Dallas Cowboys 101...1970

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    Row 1
    • 10 Ron Widby, P
    • 11 Bob Belden, QB
    • 12 Roger Staubach, QB
    • 14 Craig Morton, QB
    • 19 Lance Rentzel, FL
    • 20 Mel Renfro, DB, Pro Bowl *
    • 22 Bob Hayes, E
    • 23 Margene Adkins, WR
    • 24 Dennis Homan, WR
    • 26 Herb Adderley, CB
    Row 2
    • 30 Dan Reeves, HB
    • 32 Walt Garrison, HB
    • 33 Duane Thomas, RB, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year
    • 34 Cornell Green, DB
    • 35 Calvin Hill, RB
    • 36 Joe Williams, RB
    • 41 Charlie Waters, S
    • 43 Cliff Harris, S
    • 45 Richmond Flowers, S
    • 46 Mark Washington, CB
    Row 3
    • 50 D. D. Lewis, LB
    • 51 Dave Manders, C
    • 52 Dave Edwards, LB
    • 54 Chuck Howley, LB, All Pro, Super Bowl V MVP
    • 55 Lee Roy Jordan, LB
    • 56 Tom Stincic, LB
    • 60 Steve Kiner, LB
    • 61 Blaine Nye, G
    • 62 John Fitzgerald,
    • C 63 Larry Cole, DL
    Row 4
    • 64 Halvor Hagen, C/G
    • 65 Doug Mooers, DE
    • 66 George Andrie, DE
    • 67 Pat Toomay, DE
    • 70 Rayfield Wright, E
    • 72 Tony Liscio, T
    • 73 Ralph Neely, T
    • 74 Bob Lilly, DT, Pro Bowl *
    • 75 Jethro Pugh, DE
    Row 5
    • 76 John Niland, G, Pro Bowl
    • 77 Ron East, DT
    • 78 Bob Asher, T
    • 83 Mike Clark, K
    • 84 Pettis Norman, E
    • 88 Reggie Rucker, WR
    • 89 Mike Ditka, TE
    Row 6
    • Jack Eskridge, Equipment Manager
    • Ray Renfro, Coach
    • Jerry Tubbs, Coach
    • Ernie Stautner, Coach
    • Bobby Franklin, Coach
    • Jim Myers, Coach
    • Tom Landry, Head Coach
    • Larry Gardner, Trainer
    • Don Cochren, Trainer
    * = Starter

    Cliff Harris
    Ring of Honor...10/10/04
    5 time Pro Bowl...1974-75, 77-79
    4 time All Pro...1975-78

    :star: 1970 Cowboys Draft :star:
    1…Duane Thomas, RB, West Texas State
    2…Bob Asher, T, Vanderbilt
    2…Margene Adkins, WR, Henderson J.C.
    3…Charlie Waters, DB, Clemson
    3 time Pro Bowl...1976-78
    2 time All Pro...1977-78
    3…Steve Kiner, LB, Tennessee
    3…Denton Fox, DB, Texas Tech
    4…John Fitzgerald, T, Boston College
    6…Pat Toomay, DE, Vanderbilt
    7…Don Abbey, LB, Penn State
    8…Jerry Dossey, G, Arkansas
    9…Zenon Andrusyshyn, K, UCLA
    10…Pete Athas, DB, Tennessee
    11…Ivan Southerland, T, Clemson
    12…Joe Williams, RB, Wyoming
    13…Mark Washington, DB, Morgan State
    14…Julian Martin, WR, North Carolina Central
    15…Ken DeLong, TE, Tennessee
    16…Seabern Hill, DB, Arizona State
    17…Glenn Patterson, C, Nebraska

    :star: 1970 Cowboys Schedule :star:
    Year 5 of 20 year winning streak

    NFC East Division Champs (1st)
    NFC Conference Champs (1st)

    9/20/70...Won @ Philadelphia Eagles, 17-7
    9/27/70...Won vs. New York Giants, 28-10
    10/4/70...Lost @ St. Louis Cardinals, 7-20
    10/11/70...Won vs. Atlanta Falcons, 13-0
    10/18/70...Lost @ Minnesota Vikings, 13-54
    10/25/70...Won @ Kansas City Chiefs, 27-16
    11/1/70...Won vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 21-17
    11/8/70...Lost @ New York Giants, 20-23
    11/15/70...Lost vs. St. Louis Cardinals, 0-38
    11/22/70...Won @ Washington Redskins, 45-21
    11/26/70...Won vs. Green Bay Packers, 16-3
    12/6/70...Won vs. Washington Redskins, 34-0
    12/12/70...Won @ Cleveland Browns, 6-2
    12/20/70...Won vs. Houston Oilers, 52-10

    6-1 @ Dallas
    4-3 on the road

    Points scored...299, 21.4 ppg
    Points allowed...221, 15.8 ppg

    12/26/70...Won vs. Detroit Lions, 5-0

    1/3/71...Won @ San Francisco 49ers, 17-10

    1/17/71...Lost to the Baltimore Colts, 13-16

    Cowboys all time record...77-69-6
    Cowboys Post Season Record...3-5
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    Welcome to the "Modern NFL." The merger with the AFL has now happened and Dallas is now in the NFC East. They are the first ever Champions of the NFC East, and by far the most frequent Champion having won 15 division titles in the NFC East.

    If 1968 was one of our best teams ever, and I believe it was, then 1970 is the payoff for how good that team was. The tempering of the team's metal has begun. In 1970 we finally arrive as a legitimate Championship contender.

    I still say Mel Renfro never touched the ball that John Mackey caught and that play was illegal. Oh what might have been. That Super Bowl was the first game I ever watched where I saw the whole game. I got hooked on football that day, and especially on the Cowboys.

    In 1970 the Cowboys all time record in wins and losses rose above .500. It has never dropped back below that line and barring a 15 year run of utter futility never will again.
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    I see Richmond Flowers but where's Chad? :D
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    I just got through reading a synopsized version of John Hayman's, "Bitter Harvest".

    The Flower's family certainly have a place in this country's history they can be immensely proud of. Even if ol' Richmond's grandson couldn't sing a lick!! :D

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    Cool to see Charlie Waters and Cliff Harris sitting together for the first time. One of the best Safety duos of all time.

    That Super Bowl killed me as I was absolutely sure we would win and we should have. The worst call ever was made in that game:

    Ahead 13-6 in the 3rd quarter and with the ball on the Colts' two yard line, Duane Thomas took a handoff up the middle and looked like he was about to score when he was hit and fumbled at the one-foot line. Canter Dave Manders immediately fell on the ball and there was a pileup. The Colts players started jumping and pointing, yelling that they had the ball. The ref never even looked to see who had it or to up-pile the players first, he just pointed the Colts' direction and awarded them the ball. When the players were finally unpiled there was Manders with the ball but the ref would not reverse his decision,

    To me that was the turning point in the game as we would have been up 20-6 or at least 16-6 if we failed to score a TD there. Norm Schachter (I called him Shafter from then on) was the referee and I hated that guy forever for that call.

    Colts Safety Jim Duncan had setup the play by fumbling the opening kickoff of the 2nd half and he was awarded with the recovery on Thomas' fumble but he never had the ball, Manders had it the whole time.

    That was truly a low point for my life after that loss.
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    I forgot about that "fumble."

    THUMPER Papa

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    How do you award the ball to a team without even knowing who has the ball?

    I hated that freakin moron! :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:

    That whole game was full of bad calls, bad plays, and weird bounces.

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