Dallas Cowboys 101...2001

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    Row 1
    • Robert Blackwell, Video Director
    • Mike McCord, Equipment Manager
    • Bucky Buchanan, Assistant Equipment Manager
    • 2 Anthony Wright, QB
    • 4 Micah Knorr, P
    • 5 Clint Stoerner, QB
    • 6 Tim Seder, K
    • 15 Anthony Lucas
    • 16 Ryan Leaf, QB
    • 17 Quincy Carter, QB
    • 18 Bashir Yamini
    • 19 Richmond Flowers
    • 21 Lynn Scott, S
    • 22 Emmitt Smith, RB
    • Joe Avezzano, Special Teams
    • Joe Juraszek, Strength and Conditioning
    • Steve Hoffman, Kicking/Quality Control
    Row 2
    • Steve Carichoff, Player Programs/Operations
    • Octavio Oropeza, Video Assistant
    • Jack Murray, Video Assistant
    • 23 Dwayne Goodrich, CB
    • 24 Tony Dixon, S
    • 27 Mario Edwards, CB
    • 28 Darren Woodson, S
    • 31 George Teague, S
    • 32 Michael Wiley, RB
    • 33 Jason Bell, CB
    • 36 Tony Taylor, RB
    • 38 Duane Hawthorne, CB
    • 41 Pat Dennis, S
    • 42 Troy Hambrick, RB
    • Tony Ollison, Assistant Strength and Conditioning
    • Sean McNabb, Offensive Assistant
    • Bennie Wylie, Strength and Conditioning Assistant
    Row 3
    • Mike Kurowski, Equipment Room Intern
    • Warren Young, Athletic Training Intern
    • Todd Williams, Personnel Assistant
    • 43 Izell Reese, S
    • 44 Robert Thomas, FB
    • 45 Terry Witherspoon, FB
    • 49 Johnny Huggins, TE
    • 50 Jamal Brooks, LB
    • 52 Dexter Coakley, LB, Pro Bowl
    • 53 Mark Stepnoski, C
    • 55 Markus Steele, LB
    • 56 Orantes Grant, LB
    • 58 Louis Mackey, LB
    • 59 Dat Nguyen, LB
    • Jim Jeffcoat, Defensive Ends
    • Bill Bates, Defensive Nickel Package/Special Teams
    • George Edwards, Linebackers
    Row 4
    • Jim Maurer, Head Athletic Trainer
    • Britt Brown, Associate Athletic Trainer
    • Greg Gaither, Assistant Athletic Trainer
    • 60 John Nix, DT
    • 61 Kelvin Garmon, G
    • 64 Daleroy Stewart, DT
    • 66 Ben Fricke, C
    • 68 Matt Lehr, C/G
    • 70 Javiar Collins, T
    • 71 Alcender Jackson, G
    • 73 Larry Allen, G, Pro Bowl *
    • 75 Brandon Noble, DT
    • 76 Flozell Adams, T
    • Clarence Shelmon, Running Backs
    • Andre Patterson, Defensive Tackles
    • Hudson Houck, Offensive Line
    Row 5
    • Larry Lacewell, Director of College and Pro Scouting
    • Bruce Mays, Director of Operations
    • Craig Glieber, Assistant Director of Operations
    • 77 Solomon Page, G
    • 79 Char-ron Dorsey, T
    • 80 Reggie Swinton, WR
    • 81 Raghib Ismail, WR
    • 82 James Whalen, TE
    • 84 Joey Galloway, WR
    • 85 Darrin Chiaverini, WR
    • 86 Mike Lucky, TE
    • 87 Ken-Yon Rambo, WR
    • 88 Jackie Harris, TE
    • Glenn Smith, Offensive Assistant
    • Wes Chandler, Wide Receivers
    • Clancy Pendergast, Secondary
    Row 6
    • Jerry Jones Jr., Vice President
    • Stephen Jones, Chief Operating Officer
    • Jerry Jones, President/General Manager
    • Dave Campo, Head Coach
    • 90 Byron Frisch, DE
    • 92 Demetric Evans, DE
    • 93 Peppi Zellner, DE
    • 94 Michael Myers, DT
    • 95 Randy Chevrier, DT
    • 96 Ebenezer Ekuban, DE
    • 97 Colston Weatherington, DE
    • 98 Greg Ellis, DE
    • Wade Wilson, Quarterbacks
    • Ernie Zampese, Offensive Consultant
    • Jack Reilly, Offensive Coordinator
    • Mike Zimmer, Defensive Coordinator
    * = Starter

    :star: 2001 Cowboys Draft :star:
    2…Quincy Carter, QB, Georgia
    2…Tony Dixon, DB, Alabama
    3…Willie Blade, DT, Mississippi State
    4…Markus Steele, LB, USC
    5…Matt Lehr, G, Virginia Tech
    6…Daleroy Stewart, DT, Southern Mississippi
    7…Colston Weatherington, DE, Central Missouri State
    7…John Nix, DT, Southern Mississippi
    7…Char-ron Dorsey, T, Florida State

    :star: 2001 Cowboys Schedule :star:

    9/9/01…Lost vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 6-10

    9/23/01…Lost vs. San Diego Chargers, 21-32
    9/30/01…Lost @ Philadelphia Eagles, 18-40
    10/7/01…Lost @ Oakland Raiders, 21-28
    10/15/01…Won vs. Washington Redskins, 9-7
    10/21/01…Bye week
    10/28/01…Won vs. Arizona Cardinals, 17-3
    11/4/01…Lost @ New York Giants, 24-27 OT
    11/11/01…Lost @ Atlanta Falcons, 13-20
    11/18/01…Lost vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 3-36
    11/22/01…Lost vs. Denver Broncos, 24-26
    12/2/01…Won @ Washington Redskins, 20-14
    12/9/01…Won vs. New York Giants, 20-13
    12/16/01…Lost @ Seattle Seahawks, 3-29
    12/23/01…Lost @ Arizona Cardinals, 10-17
    12/30/01…Won vs. San Francisco 49ers, 27-21
    1/6/02…Lost @ Detroit Lions, 10-15

    4-4 @ Dallas
    1-7 on the road

    Points scored...246, 15.4 ppg
    Points allowed...338, 21.1 ppg

    All time franchise record...362-258-6
    All time Post Season Record...32-21
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    Took me a little while to get the courage to click on this one....
  3. Vintage

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    Between arguably one of the worst drafts ever and Ryan Leaf as a Cowboy....


    I'd find it amusing if I wasn't a Cowboys fan.
  4. Yeagermeister

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    I hear ya. What a train wreck.
  5. lurkercowboy

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    What a terrible year. The highlight for me was beating both the Redskins and 49ers in December. A little revenge for the star incident of the prior year.
  6. DanTanna

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    There's only one "Diamond" amongst all that trash ...
  7. bbgun

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    This is when Jerry the GM went off the rails. They sign Tony Banks to be the starter (bad enough), but not only is he not the starter, he doesn't even make the opening day roster! They simply released him early in camp and declared a raw rookie like Quincy Carter the starting qb. Insane. Carter, meanwhile, had to be taught how to take a snap properly and how to throw a spiral. Gee, what do you think happened in Game 1 vs Tampa Bay? That was ugly. The terrorist attacks a few days later put everything in perspective, however.
  8. Jarv

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    QC actually had a good game against the 49'ers at the end of the season. That probably set us behind another year because it gave Jerry Jones hope he could become a player. Fooled me too by the way.
  9. Yeagermeister

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    Me too :eek::
  10. BoysFanInAustin

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    I'm no Quincy lover so please don't make me out to be one. But looking back on it. With us going 5-11? Would you have rather us have traded up to get Joey Harrington? I remember also Drew Bledsoe was available for trade from New England that next year and the old forum was going crazy on why Dallas didn't go after him because he was tearing it up the first half of the 2002 season. We ended up getting him anyway, albeit a few years older, without having to trade away 2 1st round picks.

    As far as 2001 goes, the worst roster I've ever seen put together by the Cowboys, and that includes the 1989 team. It was basically the last good year Emmitt had in the NFL, his last 1,000 yard rushing season. He barely got it in the last game at Detroit, and what a debacle that was. I still say 2001 was better than 2002. 2001 might have been the best year out of the Campoor years.
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    Lynn Scott.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn you hostile, i had almost forgotten about him:bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
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    we still swept the deadskins that year


    THUMPER Papa

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    I'll go with that and forget the rest.
  14. Achozen

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    Average QB play would have won us that TB game. QC was terrible in his debut. I think he threw for less than 40 yards...

  15. Hostile

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    Dave Campo won a total of 15 games in 3 seasons. One third of those was against the Redskins. He was 5-1 against them, the only loss was his very last game as a Head Coach and the team had given up.
  16. ThreeSportStar80

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    Man only two Pro Bowl selections says it all to me!

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