Dallas Cowboys 101...1995

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    Row 1
    • Mike McCord, Equipment Manager
    • Bucky Buchanan, Assistant Equipment
    • 1 Oronde Gadsden, WR
    • 8 Troy Aikman, QB, Pro Bowl
    • 10 Jon Baker, K
    • 11 Wade Wilson, QB
    • 17 Jason Garrett, QB
    • 18 Chris Boniol, K
    • 19 John Jett, P
    • 20 Sherman Williams, RB
    • 22 Emmitt Smith, RB, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 23 Alundis Brice, CB
    • Joe Brodsky, Coach
    • Steve Hoffman, Coach
    Row 2
    • Danny Bradley, Player Progress
    • Ulysses Byas, Intern Trainer
    • Craig Boller, Def. Assistant
    • 24 Larry Brown, CB, Super Bowl XXX MVP
    • 25 Scott Case, S
    • 27 Greg Tremble, S
    • 28 Darren Woodson, S, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 31 Brock Marion, S
    • 36 Dominique Ross, RB
    • 38 David Lang, RB
    • 40 Bill Bates, S
    • Neill Armstrong, Consultant
    • Mike Woicik, Coach
    • Joe Avezzano, Coach
    Row 3
    • Steve Carichoff, Operations Assistant
    • Bob Haas, Ast. Trainer
    • 42 Charlie Williams, S
    • 47 Clayton Holmes, CB
    • 48 Daryl Johnston, FB
    • 52 Jim Schwantz, LB
    • 53 Ray Donaldson, C, Pro Bowl
    • 54 Anthony Fieldings, LB
    • 55 Robert Jones, LB
    • 56 Reggie Barnes,
    • 58 Dixon Edwards, LB
    • 61 Nate Newton, OL, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • Hubbard Alexander, Coach
    • John Blake, Coach
    Row 4
    • Craig Glieber, Assistant Operations Director
    • Jim Maurer, Assistant Trainer
    • Don Cochren, Medical Records
    • 62 John Jones, G
    • 63 Shane Hannah, G
    • 65 Ron Stone, T
    • 67 Russell Maryland, DT
    • 68 Michael Batiste, G/C
    • 69 George Hegamin, T
    • 70 Dale Hellestrae, C
    • 71 Mark Tuinei, OT/DL, Pro Bowl
    • 73 Larry Allen, G/T, Pro Bowl, All Pro
    • Robert Ford, Coach
    • Mike Zimmer, Coach
    Row 5
    • Bruce Mays, Director Operations
    • Kevin O'Neill, Trainer
    • 78 Leon Lett, DL
    • 79 Erik Williams, T, All Pro
    • 81 Edward Hervey, WR
    • 82 Cory Fleming, WR
    • 83 Kendell Watkins, WR
    • 84 Jay Novacek, TE, Pro Bowl *
    • 85 Kevin Williams, WR
    • 86 Eric Bjornson, TE
    • 87 Billy Davis, WR
    • 88 Michael Irvin, WR, Pro Bowl
    • Hudson Houck, Coach
    • Jim Eddy, Coach
    Row 6
    • Jerry Jones, Owner/General Manager
    • Barry Switzer, Head Coach
    • Stephen Jones, Director Player Personnel
    • 90 Oscar Sturgis, DE
    • 91 Darren Benson, DT
    • 92 Tony Tolbert, DL
    • 94 Charles Haley, DE, Pro Bowl *
    • 95 Chad Hennings, DT
    • 96 Shante Carver, DE
    • 98 Godfrey Myles, LB
    • 99 Hurvin McCormack, DT
    • Larry Lacewell, Director Scouting
    • Ernie Zampese, Coach
    • Dave Campo, Coach
    Not pictured...21 Deion Sanders, All Pro

    * = Starter

    Deion Sanders
    4 time Pro Bowl...1996-99
    5 time All Pro...1995-99

    Ray Donaldson
    2 time Pro Bowl...1995-96

    :star: 1995 Cowboys Draft :star:
    2…Sherman Williams, RB, Alabama
    2…Kendell Watkins, TE, Mississippi State
    2…Shane Hannah, G, Michigan State
    3…Charlie Williams, DB, Bowling Green
    4…Eric Bjornson, WR, Washington
    4…Alundis Brice, DB, Mississippi
    4…Linc Harden, LB, Oklahoma State
    5…Edward Hervey, WR, USC
    5…Dana Howard, LB, Illinois
    7…Oscar Sturgis, DE, North Carolina

    :star: 1995 Cowboys Schedule :star:

    NFC East Division Champs (13th)
    NFC Conference Champs (8th)

    9/4/95…Won @ New York Giants, 35-0

    9/10/95…Won vs. Denver Broncos, 31-21
    9/17/95…Won @ Minnesota Vikings, 23-17 OT
    9/24/95…Won vs. Arizona Cardinals, 34-20
    10/1/95…Lost @ Washington Redskins, 23-27
    10/8/95…Won vs. Green Bay Packers, 34-24
    10/15/95…Won @ San Diego Chargers, 23-9
    10/22/95…Bye week
    10/29/95…Won @ Atlanta Falcons, 28-13
    11/6/95…Won vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 34-12
    11/12/95…Lost vs. San Francisco 49ers, 20-38
    11/19/95…Won @ Oakland Raiders, 34-21
    11/23/95…Won vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 24-12
    12/3/95…Lost vs. Washington Redskins, 17-24
    12/10/95…Lost @ Philadelphia Eagles, 17-20
    12/17/95…Won vs. New York Giants, 21-20
    12/25/95…Won @ Atlanta Falcons, 37-13

    6-2 @ Dallas
    6-2 on the road

    Points scored...435, 27.2 ppg
    Points allowed...291, 18.2 ppg

    1/7/96...Won vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 30-11

    1/14/96...Won vs. Green Bay Packers, 38-27

    1/28/96...Won vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 27-17

    All time franchise record...318-206-6
    All time Post Season Record...31-18
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    I rate this thread..... a ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    Nah j/k, I had the 1992 Super Bowl winning team picture from the DMN hanging on my wall when i was 8 years old

    I cut it out of there myself :)

    the 1995 boys weren't so bad were they?
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    The players weren't but the coach is a different story. :D
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    Was Deion to cool for the picture?
  6. Yeagermeister

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    He didn't join the team in time.
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    Wow, what a draft.

    If these threads have taught me one thing (well, taught is the wrong word.....reminded is much better) is how much I miss Woodson.
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    Only 3 things I wish that were different about that team:

    1. I wish Jimmy were still the coach.

    2. I wish they would've beat San Fran. that year.

    3. I wish they'd put the stripes back on their socks, even today.

    All in all it's hard to complain too much about a Superbowl championship! I got to see my team win 3, most fans don't even get to see their team win one, so i'm grateful.

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    That had to be one of the worst drafts ever. The only guy who started than a couple games was Eric Bjornson and he was far from being a true starting caliber player. Sherman Williams played in several games but was strictly a backup player.

    Great team that year but it was the last one for us... until now. :D

    Emmitt was amazing that season and the pickup of Center Ray Donaldson was key to his success as was the emergence of Larry Allen. That O-Line was probably the best we ever had and one of the best in NFL history IMO.

    Getting swept by the stinking Redskins sucked but beating the Stealers in the SB was so sweet!

    I hate that so many people credit the addition of Deion Sanders for winning the SB that year as it was our offense that was the strength of the team. Deion actually didn't do that much that season and really wasn't an upgrade over Kevin Smith (when healthy). He was an outstanding cover guy and had amazing closing speed which he used to bait QBs into throwing his way when it looked like the WR was open. But he was never as good as the media made him out to be.

    The O-Line, Emmitt, Aikman, Irvin, Novacek, & Moose were why we won in 1995. Our defense was the weak link and lost a number of games that we should have won because we had trouble stopping them late in games. This was Dave Campo's first season as DC and it would be a problem throughout his tenure as well as his understudy, Mike Zimmer.

    If not for Larry Brown's timely interceptions in the SB the Stealers might have won that game as they were moving at will against our defense.
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    Put #2 in place of #1........;)
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    That last game of the season has some memories for me. Emmitt Smith broke the single season rushing TD record. It was Buddy Ryan's last game as the Cardinals Head Coach and right across from me a guy had a sign that said "stupid is as Buddy does." Loved it. That was the game where they used sequences for the movie "Jerry MaGuire."

    I loved being present when a record was set such as Emmitt's TD. That makes this my favorite game I was ever at in person. After the game I went down to the area where the team buses were. Aeneas Williams of the Cardinals is always out there signing autographs for the fans. He had the biggest bodyguard I've ever seen any of the players have. The guy was at least 7 feet tall. Reminded me of that actor who called himself Zeus. Guy was ripped. Aeneas was good to the fans.

    I took a sign to that game. On one side there was a message to Emmitt. I got within about 20 feet of him, but couldn't get his attention. On the other side a friend of mine had drawn 2 caricatures of Jerry Jones and Barry Switzer. Barry had a brown nose. The sign said something like, "we had JJ and JJ, now we have JJ and BS." Jerry was in a car that left right before the team buses. He looked right at my sign from a distance of about 4 feet. No reaction really. Barry was at the front of the team bus waving to the fans when I held up the sign. He looked right at it. I don't think he was amaused. I was though.

    I had a party at my place for the Super Bowl. About 20 people showed up. The night before the game a buddy calls me up and says he knows someone selling tickets to the Super Bowl really cheap. Turns out this guy he knew was in a car wreck and couldn't go. He was only asking $150 apiece, the price he paid for the tickets. I wanted to go so bad, but there was no way with all of those people coming. I told Chuck to buy the tickets and go to Tempe and scalp them. He wasn't going to, but I talked him into it. He was glad because he got a thousand bucks apiece for them. He did a nice thing and gave the guy who got hurt half the money.

    Perhaps a better story is that at the time I was still in college getting my degrees and I was managing a student apartment community. There was a kid living there who snuck into the game and told me all about it. He got a trumpet case and filled it with ice and alcohol. Then he arrived at the gates early saying he was with the University of Arizona band that was there for the halftime show. He said his sister had been in an accident (no, not the same accident as the guy with the tickets, he made it up) and he missed the bus with the band. The gate guard asked where his band uniform was and he said with the band in the locker room. He let him in. He spent the entire game drifting from empty seat to empty seat and getting wasted.

    5 time Champions. It still feels good, but I want more.
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    If the Jimster were the coach that would've taken care of beating San Fran. IMO, and '95 would've been our 4th straight Superbowl title season also!;)

    Did I mention I liked those striped socks?:D
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    The socks were cool just don't bring back the horrid double star jerseys. :puke:
  14. Vintage

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    I actually kind of liked them...
  15. Royal Laegotti

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    That's a deal only if we don't make those awful throwbacks full-time, 2 games a year is too much already.

    Also, they need to ditch those current road blues with the stars on the sleeves and bring back the old blues from the early 90s with silver numerals, those were cool and intimidating. But I hope Jerry won't change their uni's, esp. the home whites when they move into their new stadium.
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    I can handle that even though I like the current throwbacks.
  17. Royal Laegotti

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    Now we just need to petition Jerruh.:D
  18. Yeagermeister

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    I just hope he doesn't do an Atl, Buf, or Ari job on our unis. :puke:
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    One of the things I enjoyed about compiling these threads, was looking at every detail from the draft, to the record, to looking back at who was gone from the previous year. Stuff like that. It really gave me an appreciation of how fluid football really is. You rely on so many things to make everything work and all it takes is some injuries, miscues, and a couple of bad bounces and entire seasons are changed.
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    When you guys start discussing their jocks too I will make sure to invite Jerry.

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