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    Row 1
    • 9 Mitch Hoopes, P
    • 12 Roger Staubach, QB, Pro Bowl
    • 15 Toni Fritsch, K
    • 19 Clint Longley, QB
    • 20 Mel Renfro, DB
    • 21 Doug Dennison, RB
    • 26 Preston Pearson, RB
    • 30 Charles Young, RB
    • 31 Benny Barnes, DB
    Row 2
    • 35 Scott Laidlaw, RB
    • 41 Charlie Waters, S
    • 42 Randy Hughes, S
    • 43 Cliff Harris, S, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 44 Robert Newhouse, FB
    • 45 Roland Woolsey, DB
    • 46 Mark Washington, CB
    • 50 D. D. Lewis, LB
    • 52 Dave Edwards, LB
    Row 3
    • 53 Bob Breunig, LB
    • 54 Randy White, DT/LB
    • 55 Lee Roy Jordan, LB
    • 56 Thomas Henderson, LB
    • 57 Kyle Davis, C
    • 58 Calvin Peterson, LB
    • 59 Ken Hutcherson, LB
    • 61 Blaine Nye, G
    • 62 John Fitzgerald, C
    • 63 Larry Cole, DL
    Row 4
    • 66 Burton Lawless, G
    • 67 Pat Donovan, T
    • 68 Herbert Scott, G
    • 70 Rayfield Wright, TE/T, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 72 Ed Jones, DE
    • 73 Ralph Neely, G/T
    • 75 Jethro Pugh, DE
    • 77 Bill Gregory, DL
    • 78 Bruce Walton, G
    Row 5
    • 79 Harvey Martin, DE
    • 81 Percy Howard, WR
    • 83 Golden Richards, WR
    • 84 Jean Fugett, TE
    • 87 Ron Howard, TE
    • 88 Drew Pearson, WR
    • 89 Billy Joe DuPree, TE
    • Ken Locker, Assistant Trainer
    • Buck Buchanan, Equipment Manager
    • Don Cochren, Trainer
    Row 6
    • Tom Landry, Head Coach
    • Jim Myers, Coach
    • Ernie Stautner, Coach
    • Ermal Allen, Coach
    • Dan Reeves, Coach
    • Jerry Tubbs, Coach
    • Mike Ditka, Coach
    • Alvin Roy, Coach
    • Gene Stallings, Coach
    • Jim Hughes, Coach
    :star: 1975 Cowboys Draft :star:
    "The Dirty Dozen"
    1…Randy White, DT, Maryland
    Ring of Honor...10/9/94
    Hall of Fame...7/30/94
    9 time Pro Bowl, 1977-85
    8 time All Pro...1978-85
    1…Tom Henderson, LB, Langston
    1 time Pro Bowl...1978
    2…Burton Lawless, G, Florida
    3…Bob Breunig, LB, Arizona State
    3 time Pro Bowl...1979-80, 82
    4…Pat Donavan, DE, Stanford
    4 time Pro Bowl...1979-82
    4…Randy Hughes, DB, Oklahoma
    5…Kyle Davis, C, Oklahoma
    6…Roland Woolsey, DB, Boise State
    7…Michael Hegman, LB, Tennessee State
    8…Mitch Hoopes, P, Arizona
    9…Ed Jones, DB, Rutgers
    10…Dennis Booker, RB, Millersville
    11…Greg Krpalek, C, Oregon State
    12…Charles Bland, DB, Cincinnati
    13…Herbert Scott, G, Virginia Union
    3 time Pro Bowl...1979-81
    2 time All Pro...1980-81
    14…Scott Laidlaw, RB, Stanford
    15…Willie Hamilton, RB, Arizona
    16…Pete Clark, TE, Colorado State
    17…Jim Testerman, TE, Dayton

    :star:1975 Cowboys Schedule :star:
    Year 10 of 20 year winning streak

    NFC Conference Champs (3rd)

    9/21/75...Won vs. Los Angeles Rams, 18-7
    9/28/75...Won vs. St. Louis Cardinals, 37-31 OT
    10/6/75...Won @ Detroit Lions, 36-10
    10/12/75...Won @ New York Giants, 13-7
    10/19/75...Lost vs. Green Bay Packers, 17-19
    10/26/75...Won @ Philadelphia Eagles, 20-17
    11/2/75...Lost @ Washington Redskins, 24-30 OT
    11/9/75...Lost vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 31-34
    11/16/75...Won @ New England Patriots, 34-31
    11/23/75...Won vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 27-17
    11/30/75...Won vs. New York Giants, 14-3
    12/7/75...Lost @ St. Louis Cardinals, 17-31
    12/14/75...Won vs. Washington Redskins, 31-10
    12/21/75...Won @ New York Jets, 31-21

    5-2 @ Dallas
    5-2 on the road

    Points scored...350, 25.0 ppg
    Points allowed...268, 19.1 ppg

    12/28/75...Won @ Minnesota Vikings, 17-14

    1/4/76...Won @ Los Angeles Rams, 37-7

    1/16/76...Lost to Pittsburgh Steelers, 17-21

    All time franchise record...126-90-6
    All time Post Season Record...10-8

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    What a great year 1975 was for us. No one expected us to do anything and many predicted that we would come in last place in our division but we had a great draft "The Dirty Dozen" and ended up going to the SuperBowl and losing a close game to the Steelers.

    It was also a very tough year for us long time Fans as several of our greats were no longer on the team: Bob Lilly, George Andrie, Chuck Howley, Bob Hayes, Walt Garrison, Dave Manders, Cornell Green, John Niland, Tony Liscio, and Herb Adderley had all retired or left over the last couple of years.

    This was a new team with a mix of veterans and young players but with a lot of talent. Staubach bounced back from the disappointing season of last year and played very well. Robert Newhouse came close to 1000 yards rushing and Drew Pearson became our top WR.

    Outside of the draft, we added one new player in Preston Pearson who was to become our 3rd down specialist. He wasn't a great runner but he was an excellent receiver out of the backfield and became a favorite target for Staubach over the years.

    That draft gave us several talented players, most notably Randy White, Thomas Henderson, Bob Breunig, Herb Scott, Mike Hegman, Burton Lawless, Randy Hughes, and Scott Laidlaw all of whom would play for us for many years except Henderson.

    In the playoff game against the Vikings was the famous "Hail Mary" pass from Staubach to Drew Pearson. We then won one of our most lopsided playoff games ever in stomping the Rams 37-7 and it could have been worse. Preston Pearson caught 3 TDs passes that day as the Rams had no answer for him out of the backfield.

    The SB was marred by bad calls, non calls, and just bad luck as we came up short after having the lead through most of the game. The Stealers blocked a punt out of the end zone for a safety and that was the turning point in the game to me as they took the momentum away from us.

    Lynn Swann made his name in that game as he scorched us for 161 yards mostly on a couple of big plays as he only caught 4 passes. Poor Mark Washington was always in the right position but couldn't keep Swann from catching the ball.

    As disappointing as that loss was it was still remarkable that we even got there with so many new faces and with so many predicting a losing season for us.
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    I remember thinking that we would convert every 3rd down because of the chemistry between Staubach and Preston Pearson. Then when teams geared up to stop Preston, Staubach burned them deep.

    For those who never saw Roger play but did see Troy Aikman play, imagine the chemistry between Troy and Jay. It was the same with Preston and Roger. It was almost magical at times.
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    the shame of that class was Randy Hughes. He had shoulder problems but could have been very good. He played a great game in the 77 superbowl.

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