Dallas Cowboys 101... 1991

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    Row 1
    • Mike Woicik, Coach
    • 1 Ken Willis, K
    • 4 Mike Saxon, P
    • 7 Steve Beuerlein, QB
    • 8 Troy Aikman, QB, Pro Bowl
    • 18 Cliff Stoudt, QB
    • 20 Ray Horton, S
    • 21 James Dixon, WR/RB
    • 22 Emmitt Smith, RB, Pro Bowl *
    • 23 Robert Williams, CB
    • 24 Larry Brown, CB
    • 27 Curvin Richards, RB
    • Steve Hoffman, Coach
    Row 2
    • Buck Buchanan, Equipment Manager
    • Jerry Fowler, Assistant Equipment Manager
    • Larry Dixon, Football Operations
    • 29 Kenneth Gant, S
    • 30 Issiac Holt, CB
    • 32 Alonzo Highsmith, FB
    • 34 Tommy Agee, RB
    • 36 Vince Albritton, S/LB
    • 37 James Washington, S
    • 40 Bill Bates, S
    • 45 Manny Hendrix, CB
    • Joe Brodsky, Coach
    • Joe Avezzano, Coach
    Row 3
    • Don Cochren, Medical Records
    • Adrian Melendez, Trainer
    • 46 Ricky Blake, RB
    • 48 Daryl Johnston, FB
    • 51 Ken Norton Jr., LB
    • 52 Mickey Pruitt, LB
    • 53 Mark Stepnoski, C
    • 55 Jack Del Rio, LB
    • 57 Vinson Smith, LB
    • 58 Dixon Edwards, LB
    • 59 Darrick Brownlow, LB
    • Ron Meeks, Defensive Assistant
    • Robert Ford, Coach
    Row 4
    • Kevin O'Neill, Trainer
    • Jim Maurer, Trainer
    • 60 Tony Hill, DE
    • 61 Nate Newton, OL
    • 62 Leon Lett, DL
    • 63 John Gesek, G
    • 66 Kevin Gogan, T
    • 67 Russell Maryland, DT
    • 70 Dale Hellestrae, C
    • 71 Mark Tuinei, OT/DL
    • Hubbard Alexander, Coach
    • Dave Campo, Coach
    Row 5
    • Bruce Mays, Administration Assistant
    • Bob Ackles, Player Personnel Director
    • 73 Danny Noonan, DL
    • 75 Tony Casillas, DT
    • 76 Alan Veingrad, OL
    • 77 Jim Jeffcoat, DE
    • 79 Erik Williams, T
    • 80 Alvin Harper, WR
    • 81 Alexander Wright, WR
    • 83 Kelvin Martin, WR
    • Tony Wise, Coach
    • Butch Davis, Coach
    Row 6
    • Jerry Jones, Owner/General Manager
    • Jimmy Johnson, Head Coach, FD NFL Coach of the Year
    • 84 Jay Novacek, TE, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 87 Alfredo Roberts, TE
    • 88 Michael Irvin, WR, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 89 Rob Awalt, TE
    • 92 Tony Tolbert, DL
    • 96 Daniel Stubbs, DE
    • 97 Jimmie Jones, DT
    • 98 Godfrey Myles, LB
    • Norv Turner, Coach
    • Dave Wannstedt, Coach
    * = Starter

    :star: 1991 Cowboys Draft :star:
    1…Russell Maryland, DT, Miami (FL)
    1 time Pro Bowl...1993
    1…Alvin Harper, WR, Tennessee
    1…Kelvin Pritchett, DT, Mississippi
    2…Dixon Edwards, LB, Michigan State
    3…Godfrey Miles, LB, Florida
    3…James Richards, G, California
    3…Erik Williams, T, Central State (OH)
    4 time Pro Bowl...1993, 96-97, 99
    2 time All Pro...1993, 95
    4…Curvin Richards, RB, Pittsburgh
    4…Bill Muscrave, QB, Oregon
    4…Tony Hill, DE, Tennessee-Chattanooga
    4…Kevin Harris, DE, Texas Southern
    5…Darrick Brownlow, LB, Illinois
    6…Mike Sullivan, G, Miami (FL)
    7…Leon Lett, DT, Emporia State
    2 time Pro Bowl...1994, 98
    9…Damon Mays, WR, Missouri
    10…Sean Love, G, Penn State
    11…Tony Boles, RB, Michigan
    12…Larry Brown, DB, Texas Christian

    :star: 1991 Cowboys Schedule :star:

    9/1/91…Won @ Cleveland Browns, 26-14

    9/9/91…Lost vs. Washington Redskins, 31-33
    9/15/91…Lost vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 0-24
    9/22/91…Won @ Phoenix Cardinals,17-9
    9/29/91…Won vs. new York Giants, 21-16
    10/6/91…Won @ Green Bay Packers, 20-17
    10/13/91…Won vs. Cincinnati Bengals, 35-23
    10/20/91…Bye week
    10/27/91…Lost @ Detroit Lions, 10-34
    11/3/91…Won vs. Phoenix Cardinals, 27-7
    11/10/91…Lost @ Houston Oilers, 23-26 OT
    11/17/91…Lost @ New York Giants, 9-22
    11/24/91…Won @ Washington Redskins, 24-21
    11/28/91…Won vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 20-10
    12/8/91…Won vs. New Orleans Saints, 23-14
    12/15/91…Won @ Philadelphia Eagles, 25-13
    12/22/91…Won vs. Atlanta Falcons, 31-27

    6-2 @ Dallas
    5-3 on the road

    Points scored...342, 21.4 ppg
    Points allowed...310, 19.4 ppg

    12/29/91...Won @ Chicago Bears, 17-13

    1/5/92...Lost @ Detroit Lions, 6-38

    All time franchise record...269-191-6
    All time Post Season Record...21-17
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    What else needs to be said besides 1991? Finally we were vindicated as fans. I believe this was the year that the commercial aired that had some Cowboys players walking along the side of the road in their uniforms and Johnson comes driving up and asks "Where y'all going?". They answer, "To the Superbowl". And Jimmy says, "Hop in!".

    I've always loved being a Cowboys fan, and these guys were making it so much fun again.
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    Unless I'm counting wrong or forgetting someone, there are six people in that picture who ended up being a Head Coach in the NFL. That's not bad. Of course, not many ended up being a good NFL head coach.

    Here is who I count:

    Jimmy Johnson
    Butch Davis
    Dave Wannstedt
    Dave Campo
    Norv Turner
    Jack Del Rio

    Funny that of all the guys who went on to be head coaches... the guy who's done the best is Del Rio - who was a player in '91.
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    The biggest downside of that season was watching the Skins spank Detroit and then go on and spank the Bills. However, I would have much rather lost in the Divisional round, then lose the NFC title game to the Skins. Unfortunately, they were that good that season.
  5. dogunwo

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    This must have been the first season where we were reaping the benefits of the Herschel Walker trade. Thats a truckload of draft picks right there
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    I believe the commercial was 1993, after they had won the year before.......
  7. LeonDixson

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    You're probably right, come to think of it. Thanks. I loved that commercial, though.
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    Some memories I have from the 1991 season

    After beating the Browns on opening day, the Boys hosted the Skins on a Monday Night. It was the first Monday Night game for the Boys since 1988 as they were obviously not seen to be a good team in the first two years in the Jimmy regime. I think this is where Emmitt really showcased his talent to the nation as he outraced the Skins D for a 75 yard touchdown, but he hardly played after the touchdown as he was suffering from dehydration. Our running game was nonexistant and the Skins came from behind to win the game 33-31.

    The next week, the Boys were blanked by the Eagles 24-0 led by Jim McMahon. The Eagles D sacked Aikman 11 times. I kept thinking to myself, I thought we had improved after a strong finish in 1990. And we lost to the Eagles with their backup QB?

    A couple weeks later, hosted the defending SB champion Giants team, although they weren't the same team without the Tuna. Beat them in a hard fought game with Aikman hitting Irvin again for the winning score. And Issiac Holt sealing the win with an INT in the end zone after getting torched all game by Mark Ingram.

    After winning the next couple of games, we went to Detroit to face the Lions, and I remember getting spanked 34-10. The one memory I have from this game was Ray Crockett intercepting Aikman for a 95 yard interception and he taunted Dallas by stopping at the 5 yard line and then walking backwards into the endzone to cap off an embarrassing showing.

    A couple of weeks later, after losing at Houston and at the Giants, Dallas would play their 3rd road game in a row against the 11-0 Redskins. This is my most memorable game, as Jimmy was aggressive with his playcalling with throwing downfield early in the game, and going for it on several 4th downs and converting them! Emmitt had another big day and Michael Irvin abused all-pro CB Darrell Green all game long. Aikman suffered a sprained knee in the 3rd qtr and missed the rest of the game, and the season as Steve Beuerlein took over to help preserve the win. Dallas went on to win 24-21 at RFK handing the Skins their first loss. This was the game I believe Jimmy made the famous "When you're fighting with a gorilla, you don't tap him lightly, you hit him with everything you got" speech in the locker room after the game. I think this game is what started the dynasty as Dallas would go on to win the rest of their games in the regular season, including finally beating the Eagles at the Vet to clinch a playoff spot for the first time since 1985.

    When the playoffs came, Dallas went to Chicago for the Wild Card game and won a hard-fought defensive battle 17-13, and then had the rematch against the Lions where they were embarrassed during the season. This is the game where Beuerlein truly looked like a backup QB as he made a lot of first half mistakes and was yanked for Aikman who came back for the first time since the Skins game where he injured his knee. Although he didn't fare much better, Jimmy was looking to Troy to create a spark in the team after falling behind 17-6 at the half, but there was no spark, as Dallas went on to lose worse than the reg season game, 38-6. Dallas' gameplan was to not let Barry Sanders beat them, but Lions backup QB Erik Kramer torched them in the air for 341 yards for 3 TDs. Barry Sanders had that ridiculous 47 yard touchdown scamper as he juked defenders who thought they had him tackled yet he was still running. Tony Casillas and Ken Norton were still trying to find Barry Sanders in the pile.

    A memorable finish to the season, despite the loss, as the Cowboys realized after the win at Washington that they could beat any NFL team out there. A strong finish to the season had Jimmy and the Boys thinking for bigger goals the next season. Make a couple of trades for a pass rusher and a ballhawking safety and find a shutdown corner in the draft, and Dallas would be on their way in 1992.
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    Larry Brown's name should be highlighted as well, he played the corner back position stellar while in Dallas, if proof is needed go back and look at the film.
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    Good call....

    He was 12th round draft pick and started early in the season. A good move for our pass defense, as I was sick and tired of seeing Manny Hendrix get toasted.
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    In my almost 40 years of watching the Cowboys I cannot recall a regular season with two bigger wins than those wins at Washington & Philly in 1991.

    The Skins game had the onside kick, the Irvin roasting of all-pro Darrell Green, the halftime Hail Mary TD to Harper, the injury to Aikman & the start of Beurline's magical run.

    The Philly game had the bitter Philly weather, field position battle that was finally settled by K-Mart's punt return for a TD to break the Eagles back. And don't forget Isaac Holt's crushing block on that return.

    I must say that I dearly wish Randall Cunningham had been at QB with Buddy Ryan on the sidelines that day. But you can only beat who is put in front of you so on this day Jeff Kemp & Rich Kotite would have to suffice.

    Those two games and that late season winning streak symbolized the re-emergence of America's Team.

    How sweet it was. :bow:

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    I believe Hos is only highlighting guys in the list who made the Pro-Bowl or All-Pro at some point in their careers with the Cowboys.
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    The thing I will always remember about this season was the 2 games against the Lions. I was working at Sears and a co-worker named Rick was from Detroit and a huge Lions fan. So for the regular season game we made a friendly little wager. The loser had to put the winner's bumper sticker on his car for a month.

    I got to take that nasty thing off on Thanksgiving Day. Thank goodness.

    The thing is though, if you look at the stats of that game and not the score, you'd swear Dallas killed them. We moved the ball but we could not score. Naturally I felt that loss was a complete and total fluke and I refused to give Rick or the Lions any credit. It drove him nuts.

    Then we earned the right to play them again in the playoffs. I honestly felt we were the better team and was eager to get my revenge on Rick. The trash talking I had done about the better team had not won had strengthened Rick's resolve and he wanted the stakes of the bet to be even higher.

    We bet our hair. Loser would have to get the winner's team logo shaved into the side of his head and the score of the game in the back and go to work for a day and not allowed to wear a cap.

    I had to pay for that damned haircut too. Eric Kramer literally carved the Cowboys apart in that game. He was like a surgeon.

    I couldn't wait to shave my head and erase that shame. Every time I walked by Rick at work that day he would roar.

    You want to know the worst part? The next year we played the Lions again and Rick didn't want to bet. Said he was satisfied. So we only destroyed them and I got no revenge at all.
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    I almost forgot this. After the Super Bowl that year I got to meet my in-laws for the first time. They were living in Australia when I married their daughter. My Father-in-law was a photographer for Arizona Highways Magazine for 40 years. They got asked to go to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for about a year and half to microfilm birth records, death records, marriage records, etc. for the governments of those countries. It was a way for them to store information and access it easier.

    They came home on Valentine's Day of 1992 after the Redskins had beat the Bills in Super Bowl XXVI. So we're at the airport in Phoenix to meet them and who comes off their plane but Jim Kelly, the QB of the Bills.

    I recognized him immediately and said, "hey Jim Kelly. I was pulling for you the last 2 years in the Super Bowl."

    His response was something like, "were you?" And he walked off.

    I thought he was kind of arrogant, but I let it slide because he didn't know me and he was probably on vacation. I found out later that it was his birthday.

    So at the baggage claim area my sister-in-law tells a couple of my nephews that he is Jim Kelly the QB of the Cardinals.

    Jim Kelly rudely said, "It's the Bills lady. Don't you know anything?"

    I kept my mouth shut.

    Then two of my older nephews asked him for an autograph and he said, "You guys are just killing me here."

    I had heard enough. I said, "There's no need to be rude to kids who look up to you. I hope you play the Cowboys in the Super Bowl next year and we beat the crap out of you."

    I love karma.
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    Great story Hostile
  16. Yeagermeister

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    I agree he should be highlighted. He's better than an all pro or pro bowler. He's a SB MVP......thanks to Neil O'Donnell. :D
  17. Hostile

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    The "highlighted" names are only those who were All Pros or Pro Bowlers while playing for the Cowboys.

    Larry Brown was never either. There are several players better who didn't get "highlighted" either.
  18. Yeagermeister

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    So SB MVP doesn't rank high enough? :confused:
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    I remember losing to the Giants and falling to 6-5 having to face the undefeated Redskins in DC the following week. The prospects for finally making it back to the playoffs were starting to look bleak.

    Then the Boys went into Washington and handed the Redskins their first loss of the year. Then came the Steelers game on Thanksgiving with Irvin making a huge 70 yard TD catch in the fourth to seal the win. That is still one of my most memorable moments of that season. That was followed a couple of weeks later with the win in Philly, which locked up a playoff spot and imo, solidified our turning point. In all we won the last 5 games of the regular season after that Giants loss. I remember the last week of the year there were all kinds of "The Boys Are Back" signs and articles.

    I also vividly remember seeing us go into Chicago and beat the Bears setting up a Divisional round game at Detroit. I really thought we were a win away from playing the Redskins for a shot at the Super Bowl. I knew winning at Washington again would be tough but we seemed to always play them well in those days. But the unanticipated thrashing in Detroit put an end to any fairy tale dreams that year. Little did I realize then that we would win three of the next four Super Bowls. It's hard to believe it's been 16 years since our run started.
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    Chuck Howley, MVP of Super Bowl V, 1970 season. Noted in the 1970 thread. Not noted in the 1961 thread, his 1st year on the team.

    No one said anything about that exclusion.

    Roger Staubach, MVP of Super Bowl VI, 1971 season. Noted in the 1971 thread. Not noted in the 1969 thread, his 1st year on the team, nor the 1964 thread, his draft year.

    No one said anything about these exclusions.

    Harvey Martin, Co-MVP of Super Bowl XII, 1977 season. Noted in the 1977 thread. Not noted in the 1973 thread, his first on the team.

    No one said anything about that exclusion.

    Randy White, Co-MVP of Super Bowl XII, 1977 season. Noted in the 1977 thread. Not noted in the 1975 thread, his first on the team.

    No one said anything about that exclusion.

    Troy Aikman, MVP of Super Bowl XXVII, 1992 season. Noted in the 1992 thread as you will see tomorrow. Not noted in the 1989 thread, his first year on the team.

    No one said anything about that exclusion.

    Emmitt Smith, MVP of Super Bowl XXVIII, 1993 season. Noted in the 1993 thread as you will see Wednesday. Not noted in the 1990 thread, his first year on the team.

    No one said anything about that exclusion.

    Larry Brown, MVP of Super Bowl XXX, 1995 season. Noted in the 1995 thread as you will see Friday. Not noted in the 1991 thread, his first year on the team.

    I've been consistent.

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