Dallas Cowboys 101... 2006

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    2006 Cowboys Honorees
    Pro Bowl...Tony Romo, QB
    Pro Bowl...DeMarcus Ware, LB (starter)
    Pro Bowl...Roy Williams, S
    Pro Bowl...Matt McBriar, P
    Pro Bowl...Jason Witten, TE
    Pro Bowl...Andre Gurode, C
    Pro Bowl...Flozell Adams, OT

    :star: 2006 Cowboys Draft :star:
    1…Bobby Carpenter, LB, Ohio State
    2…Anthony Fasano, TE, Notre Dame
    3…Jason Hatcher, DE, Grambling State
    4…Skyler Green, WR, Louisiana State
    5…Pat Watkins, DB, Florida State
    6…Montavious Stanley, DT, Louisville
    7…Pat McQuistan, T, Weber State
    7…E.J. Whitley, C, Texas Tech

    :star: 2006 Cowboys Schedule :star:

    9/10/06...Lost @ Jacksonville Jaguars, 17-24
    9/17/06...Won vs. Washington Redskins, 27-10
    9/24/06...Bye week
    10/1/06...Won @ Tennessee Titans, 45-14
    10/8/06...Lost @ Philadelphia Eagles, 24-38
    10/15/06...Won vs. Houston Texans, 34-6
    10/23/06...Lost vs. New York Giants, 22-36
    10/29/06...Won @ Carolina Panthers, 35-14
    11/5/06...Lost @ Washington Redskins, 19-22
    11/12/06...Won @ Arizona Cardinals, 27-10
    11/19/06...Won vs. Indianapolis Colts, 21-14
    11/23/06...Won vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 38-10
    12/3/06...Won @ New York Giants, 23-20 "400th Win in Franchise History"
    12/10/06...Lost vs. New Orleans Saints, 17-42
    12/16/06...Won @ Atlanta Falcons, 38-38
    12/25/06...Lost vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 7-23
    12/31/06...Lost vs. Detroit Lions, 31-39

    4-4 @ Dallas
    5-3 on the road

    Points scored...425, 26.6 ppg
    Points allowed...350, 21.9 ppg

    1/6/07...Lost @ Seattle Seahawks, 20-21

    All time franchise record...401-299-6
    All time Post Season Record...32-23
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    There is "The Drive", "The Catch"....

    And now..... "The Fumble."


    On a side note, McBriar is Teh Awesom3. Pro Bowl P's are l337. It was cool to brag about how we had a Pro Bowl Punter. I can't wait to use this throughout the season (in all seriousness).
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    With this thread this series ends. Tomorrow I will post the thread that will be moved to the History Zone and all can stop and scan the entire History of this great team.

    As you can see, for 2006 there is no team picture yet. As soon as I find it anywhere I will add it. You will also see tomorrow that there is a thread for 2007, even though it is this year. All it is for now is our Draft and schedule.

    I want to thank all of you who contributed your memories to these threads as we counted down the time to Camp. I really enjoyed reading what you had to say.

    It was fun compiling this information. I want to especially thank Juke99 for the graphics, Thumper and AdamJT13 for information I did not have and for the suggestions. Mostly thank you all for you membership here and all you provide this forum.

    Tomorrow, we get serious about football again. For today, one last season of memories.
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    Hos, I love how you included in the "Highlights" Farewell Bill.

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    I did that each time we said goodbye to a coach and when we welcomed a new one. Did it for the ownership changes too.
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    Just taking one final swipe at BP.

    I do think this team is way better because of him than it was when he got here. He deserves alot of credit for that.

    Just really disliked his "in game" coaching.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I agree. I am glad he was here and I'm glad he is gone.

    As for 2006, the highlight was beating the Colts, the lowlight was losing to the Redskins when we should never have lost that game. Losing to the Lions was another lowlight of the season.

    The good thing is that we have a talented team and a new HC, OC, and DC as well as a solid top draft pick going into 2007. I am very hopeful and excited to see how we do this year. I am expecting a trip to the SB! :starspin

    Thanks Hos for posting these and for all your hard work in putting them together. I enjoyed posting my memories from the earlier years and reading those of other fans (LurkerCowboy in particular :bow: ). Great job!
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    I just realized something that should have been apparent to me a lot sooner.

    2007 is year 48 of our History. 2008 is year 49. That means our Golden Anniversary of 50 years in the NFL is 2009 when the new stadium gets launched.

    I tell ya, Jerry is a genius.
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    Great series of threads. Thanks everyone.
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    Ya i know, i was thinking that, and was gonna say something

    You wanna talk about Celebrating your 50th year

    Open a brand new stadium that beats every other stadium by 100 miles.

    And so many hate this man.
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    I too enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. Thanks for making it happen.




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    Hos, great work with these threads. I know it had to take a lot of time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thumper and Adam, thanks for your help too.

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