been an abiding hatred for some 40 years now.

    The best part of the season was stomping the Browns for once (52-14) and in the playoffs to boot. They had beaten us up since we came into the league and, even though we had beaten them a couple times in the last few years, it was finally payback time. Unfortunately, they would get their revenge on us the following two years, knocking us out of the playoffs both times. Still, we beat the crap out of them in 1967 and it was quite sweet!
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    This is the first season with the star having the blue border after 3 years with the white border.

    Oh and regarding the Ice Bowl, Illegal Motion Jerry Kramer. He clearly moves before the snap. Green Bay almost certainly would have kicked a FG to tie it and send it to overtime. I have always wondered if the Line Judge "missed" that call so he could get warm.

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