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Dallas Cowboys 2011 Draft Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 18, 2011.

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    #9. Tyron Smith, OT, USC

    #40. Bruce Carter, LB, North Carolina

    #71. DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma

    #110. David Arkin, OL, Missouri St

    #143. Joshua Thomas, DB, Buffalo

    #176. Dwayne Harris, WR, East Carolina

    #220. Shaun Chapas, FB, Georgia

    #252. Bill Nagy, C, Wisconsin
  2. cowboyjoe

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    This was a much-anticipated pick. The Cowboys wisely land the draft's best all-around tackle to fill a big need.
    For the first time in his 22 years running the Cowboys' draft, Jerry Jones took a lineman in the first round. Smith gives Dallas the super athletic tackle necessary to keep Tony Romo on his feet. Smith is a tremendous athlete with outstanding competitiveness and strength, despite lacking ideal bulk. The Dallas line had been terribly slow and unathletic, and this move should dramatically improve the Cowboys' passing and rushing attack.

    Tyron Smith
    Dallas Cowboys
    Round 1, Pick 9
    SI Grade
    Grading System
    Position: T
    Class: 3Jr
    School: USC
    Conference: Pac-10
    HT: 6-5
    WT: 307
    40 Time: 4.95
    Biography: Two-year starter awarded all-Conference honors and named Pac-10 Offensive Lineman of the Year in 2010.

    Positives: "Athletic blocker with tremendous upside and the ability to play both tackle spots. Bends his knees, blocks with leverage, and strong at the point. Moves well on his feet and quickly gets out to the second level. Shows ability blocking in motion and easily controls one-on-one blocking situations. Adequate footwork off the edge, displays good blocking range and has the ability to contain oncoming blitzers. Has good quickness, effectively uses his hands, and stays square to seal opponents from the action."

    Negatives: Shows stiffness . Reacts late to defenders' moves off the line.

    Analysis: "Since bursting on the scene as a sophomore, Smith has been one of the premier offensive tackle prospects in the nation. He has a terrific combination of size, growth potential and athleticism. Smith comes with a good degree of upside and though he needs a bit more development, he should be starting for an NFL team by the end of his rookie season."

    Projection: 1st

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/nfl/draft-2011/players/80638.html#ixzz1KsBuWdmb

    Tyron Smith, T
    Height: 6-foot-6Weight: 285 poundsSchool: USCScouting Report
    Because of his remarkable athleticism, Smith stood out as a pass protector while playing right tackle for the Trojans during his sophomore season. But at 285 pounds, he wasn't thought of as someone who would be ready for the NFL anytime soon. That changed when Smith added 22 pounds and backed up his solid 2009 campaign with an outstanding junior season. Smith has drawn comparisons to Jets tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson, but while Ferguson was a no-doubt left tackle when he left Virginia, Smith hasn't played on that side except as a freshman backup. Smith also missed a chance to impress scouts at the NFL scouting combine, when he didn't participate in drills after recovering from a minor knee procedure that left some fluid. That said, the injury isn't expected to affect his draft stock, which is currently sky high. His ideal frame and quick feet have scouts convinced a move to left tackle won't be a problem, and that there's lots to back up that line of thinking. He has no trouble staying in front of speed rushers, holds his blocks and - with the added weight - isn't physically overwhelmed with bull rushers. He's also strong in the running game, gets to the second level and attacks with a noticeable mean streak. Smith's football I.Q. isn't particularly great, though, and that's led to a few flameouts at his position in the past. He also needs to work on his blitz pickups. A few minor deficiencies, however, aren't going to keep someone from grabbing Smith anywhere from the fifth to 15th pick in the first round.

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    i just hope that he's worth it. i don't want to be let down.
  4. cowboyjoe

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    Dont worry, this guy has elite potential, think this way. Remember our elite OT Erik Williams, Erik took one year to develop in the pros, then he became elite. Tyron has this type of potential, at 6-5 7/8 310,with 4.95 to 5.05 in 40, growth potential is huge upside at only 20 years old. This kid can mirror and slide, hasnt been beat up as much, only played 2 starting years at USC, a school that produces good offensive linemen. Has elite feet to mirror and slide with defender, and elite hand punch when he wants too. I look at Tyron kinda like Erik Williams, who struggled some his rookie year, but after Reggie White threw him his first year, Erik said no more, went back into the weight room in offseason, got alittle stronger and became elite till had that serious knee injury.

    Tyron gets nasty when he wants to and buries opponents. So, has that dispostion. I am sure Hos, can help me out here with more info on the kid. Coming out of his school, was tall and lean, still growing into his body. Is about there as far as weight. When Tryon Smith worked out for the pros at USC's pro day, at LOT, he looked natural and fluid. Now take all of that into account, size, height, speed, quickness, hand punch, and only 20 years old, huge potential. Do you realize that after 10 years, he will only be 30, into his prime at LOT.

    Most offensive linemen take 3 to 4 years, but elite ones take one year or less, this kid has that potential. In 2 years, most likely,this kid will slide over to LOT after playing ROT this year, and lockdown that position, probably as good as Anthony Munoz or maybe better long run. Is it a gamble, somewhat yes, but has proved 2 years at USC can play with the big boys. So, its just amatter of time. All rookies have things to learn and grow as a player.
    Hope that helped you.
    P.S. another key for the Cowboys, remember how Doug "Freak" Free got downfield in 2009 and made a key block 40 yards downfield for a key block for Felix Jones, Tyron can get to the second level.

    In football, you need your ROT to be able to pull and get to the 2nd level, when Columbo got hurt, couldnt make key blocks and get to 2nd level, Cowboys were limited because they basically could only run to the left side where Free was. Now, they can be balanced and teams cant load up on oneside to stop the run. :starspin

    This is why i have been hollering for Romo to get the players together to workout, for the lockout to end, and players get in shape and ready. Players like Tyron Smith need to get into camp, as well as the veterans, workout get in shape, get playbook down as a whole team, not seperate units, like doofus wade had the players in little groups, while some of the players stood around. Under Mike Woicik our strenght trainer, players will work like cowboys players did in 90s. Do you remember what injured players said? They had toget hurt, because Woicik had them in training room working out hard, players said woicik worked them harder than jimmy johnson did. Thats why i want players working out to get ready for NFL, be in shape and have Jason Garrett and Woicik work them like they havent been worked. The cowboys players will no longer be soft mentally and physically, Jason Garrett, Rob Ryan and Woicik are going to fix that, but you have to have the OTAs, mini camp and training camp to get it done.
  5. cowboyjoe

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    2010 NFL Draft
    1st Round, 9th Pick (9th Overall)
    OT Tyron Smith, USC
    Offensive Tackle
    University of Southern California Trojans
    6'5" - 307 lbs
    Moreno Valley, California
    Smith is one of the best prospects on the hoof in this class. Blessed with an ideal NFL frame and has the outstanding feet and athleticism necessary to be a starting left tackle. Does a great job staying in front of speed rushers, locks on and sustains, and can anchor against the bull rush. Shows solid power in the running game and is really productive out in space. Football IQ is lacking. Fails to find his target at times in the running games and is a tick slow recognizing blitzes. Smith could come off the board early in the first round due to his rare physical gifts.

    Day one Press Conf

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  7. cowboyjoe

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    Cowboys not sure which side for Smith
    April, 28, 2011 Apr 289:32PM CTEmail Print Comments4 By Todd ArcherIRVING, Texas -- Now that the Cowboys have selected offensive tackle Tyron Smith, they have to figure out what side will suit him best.

    Smith started 24 games at right tackle for Southern Cal, but most teams project him as a left tackle. Doug Free replaced Flozell Adams at left tackle in 2010 and has seven games of starting experience at right tackle.

    "They want me to play left," Smith said, "but whatever side they want me to play will be good."

    Age and health a reason to draft Smith
    April, 28, 2011 Apr 289:59PM CTEmail Print Comments8 By Calvin WatkinsIRVING -- If there was a major concern for the Cowboys regarding the offensive line, it was age and health.

    Left tackle Doug Free, at 27, is the only starter under 30.

    The selection of 20-year-old Tyron Smith with the ninth overall pick gives them an infusion of youth at either right or left tackle.
  8. cowboyjoe

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  9. beevomav

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    Hudson Houck says he will eventually play LT, which is good because I believe Free played better at RT, when subbing for Columbo. Houck also said they had in all the other Olinemen and Smith was in a different category.

    Plus Goose Gosselin said he is a three contract guy, at age 20 he will sign his last contract before he is useless and I trust Goose.

    Great selection and Go Cowboys.:starspin
  10. cowboyjoe

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    exactly buddy;

    Cowboys draft pick studies work of tackles for Jets, Falcons
    Posted on 04/29/2011 by torsborn
    By Tom Orsborn

    IRVING – Every NFL rookie has a veteran or two he tries to emulate, and Cowboys draft pick Tyron Smith is no exception.

    “Basically, it’s (Jets offensive tackle) D’Brickashaw Ferguson,” Smith said Thursday night after the Cowboys selected him ninth overall. “I’m similar to him in body size when he came out. I watched a lot of film on his style and learned from watching him.”
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    Round 2, Pick 8: Dallas Cowboys select Bruce Carter, OLB from North Carolina
    His torn ACL last season scared many teams, but when he's ready, he can make a big 3-4 impact.
    Against the inside run: Does a good job of using his hands to stay free from offensive line blocker on the second level, closes quickly and makes tackles consistently on inside runs. Is smooth filling the hole, can take on lead blocker in the hole and can defeat blocker to make the tackle, but is not aggressive or explosive filling the hole, which limits his ability to blow up plays in the backfield. Moves easily through traffic and flashes good use of hands to keep low blocks from getting into his legs, which enables him to move to the ballcarrier and make tackles on the inside run. Grade: 7.0

    Against the outside run: Has the size, playing strength and athleticism to make plays on both sides of the field on outside runs. Does a good job of taking on the lead blocker at the point of attack. While he takes on blocker strong at the point of attack, he needs to press and squeeze blocker to close the hole quicker. Reads the play quickly and gets started toward the ball quickly to finish plays. Grade: 8.0

    Possessing a brand of eye-popping pure athleticism reminiscent of former top-10 selections Aaron Curry (No. 4 overall pick in 2009, Seattle Seahawks) and Keith Rivers (No. 9 overall pick in 2008, Cincinnati Bengals), Carter entered the 2010 season among the highest-touted prospects in the country. Unfortunately, a disappointing senior season and late knee injury that required surgery now cloud his draft status.

    Carter signed with UNC as a highly-touted prep athlete who gained most of his attention on the offensive side of the ball, starring at quarterback and running back, as well as safety. It didn't take him long to acclimate to Tar Heels coach Butch Davis' scheme, however, as Carter earned the starting outside linebacker position the sixth game of his true freshman season.

    After flashing in 2007 (25 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 blocked kick), Carter emerged as one of the best all-around linebackers in the ACC as a sophomore, posting 68 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, five sacks, an interception he returned 66 yards for score against Rutgers and a nation-leading five blocked kicks. With offenses crafting their gameplans around him in 2009, Carter's numbers dropped slightly (65 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, 2.0 sacks, INT returned for a 41-yard touchdown), but his recognition from the opposition rose, as he earned second-team All-ACC accolades.

    Bruce Carter
    Dallas Cowboys
    Round 2, Pick 40
    SI Grade
    Grading System
    Position: OLB
    Class: 4Sr
    School: North Carolina
    Conference: Atlantic Coast
    HT: 6-1.5
    WT: 241
    40 Time: 4.62
    Biography: "Four-year starter awarded all-Conference honors the past two years. Senior totals included 57/3.5/2.5, one interception, and two pass break-ups. Suffered a knee injury that required surgery last November. Had 65/7.5/2 as a junior and 68/11/5 as a sophomore."

    Positives: "Three-down linebacker who displayed outstanding athleticism and ability prior to his injury. Quick out to the sidelines, covers a lot of area on the field and outstanding in pursuit. Shows speed in every direction of the field, has an explosive burst to the action and changes direction without losing momentum. Breaks down well, turns it on in one quick step, and goes hard after ball carriers. Gets depth on pass drops and effective in coverage. Remains disciplined with assignments."

    Negatives: Not a strong wrap-up tackler. Average instincts and a late reactor. Struggles getting off blocks.

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/nfl/draft-2011/players/48415.html#ixzz1KxMSD1qF
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    Meh.....could've gone w/o Carter. I guess he was too good a value to let go according to our board, but I woul've prefered a guard.

    But guards that can't play center or tackle fall all the time, so if we can land Rackley in rd 3 I'd be happy
  16. SuspectCorner

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    Great job cowboyjoe, but this line was kinda hard to buy:

    '... In 2 years, most likely,this kid will slide over to LOT after playing ROT this year, and lockdown that position, probably as good as Anthony Munoz or maybe better long run. ...'

    I saw and remember the Bengals all-time great Anthony Munoz - i kinda suspect you didn't and don't. (Or maybe you were referring to his son.)

    That aside, I enjoyed your assessment of Smith and am very anxious to see him grow into a starting Cowboys' player and an anchor on the O-line. He DEFINITELY has a ton of upside.

    Love the pick.
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    Cowboys choose speedy Tar Heel*linebacker

    Dallas takes LB in second round for second straight year.

    By STEPHEN HAWKINS Associated Press
    Published: 4/30/2011**2:30 AM
    Last Modified: 4/30/2011**6:26 AM

    IRVING, Texas - The Dallas Cowboys got new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan his first fresh piece - a speedy linebacker.

    Dallas used the 40th overall pick in the second round of the NFL draft Friday to select Bruce Carter from North Carolina.


    Smith and Carter were among the players the Cowboys had visit their Valley Ranch facility before the draft.

    "The visit was awesome," Carter said. "Jerry was an awesome guy. We sat down and had lunch together. ... I 'm just ready to learn and ready to get after it."

    Read more from this Tulsa World article at http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsext...id=223&articleid=20110430_223_B4_CUTLIN479325
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    No buddy, totally understand where your coming from, I saw some elite OTs in my time since 1966. I am projecting if Tyron gets up to about 320 in time, and gets stronger, he will be younger than Munoz was coming out, again, I am just projecting. Will have time at his age by time he turns 22 to be all pro probably more than Munoz was. I dont know if he will have the power that Munoz had, but I think he could be real close to that, has the frame to add that.

    Tyron has it all if he works at it, and seems to be a hard worker, good height about 6-5 7/8 or so, already 310 now, will get heavier somewhat and stronger, and only 21, good hand and arm length to keep defenders away and when he wants to buries opponents and delivers a good nasty hand punch.
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    Day 2 press conference of dallas cowboys

    Murray conference call

    Bruce Carter conference call

    NFL Network cowboys picking Murray

    Murray secret audio

    bruce carter secret audio

    questions from fans about carter

    Round 3, Pick 7: Dallas Cowboys select DeMarco Murray, RB from Oklahoma
    The Cowboys have backfield depth, but this third-down type gives them a needed change of pace.
    Despite excellent depth at running back, the Cowboys feel the value is too good to pass up. He was a tremendously productive player at Oklahoma. Murray not only made big plays carrying the ball, but he is an outstanding receiver out of the backfield who brings great versatility to the Cowboys. While he will not likely become a starter in 2011, he will play a lot and contribute carrying and catching the ball.
    Strengths: Is an athletic back with the ability to make plays inside and outside. Is a patient runner who follows blockers well and can make quick cuts off their blocks. Has good strength to run through grab tackles and gain yards after contact. Can get his shoulders down to make himself a smaller target. Has the agility to change directions quickly. Has good hands and some experience catching passes from a traditional running back alignment. Can pass block with good technique.

    7 DeMarco Murray
    Las Vegas, Nev.
    High School:
    Bishop Gorman HS
    Height / Weight:
    6-1 / 207
    Season G-GS Rush Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD
    2007 11-1 127 764 6.0 13 14 60 4.3 2
    2008 13-12 179 1,002 5.6 14 31 395 12.7 0
    2009 12-5 171 705 4.1 8 41 522 12.7 4
    2010 14-14 282 1,214 4.3 15 71 594 8.4 5
    Career 50-32 759 3,685 4.9 50 157 1,571 10.0 11

    July 6, 2009 - Murray, Brown the Perfect Combination
    October 5, 2007 - Murray Helps OU Hurdle Texas
    August 18, 2007 - DeMarco Murray on Preseason
    August 13, 2007 - DeMarco Murray Interview
    OU Football Video Library

    Owns OU career all-purpose yards record with 6,498 yards ... also has OU record for career TDs (64) and career receiving yards by a RB (1,512) ... eclipsed the 1,000-yard rushing mark for the second time in his career ... just second player in OU history to surpass 1,000 yards in three categories with 3,524 rushing yards, 1,512 receiving yards and 1,462 kick return yards ... has multiple rushing touchdowns in 18 games, including five of 12 this season, and three or more TDs in eight contests ... owns 13 100-yard rushing performances ... has five 100-yard games in 12 outings this season ... is No. 6 in OU history with 3,524 rushing yards ... career high 208 rushing yards against Utah State on a career high 35 carries ... has at least seven receptions in fi ve career games with a career-high of 10 vs. Colorado and Texas A&M ... had a career-long 76-yard TD reception vs. Baylor ... finished with 120 yards receiving vs. the Bears, his third career 100-yard receiving game.




  20. Arch Stanton

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    Missouri State’s David Arkin Claims More All-America Honors


    Postseason football awards continue to pile up for Missouri State senior offensive lineman David Arkin who has earned Walter Camp Football Foundation and Associated Press All-America honors this week.

    He is one of three Missouri Valley Football Conference players on the 26-man Walter Camp Football Foundation team, and claimed first-team AP All-America honors along with fellow MVFC standouts Kyle Glazier (LB) of Western Illinois and Southern Illinois defensive back Korey Lindsey.

    On December 7, Arkin was named to the 25-player American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) All-America squad and was the only MVFC representative on the list.

    Read more:http://missourisportsblog.com/?p=3587

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