Dallas Cowboys 101...2003

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    Row 1
    • Robert Blackwell, Video Director
    • Mike McCord, Equipment Manager
    • Bucky Buchanan, Assistant Equipment Manager
    • 3 Billy Cundiff, K
    • 4 Toby Gowin, P
    • 7 Chad Hutchinson, QB
    • 9 Tony Romo, QB
    • 13 Cedric James, WR
    • 17 Quincy Carter, QB
    • 20 Richie Anderson, FB
    • 21 Derek Ross, CB
    • 23 Aveion Cason, RB
    • 24 Tony Dixon, S
    • Bruce DeHaven, Special Teams
    • Joe Juraszek, Strength and Conditioning
    • Steve Hoffman, Kicking/Quality Control
    Row 2
    • Steve Carichoff, Director Player Development
    • Steve Gagliardino, Video Assistant
    • Jack Murray, Video Assistant
    • 25 Jemeel Powell, CB
    • 26 Jeff Sanchez, CB
    • 27 Mario Edwards, CB
    • 28 Darren Woodson, S
    • 30 Donald Mitchell, CB
    • 31 Roy Williams, S, Pro Bowl
    • 34 Jamar Martin, FB
    • 38 Lynn Scott, S
    • 40 Don McGee
    • 41 Terence Newman, CB
    • Tony Ollison, Assistant Strength and Conditioning
    • Lance Walker, Assistant Strength and Conditioning
    • Todd Williams, Assistant Director Player Personnel
    Row 3
    • Steve Mangus, Equipment Room Assistant
    • Rich Behm, Video Assistant
    • Mike Kurowski, Equipment Room Assistant
    • 42 Troy Hambrick, RB
    • 46 Erik Bickerstaff, RB
    • 47 Pete Hunter, CB
    • 51 Al Singleton, LB
    • 52 Dexter Coakley, LB, Pro Bowl
    • 54 Keith O'Neil, LB
    • 55 Markus Steele, LB
    • 56 Bradie James, LB
    • 59 Dat Nguyen, LB
    • 62 Al Johnson, C
    • David Lee, Offensive Assistant
    • Bruce Mays, Director of Operations
    • Mike MacIntyre, Assistant Secondary
    Row 4
    • Britt Brown, Associate Athletic Trainer
    • Greg Gaither, Assistant Athletic Trainer
    • Josh Stevens, Athletic Training Intern
    • 63 Gennaro DiNapoli, C
    • 64 Daleroy Stewart, DT
    • 65 Andre Gurode, C/G
    • 66 Shaun Smith
    • 68 Matt Lehr, G
    • 70 Javiar Collins, T
    • 71 Tyson Walter, OL
    • 72 Dave Volk
    • 73 Larry Allen, G, Pro Bowl
    • 75 Ryan Young, T
    • Kacy Rodgers, Defensive Tackles
    • John McNulty, Wide Receivers
    • Jim Jeffcoat, Defensive Ends
    Row 5
    • Jerry Jones, Jr., Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
    • Larry Lacewell, Director of College and Pro Scouting
    • Jim Maurer, Head Athletic Trainer
    • 76 Flozell Adams, T, Pro Bowl
    • 77 Torrin Tucker, T
    • 78 Kurt Vollers, T
    • 80 Reggie Swinton, WR
    • 81 James Whalen, TE
    • 82 Jason Witten, TE
    • 83 Terry Glenn, WR
    • 84 Joey Galloway, WR
    • 85 Jeff Robinson, TE
    • 86 Dan Campbell, TE
    • George Warhop, Offensive Line
    • Tony Sparano, Tight Ends
    • Gary Gibbs, Linebackers
    Row 6
    • Stephen Jones, Chief Operating Officer
    • Jerry Jones, Owner, President and General Manager, FD Executive of the Year
    • Bill Parcells, Head Coach
    • 87 Zuriel Smith, WR
    • 88 Antonio Bryant, WR
    • 89 Randal Williams, WR
    • 90 Eric Ogbogu, DE
    • 93 Kenyon Coleman, DE
    • 94 Michael Myers, DT
    • 96 Ebenezer Ekuban, DR
    • 97 La'Roi Glover, DT, Pro Bowl
    • 98 Greg Ellis, DE
    • 99 Willie Blade, DT
    • Sean Payton, Assistant Head Coach/Quarterbacks
    • Maurice Carthon, Offensive Coordinator
    • Mike Zimmer, Defensive Coordinator
    Tony Romo
    1 time Pro Bowl...2006

    :star: 2003 Cowboys Draft :star:
    1…Terence Newman, DB, Kansas State
    2…Al Johnson, C, Wisconsin
    3…Jason Witten, TE, Tennessee
    3 time Pro Bowl...2004-06
    4…Bradie James, LB, Louisiana State
    5…B.J. Tucker, DB, Wisconsin
    6…Zuriel Smith, WR, Hampton
    7…Justin Bates, G, Colorado

    :star: 2003 Cowboys Schedule :star:

    9/7/03…Lost vs. Atlanta Falcons, 13-27

    9/15/03…Won @ New York Giants, 35-32 OT
    9/21/03…Bye week
    9/28/03…Won @ New York Jets, 17-6
    10/5/03…Won vs. Arizona Cardinals, 24-7
    10/12/03…Won vs. Philadelphia, 23-21
    10/19/03…Won @ Detroit Lions, 38-7
    10/26/03…Lost @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 0-16
    11/2/03…Won vs. Washington Redskins, 21-14
    11/9/03…Won vs. Buffalo Bills, 10-6
    11/16/03…Lost @ New England Patriots, 0-12
    11/23/03…Won vs. Carolina Panthers, 24-20
    11/27/03…Lost vs. Miami Dolphins, 21-40
    12/7/03…Lost @ Philadelphia Eagles, 10-36
    12/14/03…Won @ Washington Redskins, 27-0
    12/21/03…Won vs. New York Giants, 19-3
    12/28/03…Lost @ New Orleans, 7-13

    6-2 @ Dallas
    4-4 on the road

    Points scored...289, 18.1 ppg
    Points allowed...260, 16.3 ppg

    1/3/04...Lost @ Carolina Panthers, 10-29

    All time franchise record...377-275-6
    All time Post Season Record...32-22
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    It had its moments.

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    "Ya Can't call them losers anymore"
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    The Giants OT game was a classic. It felt good to return to the playoffs that season.
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    Crankcase actually had a hell of a game.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I had a lot of hope going into and out of this season. Parcells was certainly not some schmuck like Gailey or Campo, nor was he just a good ole boy like Switzer had been. He was a bonifide, SB winning coach who had won at every level and had a history of taking poor teams and making them contenders withing a couple of years, and 2003 was no exception to that except that it happened ever quicker.

    The defense looked pretty good for the most part except late in games when we tended to give up big plays and couldn't stop teams from scoring in the 4th quarter. Quincy Carter looked like he would make people forget how Jerry had reached for him in the draft and could become a pretty good player for us with some more experience. He had his moments when he looked very good and others when he looked bad but overall it was better than anything we had seem in a couple of years from our QBs. He was certainly better than Chad Hutchinson, Clint Stoerner, and Ryan Leaf.

    Winning 10 games was a real surprise and even though we lost in the first round to Carolina, I still felt that we were on the right track as a team and had a lot of confidence that we would continue to improve under Parcells.

    As for Parcells, I never thought he was all that great of a coach but that he had done a very good job of selecting his assistants... until now. Keeping Mike Zimmer was a HUGE mistake IMO. I had never liked Zimrod, even when he was the DB coach, and didn't like the "bend-but-don't-break" style of defense he had carried over from Dave Campo. I was shocked when we kept him on as he seemed to be the antithesis of the attacking style of defense Parcells used in his other stops.

    Still, the defense played well overall this year and I was hopeful that when Bill moved us to the 3-4 that we would see his usual style come into play.

    Letting go of Emmitt was another move I was against when it happened and couldn't believe that we were going with Troy Hambrick as our feature RB. What in the world had they seen in him that I didn't? How could they not see how bad the guy was? He did gain over 900 yards but they weren't very effective yards for the most part and I thought Bill's Boy, Richie Anderson was the more effective runner although he wasn't likely to ever be the primary RB.

    We had some big wins over the Giants (twice) and Eagles and swept the Redskins (as usual back then) and beat a couple of other teams like the Jets, Cards, Lions, Bills, & Panthers but we had some real stinkers against the Bucs, Patriots, Dolphins, and Saints where we just couldn't get anything going.

    I had entered the season with hope as well as some trepidation but ended it with high hopes for 2004. Those high hopes would soon be brought low though...

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