Dallas Cowboys 101...1996

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    Row 1
    • Robert Blackwell, Video Director
    • Mike McCord, Equipment Manager
    • Bucky Buchanan, Assistant Equipment
    • 8 Troy Aikman, QB, Pro Bowl
    • 11 Wade Wilson, QB
    • 17 Jason Garrett, QB
    • 18 Chris Boniol, K
    • 19 John Jett, P
    • 20 Sherman Williams, RB
    • 21 Deion Sanders, CB, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 22 Emmitt Smith, RB
    • 24 Roger Harper, S
    • Joe Avezzano, Coach
    • Joe Brodsky, Coach
    • Neill Armstrong, Consultant
    Row 2
    • Andrew Fineberg, Video Assistant
    • Matt Watson, Equipment Assistant
    • Norm Tennograd, Assistant Controller
    • 26 Kevin Smith, CB
    • 28 Darren Woodson, S, Pro Bowl, All Pro
    • 29 Alundis Brice, CB
    • 30 George Teague, S
    • 31 Brock Marion, S
    • 34 Herschel Walker, RB/KR
    • 35 Wendell Davis, CB
    • 36 Dominique Ross, RB
    • 40 Bill Bates, S
    • Clancy Pendergast, Coach
    • Steve Hoffman, Coach
    • Tommy Hart, Coach
    Row 3
    • Steve Carichoff, Operations Assistant
    • Bob Haas, Assistant Trainer
    • James Jones, Intern
    • 42 Charlie Williams, S
    • 48 Daryl Johnston, FB
    • 50 Clay Shiver, C
    • 51 Broderick Thomas, LB
    • 52 Jim Schwantz, LB, Pro Bowl
    • 53 Ray Donaldson, C, Pro Bowl
    • 55 Fred Strickland, LB
    • 56 Randall Godfrey, LB
    • Mike Woicik, Coach
    • Hubbard Alexander, Coach
    • Craig Boller, Coach
    Row 4
    • Craig Gleiber, Assistant Operations Director
    • Britt Brown, Assistant Trainer
    • 57 Alan Campos, LB
    • 59 Darrin Smith, LB
    • 61 Nate Newton, G, Pro Bowl
    • 62 John Jones, G
    • 66 Tony Hutson, G
    • 69 George Hegamin, T
    • 70 Dale Hellestrae, C
    • 71 Mark Tuinei, T
    • 73 Larry Allen, G, Pro Bowl *, All Pro
    • 75 Tony Casillas, DT
    • Robert Ford, Coach
    • Mike Zimmer, Coach
    Row 5
    • Bruce Mays, Director of Operations
    • Jim Maurer, Head Trainer
    • 78 Leon Lett, DT
    • 79 Erik Williams, T, Pro Bowl *
    • 80 Stepfret Williams, WR
    • 81 Tyji Armstrong, TE
    • 82 Kendell Watkins, TE
    • 83 Kelvin Martin, WR
    • 85 Kevin Williams, WR
    • 86 Eric Bjornson, TE
    • 87 Billy Davis, WR
    • 88 Michael Irvin, WR
    • Hudson Houck, Coach
    • Jim Bates, Coach
    Row 6
    • Jerry Jones, President/General Manager
    • Barry Switzer, Head Coach
    • Stephen Jones, Vice President
    • 89 Derek Ware, TE
    • 92 Tony Tolbert, DE, Pro Bowl *
    • 93 Mike Ulufale, DT
    • 94 Charles Haley, DE
    • 95 Chad Hennings, DT
    • 96 Shante Carver, DE
    • 97 Kavika Pittman, DE
    • 98 Godfrey Myles, LB
    • 99 Hurvin McCormack, DT
    • Ernie Zampese, Coach
    • Dave Campo, Coach
    * = Starter

    :star: 1996 Cowboys Draft :star:
    2…Kavika Pittman, DE, McNeese State
    2…Randall Godfrey, LB, Georgia
    3…Clay Shiver, C, Florida State
    3…Stepfret Williams, WR, N.E. Louisiana
    3…Mike Ulufale, DT, Brigham Young
    5…Kenneth McDaniel, G, Norfolk State
    5…Alan Campos, LB, Louisville
    6…Wendell Davis, DB, Oklahoma
    7…Ryan Wood, RB, Arizona State

    :star: 1996 Cowboys Schedule :star:

    NFC East Division Champs (14th)

    9/2/96…Lost @ Chicago Bears, 6-22

    9/8/96…Won vs. New York Giants, 27-0
    9/15/96…Lost vs. Indianapolis Colts, 24-25
    9/22/96…Lost @ Buffalo Bills, 7-10
    9/30/96…Won @ Philadelphia Eagles, 23-19
    10/6/96…Bye week
    10/13/96…Won vs. Arizona Cardinals, 17-3
    10/20/96…Won vs. Atlanta Falcons, 32-28
    10/27/96…Won @ Miami Dolphins, 29-10
    11/3/96…Lost vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 21-31
    11/10/96…Won @ San Francisco 49ers, 20-17 OT
    11/18/96…Won vs. Green Bay Packers, 21-6
    11/24/96…Lost @ New York Giants, 6-20
    11/28/96…Won vs. Washington Redskins, 21-10
    12/8/96…Won @ Arizona Cardinals, 10-6
    12/15/96…Won vs. New England Patriots, 12-6
    12/22/96…Lost @ Washington Redskins, 10-37

    6-2 @ Dallas
    4-4 on the road

    Points scored...286, 17.9 ppg
    Points allowed...250, 15.6 ppg

    12/28/96...Won vs. Minnesota Vikings, 40-15

    1/5/97...Lost @ Carolina Panthers,17-26

    All time franchise record...328-212-6
    All time Post Season Record...32-19

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    That first game with the Bears was a terrifying one for me as Emmitt almost broke his neck on a dive over the pile into the endzone when he didn't even have the ball. The biggest failing that Troy Aikman had was that he completely sucked at play-action as he couldn't sell the play-fake worth squat. I don't know why he never corrected this problem but it nearly cost Emmitt his career.

    Aikman made his usual lazy play-fake to Emmitt who then sold the fake like he should by going over the pile. The problem was that no one had bought the fake and the defenders were moving to play the pass. No one was there for Emmitt to land on so he just landed on his head in the end zone and nearly broke his neck.

    It was terrifying to see him lying on the field and then when the ambulance came out and they put him on a back-board I was sure that his career was over. There had been a string of serious neck injuries in recent years and I feared the worst for him. Fortunately, it was only a stinger and he was able to come back without missing much time.

    We lost that game pretty badly but came back the next week and crushed the Giants 27-0. We lost a couple of close games to the Colts and Bills then won 4 in a row before dropping one to the Eagles. We lost 2 more games that year to the Giants and in the finale to the Redskins where we barely bothered to show up.

    That loss to Washington didn't give me many warm feelings going into the playoffs against the Vikings but we completely dominated them and my hopes were restored going into the next round against the 2nd year Panthers. Those hopes were quickly dashed after Irvin went out and we couldn't recover, losing 26-17.

    This was still a very talented team and we should have played better but the loss of Jay Novacek to back problems which also limited Charles Haley to a few games took away two of our best players. The defense continued to decline rapidly under Dave Campo and his "Bend-but-don't-break" defense and we couldn't put pressure on the QB nor stop the other team late in games. Again, these were symptoms of that style of defense that would plague us throughout his tenure as well as under his student Mike Zimmer.

    Our drafts didn't help much either as we only picked up one player that was any good in LB Randall Godfrey. We were unable to replace key players when they left because our drafts were so bad.
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    Passing on Tony Brackens hurt even worse...

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    See my sig below...
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    Man this was the beginning of the end....:banghead:
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    There were some good games this season. Besides the playoff win, my favorites were the Monday night game versus the Eagles in September and the late season win versus the Patriots. Both hard fought tight games. The win over the Dolphins, and Coach Johnson, was also memorable.
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    Mine was probably beating the 49ers in San Francisco 20-17 in OT. The First and only time Barry beat SF. Good come from behind win.

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